Mexico: 5 things to choose number one place to visit in 2016

January 1, 1970

by Via Botello

Mexico: 5 things to choose number one place to visit in 2016

Night view of the city


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This year Mexico City has a new name, and a brand new crown. Named by the New York Times as the number one place to visit in 2016, DF cof…cof… CDMX is the coolest city to visit. With thise new title, the metropoli says goodbye to the old name DF (distrito federal) and welcomes new and bright sculptures of CDMX (City of Mexico).

There are a lot of ways to actually describe my hometown and because I dont want to influece my writing with subjective and emotional love, I will describe this city through the eyes of two of my spanish students that came to explore the city in recent months. We are talking about two avid travelers, that found in this trip not only a chance to practice the spanish they have learned with me but to discover the truth about so many myths surronding the capital of Mexico. I’m shure if you are a travelholic and ever wondered about visiting Mexico, you might heard a lot of opinions about the possiblel experience, good, exotic and bad things. So when Meng, a smart chinese beauty, and Pascal, the coolest swiss boy in NY, asked me if it was a good idea to visit my hometown, instead of just saying to them “of course book a flight” I gave them a number of reasons that I’m about to share with you. This five things of Mexico are based on my experience living in the heart of the city and the thoughts and feelings of Meng and Pascal.



  1. CDMX is unique.

    We all know that globalizations let us acces to different cultures and products, but if you are a travelholic like me, I’m pretty shure you realized by now that everytime it gets more and more difficult to find unique and original items to taste, buy or experience. I can tell you that Mexico still has that unique vibe, where you can find things you can’t find anywhere else. When I travel I like to buy things that are made in the country or at least represent a piece of the folklor. Here you can find a lot of Made in Mexico items from traditional ones to more designed and exclusive products. Meng was crazy about mexican candies, handcrafts and SOHO clothes, a mexican brand. Pascal found the coolest leather jacket and t-shirts in the original boutiques of Condesa shopping and in his words “he got that chilango look ready to wear back in NYC”







  1. 2. CDMX is surrealist.

  2. A castle at the top of a green forest in the heart of a 9 million population city? Yeah, its only an example of the possible combinations of landscapes and architecture you can find in CDMX. This city its known for its surrealism and I find it really atractive cause the final result is: you will never stop being surprised by new places. My favorite combinations: the stone landscapes and murals of Ciudad Universitaria in the south side, the breathtaking Metropolitan Cathedral, a magic town called Coyoacan, the boho-french cafés of Condesa and Colonia Roma, and Chapultepec parc. With Meng I made an epic two days excursion to the city, as an architect she was interested not only in natural structures but also in the contemporary constructs of the city. We had the chance to even visit one of her teachers buildings next to Soumaya museum where she is posing. Dont miss: El angel de la independencia, Downton, Torre Latinoamericana, and the inevitable photo with the wings in Paseo de la Reforma.



  1. CDMX is friendly.

    You only need a magic word to sympathize with locals: Hola. And that is because we like tourist, we enjoy sharing our citadine culture, give recommendations of taco places, share our slang, practice our english and above all making new friends. Pascal told me is the city where he felted more welcoming, people talked to him all the time giving him advice, just chating for fun. This is a city of friendly people with great sense of humor, so get prepared for jokes, slang and long conversations.

Downton at night

Downton at night


Ángel de la Independencia

Ángel de la Independencia



  1. CDMX is all about food.

    Many times I have suffered while traveling cause I cant find original foo
    d to taste. That wont be the case in Mexico city cause no matter how long you decide to stay here, you will never have enough time to taste all the gastronomic options the city has to offer you and I’m not only talking about mexican food cause the city has an extense offert of international cuisines that get mixed with native flavours giving an even more difficult time to decide what to taste. After picking up Meng from the airport, our first stop was the mos incredible restaurant in the Universe “La casa de toño” she was impressed by the service and the quality of the food. Here in Mexico you can eat cheap or expensive always with great flavor. Later I took her to taste margaritas with mexican ingredients. Pascal was delighted “La botica” where he tasted some chapulines and “coco chanel” my favorite mezcal coctel.






IMG_5880 5.  CDMX is safe.

Yes the city is safe. Of course you need to be careful and dont sneak around the difficult areas of the city, like in every other city in the world. You have to be careful with your money and avoid looking like tourist on the streets, but thats all. Uber has brought a lot of safety to locals, making transporation super easy even in late hours. Meng and Pascal never had troubled with transportation and they both told me they felt completly ok, of course language its the key to any city, so it would be great to learn basic spanish in case you get lost in the city.


So here you have 5 things about the coolest city verified by to recent travelers. Mexico city has it all if you want to experience culture and uniqueness, what are you waiting for?



Via Botello

By Via Botello

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