Modes Of Transportation To Use When Getting Around Taiwan

July 1, 2019

by Crystal L

Though I haven’t gotten around the whole of Taiwan yet, I’ve already tried using a considerable number of modes of transportation in this small but progressive nation. So, I thought to share what I love about each, and which one I would prefer the most. My primary point of reference is Taipei, since, of course, it’s the capital. Check out my list of the modes of transportation you can try when coming to Taiwan below.

1. Taoyuan Metro

I’m starting with what you’ll probably ride first upon your arrival in Taiwan. In that case, you’d most likely enter the country via the Taoyuan International Airport in the City of Taoyuan. To get to Taipei, the most convenient mode of transportation for me is the Taoyuan Metro or Ty Metro.

2. Taipei Metro

Once you arrive at Taipei Main Station, you’ll find the many railway trains (which we’ll discuss later on) including the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit or more commonly known as Taipei Metro. This one has the same ambiance as in Ty Metro. Taipei Metro is the most preferable mode of transportation, especially for tourists, when roaming around Taipei City since it’s safe, convenient, clean, and reliable. It also makes a fun adventure around the city—just don’t forget your map.

3. Local Train

Taiwan Local Train is the most convenient when you wish to travel around the country because it stops at every station along the line. Plus, it’s also the cheapest yet still pretty clean and comfy. Just the downside, though, is that it takes time to wait for its arrival and based on my own experience, it gets delayed often. Furthermore, it’s still a great ride for a fair price.

4. High-Speed Rail (Bullet Train)

So, you think only Japan has a bullet train? Although the Land of The Rising Sun is famous for pioneering the bullet train, Taiwan has its own too. While there are quite a few different classes of trains in Taiwan, there are two types of the so-called bullet train: Taroko Express and Puyuma Express. The latter is known as TRA’s fastest at 150km/h while the former is most known for its two-hours-only ride from Taipei to Hualien. While it’s the fastest transportation choice, it’s also the most expensive. Lastly, don’t take this around Taipei if you want to enjoy a scenic view.

5. UBike

This one is “the most…” in everything (except fast, although it depends if you’re a triathlete)—cheapest, most convenient, most reliable, most safe, and most fun! Of course, everything else aside from it being the cheapest depends on you. You just need to make sure your EasyCard is properly registered online or in any UBike Station kiosks before hopping on. Take the bicycle of your choice and return it at any UBike station near your destination. It makes an adventurous and healthy tour around the city!

6. Bus

They say when you take the bus, you get to save money and see so much from the busy streets to the beautiful landscapes—and that, my friend, is absolutely true. I got to try different buses to different locations around Taipei and New Taipei City, and overall, it’s great. Although it’s obviously not the safest (depends on your destination), you’ll eventually find yourself taking a ride on one because there are a lot of vacation spots in Taipei that’ll need either a bus or an expensive cab ride to get there. If you want to tour around like a local, take this, and use your EasyCard. Just make sure you’ve memorized the bus routes and refilled your card.

7. Cab: Uber and Taxi

When you’re in a hurry, unfamiliar with the location, missed the last trip, or you just want the most comfortable ride that picks you up instead of you waiting in line, this option is the best one around. For Uber, you’ll need the app. As for the taxi, you can either wave your arm on the roadside and hope for it to be vacant or ask a local Taiwanese friend to call for a taxi ride—less hassle plus you can haggle with the fare. If you can speak Mandarin, you can ask any local for the Taxi hotline. They’re friendly and hospitable. But, if you don’t have a local friend and you can’t speak Mandarin, I suggest you take the Uber—their prices are fixed, and you can spare the hassle of language-barrier upon asking Taxi drivers and their jolly ride in very long “short-cuts” that makes your fare go higher.

Explore Taiwan Yourself!

There are many other modes of transportation you can try in Taiwan. Go and explore the heart of Asia yourself and find the most convenient way for you to enjoy the country.

Crystal L

By Crystal L

Currently writing and traveling for both fun and profit, I am a natural science and technology enthusiast who loves to live an abundant, healthy and stress-free life. I aim at positively influencing others on living a cruelty-free lifestyle, both for one's own benefit and the preservation of earth's natural resources. I love travels, food (plant-based, of course), and animals, especially cats. Alongside these, I love physics and tech-related stuff, too. I am a vegan vegetarian, and I love veganism in all its positive principles. I am a health and naturopathy advocate, as well. Above all, I love Jesus.


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