Medellín – “The city of the eternal spring”


Well, perhaps you have heard about my city a lot, because of that show on Netflix and some soap operas that have been quite successful in the media, but I have news! It is all preconceptions. I want to tell you about the “Medellín” I know, I want you to see it the way I see it and want you to fall in love with “The city of the eternal spring”. It is located in Latin America (Colombia) and it has all the culture and resources related to this region that you will definitely love! [single_map_place] Medellín [/single_map_place]


The people that live in Medellín are known as “Paisas” because they are part of the department of Antioquia.  The Paisas are commonly recognized for their hospitality, kindness, and happiness. If you get to know a Paisa you will certainly have a friend for life. They like to help other people and if you visit a “Paisa” Mom you will probably walk away with your stomach full and with some food for your journey (LOL).


In Colombia, you can find a wide variety of dishes and typical food.  When you visit Medellín, make sure you try this food before you leave, you will really like the diversity of options we have to delight your palate:


It is the favorite food for people from Medellín. The original arepa is similar to corn cake and you can eat it with the ingredients you want to put in it. But we also have a variety of arepas: cheese arepa, Yellow corn arepa, Mote’s arepa, etc. Paisa people can eat arepa for breakfast, for lunch and also for dinner, as they can eat it with any ingredient on the top. My favorite one is White Arepa (known as “arepa tela”) with some butter and salt on the top; hope you like it!.

Bandeja Paisa:

It is our typical dish. It is eaten for lunch and it has a lot of ingredients: Rice, beans, sausage, fried egg, pork rind, Ground beef, ripe plantain, avocado, salad, and arepa. This dish is usually accompanied with Guandolo (brown sugar with lemon), natural juice or mazamorra (milk with corn). Other food you should try in Medellín:
  • Empanada
  • Buñuelo
  • Pandequeso
  • Oblea
  • Solterita
  • Natural Juices
  • Mango with salt and lemon


Medellín is not known as “The city of the eternal spring” in vain!  Here we do not have stations, therefore it is never too cold and it is never too warm. The temperature in Medellín is between 17°C on the cold days and 32°C on the hot ones. The weather in Medellín is quite amazing because it is really unpredictable. It can be a really sunny day in the morning and a rainy one in the afternoon.  So, you may bring a couple of short pants, but also a slight sweater with you. And get ready to be impressed by deep blue skies and beautiful rainbow sceneries.    


When I have visited different cities around the world, it is normal that the best place to stay is the hometown. But this is not the case with Medellín. I will highly recommend that you look for lodging at the neighborhood called “El Poblado”. It is really well located and has easy access to transportation, as the Metro, Buses, and Taxis. There you can find different options for lodging: from glamorous hotels to very cheap hostels. Nearby, you will have access to all kind of restaurants, pubs, stores, and so on. Nevertheless, although people from Medellín are certainly nice, it is important that you stay always aware and as we say: “No de Papaya” (Don’t give papaya), which basically means “don't unnecessarily give someone the chance to take advantage of you”.  Just be always aware and bring all your attitude to enjoy an amazing trip!


Mirador de las Palmas:

After 40 minutes driving from the airport, you will start seeing the city from the mountain. You should do your fist stop there, it is a place called “El mirador de Las Palmas”, where you can have a panoramic view of Medellín.

Museo de Antioquia:

You should also visit this museum, where you can find exhibitions from local artists and some art with cultural topics. Moreover, the museum is placed in front of the “Plaza Botero” which is the square with the 23 sculptures of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, known for his art with fat shapes. Make sure to take a picture with the Fat Lady!   If you are really interested in museums you should also visit the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art) and “Museo el Castillo), both are quite interesting and worthy to visit.

Botanical Garden sector:

You can also take the metro and go down at the “Universidad” station, where you will have access to multiple places. First of all you can take a look of the Botanical Garden for free, then you can go to “Parque de los deseos” (The wishes park) to have a moment to relax and rest a little bit, you can also visit the planetarium to see and learn about stars and planets. In that sector will also have access to “Parque explora” (A park with science, experiments and exhibitions) and to “Universidad de Antioquia” (One of the best universities in Colombia).

Metro Cable View:

I highly recommend that you take the “Metro Cable” at the “Acevedo” metro station, which is a cable cabin that takes you up in the mountain and offers all the visitants an amazing view of the city. You can get down at the “Arvi” station and you can do touristic tours around the “Parque Arví” (Arví Park).

Pueblito Paisa:

Another visit you have to do before leaving Medellín is “El Pueblito Paisa” (Little Paisa Town). It is placed in a little mountain called “Cerro Nutibara” and it has a representation of the typical Paisa Town, with the typical houses, balconies and a small chapel as the real ones. This place also offers an outstanding view of Medellín that you can enjoy during the day or night.

Places near to Medellín:

Medellín also has cities and towns that are worth to visit. Some of them are: Guatapé, Santa Fe de Antioquia, San Antonio de Pereira, Jardín, Santa Elena (Parque Arví), and Ecologic walks in near towns.  


  • Hello: Hola!
  • Good Morning: Buenos días
  • Good Afternoon: Buenas tardes
  • Good night: Buenas noches
  • Good bye: Adiós / Chao
  • Thank you!: Gracias!
  • Please: Por favor
  • Where is the bathroom? : Dónde está el baño?
  • How much is this?: Cuanto cuesta esto?
  • Can I have Wi-Fi access here?: Puedo conectarme a internet aquí?


I am a travel lover! I want to travel all around the globe and share my amazing experiences and tips with with you! 🙂