Montañita Ecuador; A Hidden Paradise

Montañita Ecuador; A Hidden Paradise

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Montañita is a very small but a beautiful town hiden in the pacific beaches of Ecuador, the only way to go there is to take a bus from Guayaquil, it takes 4 hours to arrive. Montañita is a place to escape from the caos of the big cities and rest, looks like a hiden place, where everything is very rustic; the hotels-hostels, bars and restaurants, even the gym of the town is super hick, it's walls are made of bambuu and some machines are very rusty, (some of them shouldn't be there, it can be dangerous so if you go to the gym be careful), so as you see there is nothing fancy in this town, but it doesn't mean that isn't beautiful, Montañita has a kinda californian style because is a place were young people go to learn to surf, so the town reflects that surf and relaxed lifestyle. The principal streets are very picturesque, everithing is full of bars, restaurants, surf schools, streets vendors and gift stores, and the people living there seems to be very happy all the time, there are a lot of foregin people living there, people who came here to travel and work for a season and then they go back home, and some others that arrive one day for a small vacation but they never went back home, specially argentinians, there are a lot of argentinians there, event more than ecuatorians. If you like the hippie style you will love Montañita, a place for free spirits.

When my boyfriend and I arrived at Montañita we did't have any reservation for a hotel, but that wasn't problem, a soon as we arrived there was some people at the bus station offering hotels, so we chose to stay in a hostal that offers private rooms and brakefast incluyed, in some places like Montañita most of the hostals offer only shared spaces, is super cheap that way but we prefer privacy, The hostal was super nice, people who were working there were just travellers making some money, even the guy at the bus station who brought us to the hostal was from Venezuela, he was making some money working at the hostal and giving surf classes, so we took some clases with him, it was pretty amazing.

What to Eat in Montañita

You can eat delicious meals all over the town for fair prices, all restaurants offer variety of specialties that you can enjoy, from local food, vegan and veggie dishes, to International meals, like the peruvian, or Italian cousine, so a positive point of being a too turistic place is that you can find a lot of variety.

But if you want to eat ecuatorian meals, honestly I can't recomend any restaurant because first, our first impresion of local food was that it didn't looked so good, not delicious at all, second I got food poisoned twice with ecuatorian food, one time in Guayaquil and the second time in Montañita and three after all of that we had a conversation with other people who told us that they got sick too each time that they ate ecuatorian food, so I'm not sure if is just my stomash that is too delicated or it's something in the food that foregins can't digest easly….. or maybe I'm being too dramatic.

My recommendations:

  • Papillon: They serve delicious crepes! We went like 3 times and everything always was in big portions and delicious.

  • Tiki Limbo: (International Cousine) Try the shrimp salad! delicious food and great service.

  • Fast but healty food by street vedors, you can eat fruit salads, sandwishes, Juices and another meals.

  • Empanadas Argentinas, are super delicious.

What to do in Montañita

There are a lot of thinks to do like:

  • Surf:  If you have never surfed, this is a good oppotunity to learn, the classes are very cheap, one class is around 2 hours and it cost 20 dollars and included the surfboard, so you can take one class just to try it, or you can suscribe for all clases and have a certificate, but be carefull tide turn high suddelny.

  • Electronic music Festivals: There are a lot of festivals of electronic music durig the year if you catch up one of these dates would be grate, the stage is right in front of the beach. 

  • Nocturnal entertaiment is one of my favorites in Montanita, there is a lot of bars and discoteques, some of them have tematic shows, another great option is the cocktails steet, a lot of street vendors that can offer you a variety of delicious cocktels, good quality, cheap and very strong, we just boutgh 2 cocktels and 2 beers and that was enought for all night to be tipsy.

  • Tours: There is a variety of local tours that you can take, like the Galapagos Islands, the pink beach, and anothers.

  • Yoga classes: You can take yoga classes on the beach, if some traveller want to make some money the are very creative.

  • Take a bus to visit other towns and places close to the zone, like Olon the next town.

  • Go to the beach and chill, the sunsets is marvellous.

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To Noice:

  • Do not expect Luxury, there is no 5 stars hotels (at least we didn't notice any one).

  • There is a lot of Humidity 

  • There are a lot of mosquitos, after 5pm they start killing you, so bring a strong repellent!

  • Do not get surprise if after a party night at the town you see on mornign everythig is a mess, streets super dirty and full of trash.

My boyfriend and I had a great time in Montañita, it was pretty amazing, is easy to get in love of this place for it's simplicity and beauty, I think is an excelent option for couples, travellers of the world and young people in general, not so much for families with kids and older people, there is too much party all the time. Montañita is a good reazon to go back to Ecuador, the place that we liked most of that country.

Here some links of Montañita useful information:


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