January 1, 1970



Marocco is simply incredible! I traveled it without a car just using buses,taxis,trains and this allowed me to live the real Morocco.

Is a country full of history and culture reflected in their everyday life,with many different kind of clime and vegetation. I have so much to say about Morocco so I will divided my travel in three steps that I will tell about in three different article.

In this article will talk about the south beaches where you can find the best right-wave to surf and beautiful little town of fisher-men till Essaouira (the most colorful Medina).

The second part, will be about Marrakech the capital from where I went inside to the Atlas Mountain, where the magic atmosphere bring you back in the history.

The third article will talk about to head to the north by train to visit Fez (the most ancient imperial city) and Chefchouan, the blue city, where the magic of Morocco don’t stop to surprise you.



Surf, food and hammam

We start from Agadir , is January and the clime is really temperate (around 25 Celsius Degrees). There are many buses that for few euros bring you to Tagazhout,the next town, famous between surfers. The travel last for one hour,or even less and the view along the dry cost of the Atlantic Ocean steal your breath . You will see many shippers on the rocks with the typical Moroccans mantel or many men transporting things on their camel.


Get off in Tagazhout: is a really tiny town with many long beaches with perfect and different surf-breaks . People is lovely, hostel are cheap ( I suggest you to book one before in hostel world or airbnb if you are going during high season) many different kind of typical food for a really good price (remember to negotiate!) and I suggest you to order a fish tajine , that is fish and vegetable cooked on the embers in a ceramic bowl with a cone tap who permit to conserve all the tastes mixed together, and don’t be surprise if they don’t give you the portraits because you have to eat these with your right hand and the delicious arabic bread. The good price for a tajine is about 35 dirham.

You can easily walk around and reach all the different breaks to surf. Is a perfect place where to relax and local can also suggest you where to go for a Hammam and massage after your surf session.Is a really relaxing experience and a really good treatment for your skin,with their local and natural product! and you dont have to shower that night because they clean you all,they even dry your hair if you ask .

Moreover there are many shops who rent you boards and wetsuits, about 70-100 dirham for day(7/10 euros), for more days you rent the cheaper price you get.


surf and the magic!

After a few days we moved to Imsouane, the bus will leave you some kms away from the tiny-tiny surfer-fishers village(maybe ask before to the driver if he knows if you can find a lift from the bus stop to the town), there you have to wait that a taxi driver or just a car come, ask to bring you to the bay. we have been traveling always booking an airbnb some days before to go to a new place, so to have an address or a location to give to who was driving us.

Here you have I think one of the best and longest right wave in the world!

Price for food and rents are same as Tagazhout.

Grilled fish in the restaurants at the lighthouse is great! and you will see while you are surfing all the fishermen coming back with their boats full of fish!

Ther is also a big white tent in the centre of the only road,there an old woman make you soup and Moroccan crepes for a local price, and it taste so local and homy that you think for a moment you are a child and this woman is your grandma.

magic Imsouane

Imsouane is magic! The real Moroccan life flow in front of your eyes and the beauty of a simply life is shown.

At the end of the day don’t forget to be grateful to Mother Nature for you surf, your moroccan mint tea and the unbelievable sunset you are contemplating.

Imsouane sunset


Surf,medina, music and fun!

Last city to surf or kite surf is Essaouira, bigger than the others with the most colorful medina of all, people is really friendly and you do a really good shopping there. There are also many bars with live music and typical shows of Gnaoua.

Essaouira shops

There is a fortress at the port side with a huge and magnificent view of the Atlantic cost. To visit is just 10 dirham for entrance!

Wave-surf spot are around 19 kms so you have to take a grand taxi or ask to the hostel how to get there. In Essaouira beaches you can kite surf!

Or you can take a walk all along the beach and reach the Jimi Hendrix village, the story tell Jimi went there and had an illumination to write his last song before to die. Jimi was in love for Morocco.

I believe travel is wonderful and to move from different town and reality using their public transportation helped me to integrate my self in their culture and understand more. So I suggest you to do the same. I think is important to choose what you eat and what to buy or rent trying to support the locals trades and their simply life.

Next article I will tell about where we moved next: in the Atlas Mountain, in Imlil,from the ocean to 1800m, a completely different sustenance system but that still conserve the simplicity and magic of Morocco .



I love travel because it allow me to know better new cultures through the direct experience and help you to open your mind. I love nature and I'm passionate about surf, so I travel a lot in places where i can feel it and where I can find the perfect wave.But this not means I m not travelling in cities or mountain sides. To integrate my self with the new cultures I love to try typical food and talk with locals. I believe in a sustainable way of travel , that means I try to support the locals trades and activities and the simply life.


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