MONT BLANC: The world above the clouds

January 1, 1970



<strong><a href=''>Chamonix</a></strong> - Mont - Blanc

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc

Per Chamonix, ad astra.

You don’t always need plans, just go with the flow sometimes, forget about the rules, break up with reality, just take your head in the clouds to actually live there – because maybe you’ll get the chance to be on the top of Europe someday.

Chamonix is the key to Mont Blanc, just like the piano is for the pianist or how the body is to the soul.

Chamonix seen from above

Chamonix seen from above

The arrival

When we arrived to ChamonixFrance, the sun was shining and the birds were flying. We went by car and I must say that the infrastructure is great, everything helps you to get there in the easiest possible way and also to find a parking place that allows you to stay a couple of hours without leaving your wallet there. After that we went straight to the Tourist Office to get our maps and to ask how we could get to the cable car and for some recommendations because, of course, none of us bothered to search for some informations, but not because we are lazy or something, just because we like to be spontaneous and we also love to be surprised or in “trouble”, haha.

Chamonix - Mont - Blanc and the moving glacier

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc and the moving glacier

As we were trying to make our way to the cable car, I must say that I admired the architecture, I loved the buildings and their special charm and the paintings and also the blooming flowers that were making that picture perfect that you always see on the post cards.

Chamonix - Mont - Blanc - Architecture

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc – Architecture

Chamonix - Mont - Blanc - Architecture

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc – Architecture

Chamonix is definitely the place were you can have a nice, calm and relaxing vacation or just the opposite, haha. Also, here you can find the acces to the main routes for climbing and a lot of activities. They also have a mobile application – Chamonix, that you can download it for free and it’s available for IPhone, IPad and Android, so that you can have access to all of the activities in a easier and modern way.

Tourists worldwide experiencing the adventure of Alps

Tourists worldwide experiencing the adventure of Alps

The golden tickets

After one big mango sorbet, we arrived at the cable car station and bought the golden tickets, the price was around 60€ each, for both ways. We had to wait for our turn, not too much, I must say and anyway it didn’t mattered because the view was amazing. I was so exited to go with the most modern cable car in Europe, as I heard, that goes up to 3.842 meters and have the chance to stay right next to the highest mountain also from Europe. Tourists worldwide are coming to Chamonix to live this adventure through the Alps, this once in a lifetime experience and this modern technology makes everything so accessible, leading us to the most unique feelings and landscapes.

Welcome to this world above the clouds

Aiguille du Midi at 3.842 meters - The highest panoramic terrace of Chamonix

Aiguille du Midi at 3.842 meters – The highest panoramic terrace of Chamonix

So it was the time for us to go up to Aiguille du Midi at 3.842 meters to the highest panoramic terrace of Chamonix to admire our beloved Mont Blanc. It was one of the best moments of my life. I felt so free and also so small facing the force of nature, seeing my Mont Blanc so high in the sky. I was speechless, I was spending my afternoon with my friend, enjoying my coffee talking about life in that “little” world above the clouds.

Chamonix - Mont - Blanc - Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc – Aiguille du Midi

Step into the void

The golden ticket gave us the opportunity to enjoy a three hours short trip to Aiguille du Midi, to admire the landscapes, take some pictures, have a coffee and carpe that diem. There we also had the chance to try the tourist attraction – “Step into the void” – the glass room with a glass floor, which is considered the highest attraction in Europe and we had to wait for our turn for 10 minutes – freezing, but it was worth it. I mean, I was so scared when I stepped into that glass room, but now I would totally do it again.

Mont - Blanc - Aiguille du Midi

Mont – Blanc – Aiguille du Midi

The moving glacier

I’m sure that if you know something about Mont Blanc, you also heard about the moving glacier, that looks so powerful and outstanding. It is known as the biggest leak of ice in Europe and it’s also so vulnerable to the climate change that happened in the last years.

“You’re the one that I want”

As I was saying before, we went unprepared or maybe it was just me, and as we all know and can imagine that at 3.842 meters it’s so cold that you can barely move, while we were waiting for our ride back we started to sing our song and also to dance just to warm up and guess what, it was just like a movie scene and everyone who was there started to sing and dance with us. So yes, if someone who was there is reading this, I was one of the crazy blondes that was singing “You’re the one that I want” from Grease. Hello:)! We are crazy, so you’ll have to forgive us, but we did had fun togheter tho.

Long story short

We didn’t had the time to visit everything, but for sure I’m coming back to explore it more. Here you can find a list with the most important places and things to visit in Vallée du Mont Blanc:

• Aiguille du Midi;
• Montenvers – Mer de Glace;
• Tramway du Mont Blanc;
• Les Grands Montets;
• Brévent Flégère;
• Balme (Le Tour – Vallorcine);
• Les Houches.

Also you can use, as I was saying before, the mobile application – Chamonix, that will help you a lot with the activities that maybe you’ll want to try and explore.

When you actually see it..

When you actually see them..

Au revoir, Mont Blanc

It was the time for us to come back with our feets on the ground and talk about our new adventure. And the most important thing is that we didn’t realize we were making memories, we were just having fun. 

Chamonix - Mont - Blanc - Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix – Mont – Blanc – Aiguille du Midi


Make sure you won’t forget your jacket or everything you need to feel comfortable and enjoy these moments, because it’s amazing. And if you do forget your things, you can always sing and dance and also have the time of your life with the best people around you.



Welcome to my journey. I don’t know who I am, but I’m about to find out. I have started this adventure in order to discover the meaning of my life. Stay tuned.


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