Mumbai - A dream city that never sleeps.

January 1, 1970

by Wini

India, a grandeur of life, colours and love…

Living in a country like India which has such a diversified culture and a welcoming mind-set that says Guests are like God, everyone and anyone is greeted with open arms..

Once you come in, you see that there are so many states, so many cultures and so many languages varying not just in grammar but also in clothing, architecture and lifestyle at every minute distance that you cover. It is like a mini world inside one country! A treat to your senses!

Out of these today, I happen to pick up one little part of this awe-inspiring folklore and thought of spilling some words around how I adore it.

Kabutar ( Pigeon) Khaana outside Dadar station is home to thousands of pigeons.

Mumbai- A city that people say never sleeps.

Each day about 236 people migrate from different parts of India and the world to make this city their home. Prior to 1995, known as Bombay, this is the country’s pulsating, cosmopolitan and a prospering center, also referred to as the economic nerve of India.

Spread over 438 sq km, this is, the most populous city with 11.9 million+ people embraced in it. And believe me, the most helpful of the ones you will find anywhere in this country.

As much as it is a hub for the working class, it has much more to it than just toil and labour. People here hold a spirit of never giving up which makes them take all the blows and still wake up the next day like it is another usual day. Another new battle to conquer.


Speaking of night life, this city has so many options to explore. Right from people dressed in skimpy shimmers ready to party all night at those fancy-lit clubs to the ones who prefer sneakers with a pair of  rugged old denims and hit a pub for a friendly banter over beers, the culture is warm and welcoming everywhere. To mark my favorites, well I am a huge fan of The Beer cafe’, Harry’s, various Socials and probably the list is never ending..

South Mumbai- A glimpse of Britain in Mumbai.

Being the heartbeat of India, this city has its own enticing music that can be heard and understood each time you stand by Marine drive, staring in infinity over the ocean and forgetting the traffic and sounds of cars behind you.. the wind whistles the stories of colonial rule in your ears when you find yourself walking  amidst the British architecture, which is still enacted in one of the busiest areas of this city.. the raga, can even be heard when you walk through the beaches with crazy number of little kids trying to sell  you flowers or balloons for that sake.. just so to earn a living and continue being what makes them happy- being a Mumbaikar.


One thing that has always intrigued me is the way this city inhibits extremes, along with the largest population of industrialists and millionaires, this city has Asia’s largest slum called as Dharavi enclosing almost a million people in it. Dharavi, home to an estimated 15,000 single-room factories, also happens to be a hub of Asia’s largest small scale industries.


Bollywood- A name that triggers emotions and drama in one’s life, is one of the largest film producing industries in the whole entertainment world, also happens to be situated in here.. with celebrities walking randomly on streets, you wouldn’t be surprised to turn and find your favourite performer sitting next to your dinner table at a fancy restaurant.

IMG_0914 (2)

Eddie’s – Bandra



For the lover of food and wine, this place has over 27,000 restaurants and cafe’ and, with more opening each day, you name a cuisine and this city has a place to suggest serving the best of taste awakening the connoisseur in you!



Not just about that, with a place that has migrants coming in faster than rats, this place has another interesting aspect that happens to be the lifeline of this city- The Dabbawalas of Mumbai. Travelling on cycles or in locals, irrespective of monsoons or heat, these people provide hot food in lunch boxes delivered fresh from their home  across the city each day! Only to serve, each one carries about 30-40 tiffins on his bicycle, fighting the bad roads, mud, traffic and weather making no excuses! Such is the spirit of people in here.

Carrying thousands each day and helping them chase their dreams!

Carrying thousands each day and helping them chase their dreams!

In the end, all that I will like to say is, that sitting across, miles away from my home, this city has shown and given me so much, in terms of individuality and maturity along with the best memories that I cherish, if you think seeing how one can be on foot all the time and still have the time of their life, if knowing how to live happily forgetting the grief is something that provokes curiosity within you, Mumbai should be one place in your bucket list! Come here, and witness how just a piece of land can turn your dreams into reality only if you wish to perform- the city can be your stage and your captive audience!

 Some words defining true spirit of Mumbai:

Mumbaikar: The local residents of Mumbai

Dabbawalas: Workers appointed to carry home made food from one place to another.



By Wini

To me, traveling comes as naturally as breathing. It is something that frees my worried mind and eases my soul. When i go to places, it is not just me but a pair of curious eyes in search of little wonders we call as people and places. It is like they are an extension of myself, just a little different in their living forms. It's a motive I carry that i know can never end because the world has so much to show and i have so much to see! Come with me and see the world through my eyes. And experience what it means to be a wanderer!


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