"México: The once in a lifetime kind of city"

January 1, 1970

by Fer Lezama

Ok, I know there are a lot of cities around the world that can be similar, but there are some places that have some unique things, specially in Mexico, one of those places is Puebla.


Puebla is the kind of city you love since you arrived. Is a city that integrate all kind of things you´re looking for when you decide to travel and leave your home. It´s not just the culture that you can see on the streets or the amazing food you find in every corner, it´s also the people that you meet while you´re walking.

Something that I really have to mention is that Puebla city is perfectly traced. The first quadrant of the city is World Heritage by the UNESCO since 1987. This is an important point because this make us a city that you can compare with another city around the world, a city that really worth to be known.

Our government has planned some projects to improve cultural tourism in the city and the state, one of those is “Noche de museos” or in English “Museums night”, it´s a night per month where you can visit museums for free around the center of the city and get involved by the history that have made us unique since it´s foundation in 1531 making Puebla the first city built only for spanish people. So, you should check in the calendar to know when is this event. You can´t lose this! It´s a must!


Also, there are another things like legends tours that you can take at night and enjoy the city in the darkness with a little of mysterious. It´s another good way to know the city. This tours are act by a group of people and in different places they start to tell stories about what happened there according to the legends that people have told all over the years.


Baroque Art

Something characteristic of Puebla is the Baroque Art. You can find this all around the city, specifically in the center of the city or in spanish the “zócalo”. This year was opened The Museum of Baroque Art, is an international museum that compiles a collection of all the Baroque Art around the world. Worth it to go and visit it.

One of the most important places to visit is the “Capilla del Rosario”, all the chapel is covered with gold and is the best way to show baroque art. Is a combination of religion and art and is full of history. This was built in 1650 and was dedicated to the “Virgen del Rosario”. It was opened in 1690, when the city was founded. Every decoration in here has some meaning, so pay attention in every detail you see. The chapel has been considered one of the 8 wonder of the new world.


The Talavera is something unique about us, Puebla. If you don´t know about what I´m talking about, well, now is the moment for you to learn something new. The Talavera is clay that was converted into art. Is a kind of fine ceramic made with a specific technic. If you want something to remember about this place or some souvenir you can buy this in the Parian. This is a place where you can find a lot of things related to Puebla. Also, you can f20160823_035447000_iOSind souvenirs in the Mexican Handcrafts Shop IIDART.

Looking for modernism

Puebla, looking for be not just cultural but also modern, it was built the Estrella de Puebla. This is an observation wheel or more like a scenic railway, where you can see from the top all the city, the modern and the antique. Is the perfect combination between the history and new.


I think that when you ask to someone what do they like the most about Puebla, everyone will answer: THE FOOD. For foodie people this is a must. We have a variety of food, from sweet to salty.

There are some typically dishes that are only seasonally. Here I give you a list of the food you have to eat when you are in Puebla.

  • For breakfast you have to eat “Memelas”.
  • If you like bugs you have to eat “Chapulines” or “Gusanos” de maguey, but this you can only eat them on may.
  • If it´s 2 of the afternoon you can go to some place in the zócalo and eat “Chalupas” or “Cemitas”.
  • For dinner you can eat “Molotes”, “Chanclas”, “Pelonas” or “Gorditas”.
  • One of the special dishes of Puebla is the “Mole”. You can find it in another states of the contry but in every place is different.
  • For something sweet we have “Alegrias”, “Merengues”, “Gallitos”, “Borrachitos”, “Macarrones”, “Camotes” or “Tortitas de Santa Clara”. In the street 6 oriente you can find a lot of shops that can sell a packet of candys in a talavera dish, it is not so expensive.
  • Chiles en Nogada. Is a typical food of the city and you can only eat it from july to september.
  • “Chileatole” in September.c14c7bef3d981aa3875f0197dafd65d6
  • “Huitlacoche o Cuitlacoche” on june and august.
  • “Huazmole” on october and november.
  • Pan de muerto. Is a bread made only on november for the “Dead day”. And if you want something sweet on this time of the year you can find “Calaveritas”, these are made of sugar.
  • For Christmas you can find “Bacalao”, “Pierna de cerdo”, “Ayacotes” or “Chipotles rellenos”.

An advert, if you don´t like chili you have to tell to the person that is cooking because here in Mexico is something pretty normal to eat chili with everything.

Also, we have restaurants that cook the typical food but in a different way, one of those is “Maíz Prieto”, you can find it in the street 3 oriente.




So now you know that in Puebla you can find a mix of history and modernism. That you enjoy every step and every taste, but there are so much more you can know about the city and the state, for this reason in the next article I´ll give you the top 10 places you have to go when you are in Puebla.

Fer Lezama

By Fer Lezama

My name is Fer. I´m from Mexico and I´m 22 years old. I always feel the need of being in another place and I´m a foodie. I´m studying Tourism Administration and I´ll finish in december. I´m in love with my career because thanks to it I have learned to know and appreciate the world. I want to inspire people to fall in love with the world as much as I am. I have worked in travel agencies in Mexico City. I have also worked in a government tourism office of my city, Puebla. I´ll start a journey with the purpose of travel around the world. Lose myself and find me, meet new people that leave their mark in my life forever and live experiencies that I will never forget, those kind of experiences that you tell to your sons and grandsons. I´m an idealist utopian and I strongly believe that the world is not as bad as society has made us believe but we still have a lot of things to do to make it better. I write like if I was talking to a friend. I believe that when someone reads me has a piece of me. Yes, I´m a little romantic.

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