Mexico´s Famous Wine & Cheese Route

January 1, 1970

by Traveling Lilo

If you are looking forward to traveling to Mexico for more than a week, make sure to check this out of your list. Queretaro’s Wine & Cheese Route, it’s most known for couples who look for a romantic-weekend-getaway. Have some wine and cheese, shop around, and do some sightseeing. Queretaro City is filled with culture, history, and delicious food. Now, I will tell my personal experience as I went with my boyfriend on a planned trip, our favorite places and monuments, along with recommended activities.

Planning the Route

We verified our budget to go to Queretaro´s famous Wine & Cheese Route. He wanted to see Queretaro since he had never gone before, and I was born and lived there for a while; I hadn´t been there in ten years. It was a new experience for both of us.

  • Transportation: It was comfortable, I recommend Futura which is cheap but it´s not bad.
  • Lodge: We used Airbnb and got a pretty good place for a fair price. We rented it for the weekend.


In Mexico City, the best place to go was the Taxqueña South bus station. The best way to arrive there is using the blue line of the subway or the light train. We used a van. I recommend you only use a van or bus if you are tagging along with a local, otherwise, it´s easy to get lost.

The journey was very comfortable, it lasted four hours; the bus was nice and modern.

They give food on the bus, but I would recommend buying an extra snack in case you get really hungry or are a picky eater.

Queretaro’s best places

When we got to Queretaro we decided to take an uber from the Bus Station to our Airbnb. Our host was amazingly kind and welcoming, it had been ten years since I had been there; everything felt new and familiar at the same time.

The apartment was great, cool and adequate for the hot-dry weather. We left our luggage there and headed off to Downtown Queretaro on an uber. FYI: Even though Queretaro is now more of a city than it used to be, the fastest and easiest way to move around is either on an uber or renting a car.

Downtown Queretaro´s Famous ‘Mantecado’

Neveria Galy is known for its famous ‘mantecado’. It also serves lime snow, and you can ask for ice cream with a splash of wine in your cup. This is my favorite place in DQ.


Preview of the Route

There were many craftsman carts filled with quartz figurines and such; art galleries, and delicious restaurants. We headed to a little stand we had seen at one of the main streets. It was an information stand and we asked about the Wine & Cheese Route and the person there told us that we could purchase a guided tour for the next day. She explained which places we would visit and that we would get a customized glass. We then paid half to book our place and kept sightseeing.


Downtown Queretaro Night Activities:

While we kept walking around we saw a person dressed in an old-fashioned suit in a stand that said “Legends Night”, we stopped by and asked for information. It consisted of walking around DQ while listening to local legends, mostly scary. I had done it before and it was fun. We bought two tickets and had a lovely and spooky time. Every legend was told by a different character; they were funny and interacted with the audience. I think the scariest part for me was going to the bathroom in an abandoned house.


The Wine & Cheese Route

The next morning, we woke up early in order to have breakfast, and fix ourselves. The person from the stand told us to be 15 min early to pay for the other half of the trip. We did ask where we should be for the tour, but the explanation had been vague, still, we saw a group of other people waiting and stood next to them. After, some vans started to arrive and got lined up. We got into ours, paid and headed on. We passed through the Avenida Acueducto or Arcos de Queretaro, these are famous because of their history. They used to transport clean water to the people of Queretaro in the 1800s.


The First Step on the Route

Our first arrival was a farm where we learned about how cheese is made, conserved and what differentiates some cheese from others. Also, we learned that what they sell in stores as “fat-free cheese” is anything but cheese. After that, the lady that gave us the tour took us to a basement where we smelled different types of cheese that were preserved there. Later on, we had a cheese tasting and it was delicious. We had some free time to buy food and wander around. We bought a quesadilla with artisanal cheese, it was the best quesadilla in the world.


Tequisquiapan, the center of Mexico

The next stop was Tequisquiapan, this town is famous for its artisanal stores, hot springs, horse riding and more. Our tour guide recommended us to visit the Central Cathedral which demonstrates exquisite architecture; the artisan’s bazar, and even a horse ride. We went for some souvenirs and found a nice ice cream shop, then we went horseback riding when it ended we still had time to return to the van.

Fact: Tequisquiapan is the center of Mexico, there is even a monument that indicates it.


Viña Doña Dolores by Freixenet Mexico

Next stop was a wine state. As soon as we got there we saw the vineyards and the lounge. When we entered the estate, we learned about the different types of wine they elaborated there. Their sparkly wine had won a big award worldwide; we saw the huge cottage where they stored the barrels and bottles. We didn’t get the vineyard tour because it was an extra cost. In the end, we got to taste the sparkling wine and got our glasses.

Queretaro’s Best ‘Gorditas’ are in Bernal

Our last stop, before heading back to Queretaro City was Bernal. This town is home to the world’s biggest monolith Pena de Bernal; not only does Bernal has this nature’s gift but it also has delicious culinary culture. Their specialty: ‘Gorditas de masa Azul’, this dish is distinguished because of the blue dough that comes from blue corn. ‘Esquites’ is seasoned corn grains in a cup flavored with mayo and cheese, there are 6 different types of ‘esquites‘ in Bernal. The “Peña de Bernal” is open to the public to climb. It has a spectacular view.

Summary of the Route:

I would recommend this trip to any cheese and wine lover. It’s not too expensive and it’s fun. Not too far from Mexico City, and if you can do it, you won’t regret it. You can do it on your own or go as a couple, even a family with kids over 18. It’s a worthwhile experience in Mexico.

Expenses go from $130 USD to $150 per person.

Traveling Lilo

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