México – San Miguel de Allende: A World Heritage. •What to do in there?-

Visit México

Visit San Miguel de Allende! 

Stay the full week of adventure in the culture of México. And who better than a proper Mexican girl to guide you. This travel guide will cover you for the next visit to México.

Visit San Miguel de Allende

Hi There! I'm Nuri Are and I'm gonna guide you to discover San Miguel de Allende (SMA) in a mexican way. First of all, before coming, there are some stuffs you must know.
  • SMA is a romantic, fun city that you must travel by foot and time to get lost in. All the streets are cobbled, this makes it look pretty amazing with beauty views in each alleyway  so I recommend  to use comfortable shoes and bring your camera everywhere.
  • Don't worry if you are not hosted in the center, there are many wonderful  places to visit out of the main streets.
  • Always carry with sunnies and a sweater, during the day is really hot and some nights gets really cold, so just be aware on it.
So now that you are ready, let's start!


•The Gothic Parish


San Miguel de Allende at night

·The main attraction is visiting the gothic church right on the center of the city, the design we know at this time was built between -1880 and 1890- and still looks fascinating , so don't hesitate to take a picture there.

•Have a Drink or Eat 

·You must visit one of the thousands rooftops over there, to have a meal, eat tacos or maybe just a drink, the views are amazing you won't regret. My suggest is visit “El Pegaso”, “Mama Mia” “MX”, or if you want something more fancy visit “Quince Rooftop” all close to the church.
FullSizeRender 6_opt

“Mama Mia” Rooftop

FullSizeRender 7

Amazing view from rooftop



•Is too Hot…

Well, have an artisanal Ice cream then, you will be impressed of the crazy flavors around the streets.

“Neveria” Mexican flavors


My boyfriend & Me enjoying an ice cream!


•Street Markets Around the City

·Visit the street markets around the city, you will find many colorful mexican stuffs, silver, and the famous flowers crowns. The one I love is called “Mercado de Artesanias” it ends until  the Hidalgo street, so be ready to walk.
IMG_2546 2_opt

Artesanal handmade tablecloth


·Visit the museum of SMA you will understand the beauty of the city,  also you shall go to the museum of the mexican toys, museum of the mexican masks.

Walkers around the city

•Walk around “Jardin Allende”

·While you walking be ready to listen some “Mariachis”, don't forget to eat Mexican corns, take pictures in the kiosk.

My friend & me in the kiosk.

•Eat some Churros

·A delicious Churreria is from a famous mexican artist, there are filled of nutella, marmalade, condensed milk, chocolate and more… Located in San francisco Street right in front of the San francisco Church.

Delicious hot chocolate & churros.

•Rent a Quad and start the adventure 

·If you like adventures, rent a quad you will be able to travel around the city and the best arrive to the famous dam of SMA, the cost around $700 pesos for 2 people 1 hr. or $1500 pesos, 2 people  for the trip to the dam. It's amazing.

Quad time around San Miguel de Allende.


Having fun with the quad.


•Relax at the Spa LA GRUTA

·If you want to go further go to “La Gruta just 10 min outside from the town by car. Natural pools heated by underground hot springs, it is perfect for a lounging on a sunny day. make your way into the caves and relax, you will feel the hottest water and will be perfect for some pictures. Looks amazing. The cost $120 pesos per person.
IMG_3355 2

“La Guta” tunnel.

•Visit an archeological place

· Do you like archeological sites? Well México is one of the best places to get involved on it. The name is “Cañada de la virgen”  you will find a pyramid, gardens, and lots of history from our ancestors, it is just 25 min far outside from the main streets by car.  

View of the pyramid.


•Ready for the night?

·If you like Big places to have fiesta don't think to much and go to “El Grito“, “Mint” the famous places to party all night. But if you prefer something tranquil, I would recommend to you visit the rooftops at night looks even better.  

“El Grito” Nightclub.


Friday afternoon, having a beer.


•Listen some JAZZ

·For me this is pretty amazing and more if you visit the place with that special person♥. Get wrapped of the entrancing moment and enjoy it.
  ·Every year, every season San Miguel de Allende has unforgettable events, such are: 1.- February/March – Fringe Festival: Performing Arts Festival 2.- March – Cuba Fest: Carnaval 3.- March – Semana Santa 4.- June – Festival de los Locos: Parade of crazy people 5.- July – Lamb & Mezcal Festival: Drink and eat. 6.- August – Wine festival: For the wine lovers. 7.- August- Puppetry Festival: Enjoy puppetry shows. 8.-  15 September- Independence Day: Celebrate with all around. 9.- 30 September- Alborada: Fireworks everywhere. 10.- End of October – Dead Fiesta: Walk around as a Calaca. 11.- November- International Blues & Jazz: Enjoy the music. 12.- December- Catar Mexico: Wine tasting.  

Hope you enjoy your visit to San Miguel de Allende, and that this guide help all you. Add a comment and share with your friends.                                                                     Do not forget to visit my blog for further tips…

Thanks a lot!
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