Monterrey: a guide from a local

January 1, 1970

by Travelling The Universe

How do i start talking about my hometown? I really have so much things to talk about my city, but i’m going to give you the perfect guide to know Monterrey. For starters, this city is located north in Mexico, it’s a very hot place, the weather is a little bit confusing, we can be 40º degrees and then an hour passes by and it’s already raining. The people is very friendly, you definitely will make very good friends over here. The food is extraordinary, everyone is going to tell you that the meat is our star (and it is). Tacos, cabrito and carne asada are our top meals. But, let me tell you how to be an expert travelling around Monterrey.

First things first

monterrey metroAs a local i can tell you the best tourist places to see, but let me tell you about the public transportation so you can save some money and time. You can take taxi cabs or uber, but you will save tons of money and time if you take another transportation. Here in my city, we have metro, although this is a little city, this transportation is quick, easy to use and it goes to the most os the places that we are going to be talking about. The cost is 4.50 pesos, you can buy a metro card for 20 pesos and then recharge it with the amount that you are going to be needing. I recommend you to charge it with 20 or 30 pesos per day, because you will be needing like 4 rides.

There is a bus connection, it is called “metro-bus” you can take it in different metro stations to continue you journey.

Places to see

Now that you know how to move around the city, let’s talk about the amazing places that await you. Here i’m going to specify the top places you need to go when coming to Monterrey.

Barrio Antiguo

barrio antiguo monterreyBarrio antiguo is one of the oldest places in Monterrey, it is antique, you can find restaurants, nightclubs, thrift shops, etc. This place is one of the stars in Monterrey, doesn’t matter what age you are and what are you looking for, you will find something to do.

Galeria Cafe: 
Here you will find the nightlife you are looking for. If you like to listen to music, get a drink and talk, you have Galeria Cafe, a place where you can talk, have a great time and it has a great view. If you get there on a thursday, there is 2×1 in coctails.

Cafe Iguana: If you are looking forward to the night, you can visit Cafe Iguana, a rock bar that will blow your mind. Every weekend night, there is a different group or local artist, in the 90’s there was something called “avanzada regia” that was composed by Plastilina Mosh, Kinky, El gran silencio, etc. This international artists, started here in this place, so i guarantee that is good music. You can buy a “caguamón” and walk through the place, meeting new people.

13 lunas: 13 lunas is a bohemian restaurant, it is known for its “slow food” concept, if you go to this place, you can leave a message written in the walls, you can sit in strange places and the food is super delicious. They have a drink called “Luna” that has different flavors, if you come to this place, order it right away!

 galleria cafe   cafeiguana   13lunasmonterrey



The Macroplaza is the heart of Monterrey. You can find great sculptures, beautiful city views, delicious food and art. This is a familiar spot, so i don’t recommend you to go saturdays or sundays, better go on week days to really enjoy this spot of the city. I think the best things that you can find in Macroplaza, is the food. You can find eloteros, algodoneros and hot dogs.

If you continue walking, you will find Palacio de Gobierno, a great place to know more about Monterrey and take great photos.

palacio de gobierno monterrey

Santa Lucía

santalucia monterrey

Santa Lucía is a great place to hang out, it’s a very large water canal that you can pass walking or through a little boat. It starts in the Museo de Historia, then you pass some very cool restaurants that have very delicious food, for all tastes! If you continue walking through Santa Lucía, you will arrive to Parque Fundidora.

Parque Fundidora


Parque fundidora is the ultimate entertainment park! Here you can rent a bike for hours, bring your rolling skates or walk around the place. There is a dinosaur exhibition, a big lake where you can make a picnic, there is an ice skating venue, museums, a “cineteca” where you can watch art movies, and a lot of eating stops if you get hungry 😉

Great Malls

valle oriente monterrey

Monterrey has several malls, where you can find a lot of stores, such as Aeropostale, Lacoste, Calvin Klein and other brands. There you can find a food court and several restaurants that sell food for every taste. The most visited mall is Valle Oriente, located in San Pedro, a city that collides with Monterrey.



Mexico has great food in all the states, but Monterrey is famous for it’s meat, or how a local would call it “carne asada”. If you are here, don’t be surprised to be invited a saturday or a sunday to eat carne asada with your local friends. With some “empalmes”, “quesadillas” and “salchicha asada”. If you are fan of the avocado, maybe you can eat some guacamole with cebollita asada. And don’t forget the handmade tortillas! If you are brave enough, add some salsa to your tacos.

There is also the “cabrito”, it’s not my favorite but it is a most if you come to monterrey. You can eat it with some tortillas and salsa, and for an extra taste you can eat frijoles charros.

If you are more a taco person, don’t forget to try “gringas” or “piratas” a large flour tortilla with cheese, pork meat, cilantro, onions and hot sauce.

carne asada hungry rangers tacosgringa







If you like to know more about Monterrey City you can visit this links:

I hope you enjoy your stay in this wonderful city, enjoy!


Travelling The Universe

By Travelling The Universe

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