Malaysia: Berkelah Waterfall, Pahang

January 1, 1970

by Frame_meplease

This place is situated in the state of Pahang and third largest state in Malaysia. There are many places that are worth visiting. Remember to take your time to appreciate the smaller things in life and at the same time wishing that the narrow minded nitwits would stay far away from destroying this hidden gems of a place.

Regarding to local people in Pahang, Berkelah got it’s name because long time ago there were many Kelah fish in the river. It is the place that indeed very impressive with falls that consists of seven tier and also known as ninth mile waterfall. Truly magnificent because it is everything a waterfall should have. Plus, the water was crystal clear, very soothing and perfect for swimming.


As i told you, crystal clear water!



If you planning to overnight at the camp site, just leave your vehicle near Gelugor Mosque


How to get there:


By car from Kuala Lumpur

You will need to drive for about two and a half to three hours from Kuala Lumpur via the highway to kuantan and exit at Maran. After passing Maran, look out for the “Hutan Lipur Berkelah” signboard. After that, you will see the mosque Gelugor Village at the right side of the road. From the mosque to the entrance of Berkelah approximately about 30 to 45 minutes through the village.

By car from Kuantan

From Kuantan city to the entrance of the park just took about 30 to 45 minutes drive.

By bus from Kuala Lumpur

From Terminal Bersepadu Selatan take a bus to Terminal Sentral Kuantan. The price is RM22 and took only 4 hours journey. From there, took a grab or uber or any kind of transportation that suitable for you. It is just 40 to 45 minutes to the entrance of the park.

To get to Berkelah Waterfall you can take 4wd or lorry because the road are not too good.

This whole trek took around 2 to 3 hours from the starting point. It was not really bad but tiring a little bit and trek going vertically upwards. After 20 minutes of trekking from the starting the entrance of the park are not really good.point, you will reached at the first waterfalls. First waterfall is quite impressive and not really suitable for swimming if you are beginner.

Although, after 3rd pool you have to cross the river to go to the site. The depth at that part of the river varies from ankle length to knee length to mid-thigh length. Then you will continue to start walk into the ticker forest and also the rocky path along the waterfall where one has to be extra careful because it was slippery. The scenery along the trek totally awesome. You will enjoying the mesmerising scenery. It more to trekking than hiking.


The lane becomes very rocky. A lot of stones and boulders.


Do not forget to bring your life jacket. Most part of the trail had us on narrow ledges, through boulders and beyond. Fast roaring water below you.


But take note, track to the level 7 is quite challenging and dangerous because it is quite slippery and stony path. Thus, this is the final tier of the waterfall.

When you reached the great waterfall at 7 tier, be careful because the size of the pool are like a size of swimming! It is about 5 feet from the edge and it run deep into 10m depth. When reaching absolutely worth it. I suggest you to put on a life vest to ensure your own safety. The water was so cold and the current also too strong.


The 7th and the final tier


The view is totally magnificient! Berkelah waterfall are very natural settings and beautifully carved out falls. You will impressed with the nature and the surrounding. Totally paradise. Last but not least, it was awesome. Awesome place, awesome people, awesome journey and awesome experience. Trust me, even though you will feel it tiring for the whole journey, you will not regret being there because it is definitely worth it!


The Berkelah trail up was a nice one. It has layers and tiers of falls.


This is how the top fall looks like. Worth the sweat and effort, don’t you think?


Things you need to bring for overnight:

  • Outdoor sandals
  • Light weight clothes
  • Tent/hammock
  • Groundsheet
  • Gas stove and canister
  • Lamp/torch
  • Pots for cooking/mess tin
  • Small shovel
  • Nylon string
  • First aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper/wet tissues
  • Extra clothing
  • Kitchen utensils (fork/spoon)
  • Rain gear
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cap/hat
  • Windbreaker/jacket
  • Lighter
  • Knife
  • Insect repellent
  • Rubber shoes/any suitable shoes
  • Camera/gear
  • Food


Information you need to know about this trek:

You should take care of yourself as there are slightly technical sections at the edge of the fast flowing river. This waterfall are one of the better water treks based in Peninsular Malaysia, so do not worry because it definitely worth your visit. It also awesomely beautiful place for camping with a bunch of people and all nature lover. I can guaranteed you will repeat it again one day. It is impressive with many pools. Even though the treks are tiring, all is forgotten when you reach at the main waterfall. Then, for campsite it just near the river so easily for you to do your things. If you are going for a day trek, do not forget to bring your lunch like sandwiches, nasi lemak or anything that you want to bring. Other than that, to reach the entrance park you will need a 4×4 or lorry because the road are not really good. The most important part, make sure you do not go to this waterfall during rainy seasons. It was very dangerous. Thus, if you see any rubbish along the way, please bring out some when you going down. Let’s preserve the beauty as much as possible. Enjoy the splendour of mother nature. Lastly, no permits are required for hiking in Berkelah Waterfall.

Some activities you can do here such as, abseiling, zipline, rope swing and cliff jumping plus star gazing.




What an adventure for a person with height phobia.




Having a rest after long trekking


I can guaranteed you wanted to stay here more. Complete peace after all.



This is the example how you can slept. It was super cooling at night.



Free and easy time


Leave nothing but your footprint!


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