Mexico: Teotihuacan, the land of gods.

January 1, 1970

by Mj Serrano

Teotihuacan, the land of gods

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world. It has many things and places that will amaze you. It has lots natural places, ecological reserves, outstanding beaches, lots ancient history, beautiful buildings and also, it is the country that has one of the largest number of archeological sites in the world.

So, if you ever want to visit Mexico, and I honestly think you should, you will have to consider as the top of your to do list, to visit Teotihuacán.

Teotihuacan is an archeological zone that is located next to Mexico City; it is one of the largest archeological sites of Mexico, and in my opinion, it is one of the prettiest too. Teotihuacan keeps a lot of ancient history through the walls of all their majestic structures. It has beautiful big buildings, and amazing views that you’ll find fascinating and you certainly will fall in love with.IMG-20151009-WA0065

Let me tell you a little bit more of Teotihuacan:

The name Teotihuacan is in a native Mexican language called “náhuatl”, and it is the language that the “mexicas”, a Mexican ethnic town, spoke and now a day is still spoken by some people. It means “Ciudad de dioses” and the exact translation is “the land of gods” that means “the place where the gods are born”.

There is not an specific date that tells us when Teotihuacan was first built and when it was occupied, but many studies have concluded that Teotihuacan was built and dwell before the year 200 b.C. and since then, the population of this great city started to grow very fast. The native and ancient group of the “teotihuacanos” was the one who built the enormous city that turned to be the main city of all the ethnic towns of the century; and it was one of the most important places where the natives used to do business, trade their products and commerce food.

From the pyramid of the moonMany years later, the “teotihuacanos” abandoned the city without leaving a clue of what could have happened to them. Although, there are many theories of why they abandoned the big city, such as: an outbreak, climate changes or a drought. But what it is sure is that another town did not conquer the “teotihuacanos”.

Centuries later another native group, and one of the most powerful of all times, called the “Mexicas”; discovered the intact and beautiful city of Teotihuacan. The whole town built their houses around the big city, and they used the main buildings and streets as their religious places and sanctuaries where they practiced rituals and ceremonies for their multiple Gods.

Teotihuacan has one of the largest pyramids in Mexico: “la Pirámide del Sol”, which means the pyramid of the sun. This pyramid is 63
eters high and you are allowed to go all the way to the top of the pyramid by climbing its many stairs. Although it’s a long and a tired journey all the way to the top; once you get there, you will be able to appreciate the most beautiful sight of the whole archeological zone, you’ll be getting some fresh air and a full recharge of energy for your body. Also, at the top of the pyramid of the sun, you’ll be capable to see the second largest pyramid of the archaeological site: “la pirámide de la luna”, that is situated near to the big pyramid.

“La pirámide de la luna” or the pyramid of the moon, is another beautiful building in Teotihuacan and it is the second largest pyramid of the archeological site. Though the pyramid of the moon is not as big as the pyramid of the sun and it only measures 45 meters high, it is as beautiful and majestic as the big one. You won’t be able to go all the way up the pyramid because the lasts floors are not safety enough; but you’ll be able climb one or two floors up, which will be enough for you to appreciate another beautiful view of Teotihuacan.

The pyramid of the moon is located at the beginning of the main street called “la calzada de los muertos”, or the street of the dead ones. This is the most important street of Teotihuacan, and it is a very big avenue of a length of two kilometers, there is where all the most important archeological buildings were placed, like the two main pyramids and other significant temples.

It is also important to menti"La pirámide de la luna"on that all of the ancient buildings used to have their walls full of bright colors, such as: red, blue, yellow and green, but nowadays, the colors have being deteriorated because of the rain and the wind. There is a small museum in the archeological zone that will show you the exact image of how Teotihuacan looked like many centuries ago. I highly recommend you to visit this museum for you to have bigger idea of Teotihuacan and how people lived in that period of time. You can also find many objects and pieces that the people that lived there, used and made.

How to get there

Teotihuacan  is the Mexican archeological zone that receives the largest number of visitors from all around the world and it is no so far away from Mexico City; it will only take you less than an hour road-trip to get there.

You can visit Teotihuacan the seven days a week between 8:00 and 17:00 hours. There are many ways to get there like: busses, tours or on your own. I personally suggest you to hire a tour guide so he or she can explain you the interesting history of the zone. The tour guides in Teotihuacan are very friendly and they are trained to give you the information you request; they know different languages so that you can choose the one you understand the most. Make sure to bring sunblock, a cap, and comfy shoes for the trip.

I hope you find this article interesting and that I have convinced you to travel to Mexico and of course, to visit Teotihuacan. I’m sure you will love it such as everyone else does. So remember, if you visit Mexico make sure you go to Teotihuacan, because it is worthy.

Mj Serrano

By Mj Serrano

Hi! My name is María José Serrano and I am a proud mexican. I love my country and its culture. I am passionate about live and I enjoy living every moment of it. I am a young writer with an old soul, I love to discover new places and meeting new people.


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