Mexico- Mexico City, not what you thought

January 1, 1970

by Avi Alog

Mexico City- Not what you thought


There are a lot of rumors about Mexico City, most people will tell you it is dangerous, that it’s not safe, that there is a lot of crime etc, but as I said, these are just rumors.

I have been in Mexico City four times and still counting!!

Let me tell you few things about this cool city!!

First of all, the security of the city is really good; you can feel safe in all the touristic places you will go to, the people are super nice, if you are lost in one of the streets they would do their best to guide you to the place you want and sometimes even go with you so you won’t get lost again.

If you haven’t tried MEXICAN FOOD, well shame on you, because it’s one of the tastiest food you will ever try!!


So what can you EAT?

  • The TACOS are the most famous of course, for those of you who like pork- try the PASTOR with pineapple or COSTILLA, for those of you (like me) that doesn’t eat pork, I will recommend the BISTEC or ARRACHERA and of course the POLLO (chicken).

The Tacos will ALWAYS come with sauces and there are levels to their spiciness so choose wisely!

The main sauces are: SALSA VERDE (green sauce) that is not so spicy, SALSA ROJA (red sauce) it is in the same level as the green but has a                         different taste, SALSA HABANERO (habanero pepper) really spicy!!

Of course, every restaurant has their own spicy in addition to these three, so you can ask what is less or more spicy.

  • If you feel like eating something different in the morning, you have to try CHILAQUILES; it is a national dish that is made with TOTOPOS (kind of like nachos), slices of onion, green or red sauce with white cheese and cream on top and you can add egg, chicken or meat on it- highly recommended!!!
  • If you feel like eating something light, QUESADILLAS are great too, it is a tortilla with cheese inside most of the time, you can add mushrooms, potatoes or whatever the place will have to offer you.


Mexico in general, has a lot of types of dishes, depending on the state, so you are more than welcome to visit other states or cities and try more delicious and special food!


After you ate some good food, what about some drinks?

  • If you are a beer person, you don’t need to look so much, there are beers everywhere!!

Every beer I tried was amazing!! The dark beers you can try are: INDIO, TECATE, XX AMBAR, BOHEMIA, and NEGRA MODELO.


You can always try new beers and new tastes, the options are endless!!

Another thing that is really popular to do with the beer is combining it with CLAMATO, it is a tomato juice mixed with some sauces, it is a favorite of  the Mexican people, you should give it a try it’s delicious!!


  • If you want to try drinks with more alcohol you should try the TEQUILA, they have a lot of brands and flavors, and for those of you, who like strong flavors, you should try MEZCAL, it is a really strong drink that is popular like the tequila, or even more.

If you will drink it with a beer on the side the taste won’t be as strong and it’s a great combination!!


So, after I gave you a little taste about the food and the drinks,

what can you do and see in Mexico City?

The list is really long, but I will give you the main places to see and explore:

  1. The CENTRO– is where you will find a lot of people, stores of clothes and shoes, coffee places, restaurants, museums and much more:
  •  PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES– is in the CENTRO as well, it is a beautiful architecture by itself; there are art expositions, a theater, an art shop, a museum and concerts like orchestras depending on the dates and times, or you can just take a walk inside and get impressed by the size of it and the beautiful design.




  • Next to it is the PALACIO POSTAL, it is an old post office with a beautiful and old architecture as well and it is still functioning as a post office, after more than a 100 years!


  • After the post office, you can take a walk in CALLE MADERO, it is a long street full of shops, restaurants, street art shows and much more.
  • At the end of MADERO, you will find yourself looking at the CATHEDRAL and the GOVERNMENT BUILDING with a huge square between them (ZOCALO).

You can take a look inside of the cathedral and get impressed with some gold sculptures.




  • If you feel like exploring the area a little bit more, just go to the right side of the government building and start an adventure.

You will find thousands of stores starting from fabrics to electronics, party stuff, plastic flowers, clothes, accessories and many more!


2.  COYOACAN- it is another place you have to visit, it used to be a town next to Mexico City but with time it became a part of Mexico City.

It still looks like a small beautiful town, if you feel like having a different view, this is the place.

  • you can go there in the weekends, there is a big market for souvenirs and handmade arts, a lot of restaurants and coffee places, some local shops of clothes and shoes, a small park where you can sit back and relax and even some bars.
  • If you are looking to snack something I can recommend you of 2 tasty things, the first one is called ESQUITES, it is a Mexican snack that every city prepress it different, it is corn cooked with onion, peppers and herbs, they serve it in a plastic cup and on top they put lemon juice, mayonnaise and cheese, very recommended!!
  • If you feel like eating something sweet, you have to try CHURROS, it is made out for flower in deep oil and it’s covered with sugar, they can fill it in with Nutella chocolate, caramel or different syrups, you won’t regret it!!







  • FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM– it is the house of FRIDA KAHLO, a famous and very important artist to the Mexican culture.                                              You can see her paintings and clothing’s; you can read about the way she lived and the interesting story of her life and the tools that she used to          paint with.



  1. PARQUE DE CHPULTEPEC- it is a beautiful park in the middle of the city, it has some cool things to see and do there such as:



  • CASTILLO DE CHAPULTEPEC, it is an amazing castle in the top of the park, it was military academy, imperial residence, presidential home, observatory and now a museum of national history.                                                                                                                                                                             You can see furniture with French influence, old royalty horse wagons and prestigious design of the castle itself.





  • LA CASA DEL LAGO, you can take a boat and go for a sail around the lake and the park.



  • museums- MUSEO TAMAYO: international expositions that changes every month.

                    MUSEO NATIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGIA: anthropology museum, it is the most visited and largest museum in Mexico.                                         It contains significant archaeological and anthropological artifacts from the Mexico’s pre-Columbian heritage.


  1. MUSEO DE SOUMAYA, it is a private museum with 66,000 pieces of special arts, all of the items belongs to founder Carlos Slim, one of the richest people in the world!



  1. MASARYK- it is a street in a big neighborhoods called POLANCO which is one of the most important ones in Mexico City, you can find all the luxury stores of fashion, jewelry and cars.                                                                                                                                                                                                 There are a lot of really good restaurants there with different range of prices.


  1. LA CONDESA\ROMA– these are two neighborhoods next to each other, there you can find a lot of restaurants, clubs, bars or just taking a walk in the streets.


  1. TEOTIHUACAN– A most visited site!!

an hour away from the city, it is an archeological site of the native AZTECS, one of the biggest in Mexico, you can see a lot of the ruins of the old AZTEC culture such as the PYRAMID OF THE MOON and the PYRAMID OF THE SUN.






  1. NEVADO DE TOLUCA- if you going to stay more time in the city, it is an amazing place to visit!

           It is recommended to visit the site from December to February!

located almost two hours from the city, it is an old volcano with 2 beautiful lakes that where made from the snow of the mountains surrounding it. The hiking to the top is not so hard but be sure to bring warm clothes because it is really cold.                                                             After you coming back, next to the site entrance, you should try the food there, they are famous for their blue corn QUESADILLAS or TACOS.


10868069_10205147629797899_8381096669820083475_n 10734241_10205147628317862_849148782970005781_n

  1. XOCHIMILCO– located in the south of the city.                                                                                                                                                                                   Recommended on the weekends, It is a beautiful lake with boats called TRAGINERERAS, you can grab some friends with you, take drinks, snacks and your favorite music and go for a few hours sailing between the lakes canals.                                                                                                                             It is a highly recommended thing to do and believe me, you haven’t done something like that yet!!





So after all these cool and amazing places I have told you, I am pretty sure you won’t see Mexico City the same way again.

Mexico City is a most!!

Don’t let rumors stopping you from seeing new places, everything is an adventure, it is just a matter of perspective!!


I hope I have helped you know more about Mexico City and all the things you can do there, if you would like to make a comment or anything else feel free to do it!!




















Avi Alog

By Avi Alog

My name is Avi Alog, I'm 26 years old, I live in Israel. I decided to travel the South and Center America, and so I did. I lived 8 months of my life traveling and exploring 14 countires of the world. I felt and saw so much... Different types of people, ways of living, landscapes, amazing levels of happiness, friendships, falling in love, crying, even felt lost sometimes but somehow, the most powerful thing I felt was positivity! when I saw and felt all those things, I couldn't be negative so much, I realized that everything happens for a reason and for our best, and so negativity didn't take a big place in my life anymore. I believe traveling is something we should all do, as much as possible, it is the only thing in life that the money you spend on that will bring you true happiness!! so travel people, dont ever stop!!!!!


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