Malmö - The sunny south of Sweden

January 1, 1970

by Саво Ћурић

A few words about Malmo

Malmo is located in the south part of the country, in the center of region named “Scania“. It is believed that Malme is founded in the XIII century and the oldest records on the status of the city date from 1353, when the city was ruled by the Danish state. Malme was the second largest city in the country for centuries until he became part of Sweden by the “Roksild’s  agreement“ in 1658 year.

City Malmö



Arrival in the city

On this journey in Malmo we arrive from Denmark by the Oresund bridge. It is the longest bridge in the world which is connecting the two countries. In addition to the open sea which can be seen from the bridge, we can notice the largest wind farm named “Lillgrund Wind Farm“. For the most people crossing the bridge it is everyday activity because they go to work and return home and the reason for that kind of life is a lot cheaper prices in Malmö than in Copenhagen, where are  employed a lot of Swedes. Upon arrival in the city rain was falling. On the way to the hotel where I was located  I passed by the water tower Södervärn Tower, which supplies the entire city with water.

Walk through the city and coming up “Lila Torg”

After we settled down and had lunch we returned to the city and arrived at a small square “Lila Torg” which is located in the old part of town. This area seemed to me very quiet and at the same time so rural and urban. There are so many tourists in the streets, almost on every corner and also people crowding the pubs or watching street performers.

Walk to the Sqere

Lila Torg

A walking tour and visit sights

I spent the entire day walking and later that day I went to the Irish Pub “Fagans“ which is one of the most popular in the city. There I spent the whole night because I had no need to watch the clock for the first time from the moment I arrived . Dark has fallen quite late and I went slightly to the hotel where I was located. I decided not to use public transport and instead of that I decided to go to the hotel on foot and explore this interesting city. Next day I was surprised that the temperature was 28 degrees in the late spring and in comparison with Bosnia and Hercegovina is too much for that period of the year. I went to see the castle that was built in the 15 th century. Part of the castle was once a prison and is now turned into the museum complex, the City Museum, the Hall of Knights, Museum of Nature and there is a small aquarium that is primarily intended for children. The castle is surrounded by beautiful “Kungsparken Park” and in the middle of the park there is a large iron fountain. At the edge of the park there are located several abandoned graves and huge windmills. There are many sculptures that are located throughout the city.With the bridge Davidshallsbron in the center of the city there is sculpture Funny Shoe Bridge which consists of 19 pairs of shoes that belonged to famous Swedish artists. Another very famous and colorful sculpture is called “Spectral Self Container“, which consists of two similar parts. This is the work of Swedish artist Matti Kalioinen. In this part of town is located “Turning Torso“ skyscraper. Walk up to him is a little bit longer because it goes first by populated part of the city and then you go by coast along the Gulf of Oresund and above numerous bridges. “Turning Torso“ is the tallest skyscraper in the whole Scandinavia, and at the same time the second biggest building in Europe. It ’s 190 meters high and has 54 floors. He has an incredible spiral construction and attracts everyoone to enjoy the view for hours. I was not allowed to climb to the top of skyscrapers and l ’m sure the view was magnificent.

Turning Torso

Turning Torso

Funny Shoe Bridge

Funny Shoe Bridge

An interesting situation in the cafe and chocolate factory visits

On the way to the hotel I bought a sandwich and suddenly beside me there were two ducks from the nearby park. I threw them a piece of bread and I didn’t know that I ’m going to be followed almost all the way. Every place has it’s dark side, and what I notice here is that there are a large garbage precipitates all over the town. The streets in the city center look like they haven’t been washed for weeks, tables on the terraces of almost all cafes are full of ashes and dust and garbage is everywhere. I don’t know whether is that the rule or the exception, but in these few days that I have spent in Malmo I have impression that this is the dirtiest city I have ever visited. Again I stopped at one of the pubs to have a beer because I’m a big fan of beer. They taste much better than these in our region. The next day I stopped at a cafe called “Condeco“ which offers  beautiful view of the canal. On the terrace cafe it ’s not a rare sight to see seagulls and ravens stealing people’s food  from their plates, and then to happily fly  away. Most people were upset about it except me,i found it very likable. It seems to me that the birds are the rulers of this city. Later that day I went on a tourist tour of the chocolate factory called “Malmö Chokoladfabrik“. There are produced and sold various kinds of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. There is also a museum in the factory which includes free chocolate tasting. The factory is known for its products because they don’t put nuts and gluten. I have to admit that the chocolate is very tasty.




Malmö Chokoladfabrik

Malmö Chokoladfabrik

Symbols of the city

In a conversation with the residents I was informed that the ticket prices are very high and you have to buy a ticket on time beacuse they quickly sell out. The most famous souvenirs in Malmo are colorful clogs and horses called “Dala horse” and they got their name  by the region of Dalarna. Once they were toys but today they are symbols of the city. Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden, and it’s relatively large, and I had visited Malme in the relatively short time.A few days were enough to visit all the famous and less famous city sights and attractions. It is possible that I did it faster than other people, because I was in favor of good weather during all days. Some say that Sweden is a very cold country but I never felt in that way. I haven’t met many local people as it is the case in other cities I have visited. What I couldn’t help noticing that the Swedes are a little nervous, hectic and relatively cheerful people. Malmo offered me a bit of the Scandinavian spirit, but it is not sufficiently representative for the full experience of Sweden. What I noticed is that it gives a special charm to the little things and details that I discovered where I least expected.All in all I will visit Malme as soon as I have the chance.

Dala Horse

Dala Horse


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