Maun:your stay at Old bridge backpackers

January 1, 1970

by Mosetsanagape

A Backpacker’s home away from home

A soothing, calm and peaceful place, Old Bridge BackPackers is one for the books.It is located in Maun, Botswana and it is one of mother nature’s masterpiece to humankind and I am proud to be the one writing about it.Attracting everyone from around the world, being it a backpacker or a business man for a meeting, this place is a magnet for all the good that can be offered.Neither claimed by locals nor people of other countries, backpackers is that place where everyone feels foreign yet at home, does that make sense?it is its own little world, immediately when you enter its premises you are introduced to everything good and pure,you forget your troubles outside,oh!what a therapy it is.i have visited this place so many times, being it to catch up with friends,to go eat and drink around nature, for my birthday or just to come clear my thoughts and get my head right, I have always found myself there and I am always going to find myself there.A few kilometers from Maun shopping center this beauty is a gift you owe yourself.So, if you find yourself anywhere near Maun, be sure to come check it out.


Very friendly people, from different countries, you are sure to see families with kids, couples, and friends, they cater for every group possible. Not many people during the day, they are always out and about, having their fun and experiencing exciting things but come evening, they are all like one big happy family, sitting around conversing, feasting and enjoying the breeze from the river. With The bar overlooking the river, a flowing breathtaking river which is surrounded by green vegetation, you won’t be much homesick.A bonus fountain made of brownstones, with water from the fountain to the river back to the fountain and a small spring in between, the features of this place are overwhelmingly stunning, it is a beauty.With the pictures I added hopefully you will get a better view of BackPackers, I feel like am understating it, it is truly beautiful, the designs that went into it came from nothing but the love of nature.

What to bring with you

  • A camera
  • mosquito repellent
  • outside blanket(to cover yourself and cozy up)

How to get there

Ask for Matapana directions from the locals, whilst driving you will see signs on the road for Old Bridge Backpackers detailing the distance left, drive until you reach a bridge, immediately after the bridge turn right and follow the road along the bridge,there is a sign showing the direction to follow after that it is easy,their boards will direct you until you at their gate.I recommend hiring a car or bringing your car so that you can be flexible with your mobility, Maun is a very big interesting city, it will be nice to see most of it, even though you will most likely need a local to show you around.Taxis are great too, they are really safe and pocket-friendly, with taxis you won’t get easily lost and you can always ask the driver to be your guide around the city and later take you back to Backpackers.

Food and drinks

with a self-catering option, you can always get to make and eat what you prefer but this choice is for people who are staying over,there is also a restaurant and a bar for everyone, with an appetising menu with different kind of dishes served,you will taste almost every traditional dish they offer,that will be a great experience.You will be sure to find something to chow on and drink up whilst touring around or just sitting by the bar enjoying the scene and mingling.Not forgetting the WIFI advantage.

Accommodation options you have

The BackPackers accommodation is just out of this city, its more like you are on a safari, with a range of choices, from chalets to camping tents, you are sorted and you will get that wildness kind of feel especially by the way the accommodation have been set, with their riverfront chalets, two people per room with in-house bathroom you are more to feel like an MVP, this will cost P580 a night and P480 per person a night. Also, other chalets, facing the greens of the premises, with shared bathroom and toilets and this cost P400 for two people a night and 330 per person a night.All this for your wild traveling experience in Old Bridge Backpackers and lastly my favorite, the camping feel, you get the accommodation of a backpacker when you bring you own tent which will cost you P80 per person a night.our currency fluctuates between $1=P10 and $1=P11+,  American Dollar.If you want to have accommodation somewhere else or a friend or family are providing you with accommodation that will still be good, you will be saving and that means more money for other things to do.Apart from that, Maun is packed with lodges and hotels, you can always sleep there and spend your day at Backpackers, I recommend staying with friends or staying at Backpackers since it is cheaper as compared to hotels and lodges and just the fact that it is convenient for you to have everything in one place

Sleeping/resting place

What to do in Old Bridge Backpackers

screaming fun fun fun!with packed activities for its customers, you will not loose a minute of your time.For this I recommend bringing your family, friends or both, because it is more fun when you are with others to share this adrenaline filled experience, with their Boat cruising/boating safaris day trips, canoe trips and mobile safaris tours to Moremi game reserves and wildlife parks ,these activities will take you into the wildness of Maun and surrounding areas.The boat safaris and mobile safaris price depend on the number of people per trip, the more people the less the amount to pay per person.packed meals and water are included in all these trips.You can always take a walk,  see the place and its surroundings.

Bot cruising

modes of transport to drive around

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