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January 1, 1970

by Yael Clara Benarroch

Malapascua is a remote island north of Cebu in the heart of the Philippines. it’s a small island that contains a bit of everything. amazing restaurants uncovered beaches and landscapes that would give you a peaceful piece of mind, night bars to have a drink after a long day, and a walk around the houses of this beautiful island, to discover its beautiful people.

The food

the Philippines is not known for its cuisine but Malapascua has some very nice places to offer you.

Bakhaw Kiwi

an amazing family restaurant in the middle of the island. The cook’ Jemma, is an amazing lady who would love to make you whatever you like to eat. You could ask any local person and they would love to take you over there. The special thing about this place is that they make the food from zero. You have to come there 2 hours before you want to eat and order your dishes so they can start making it from the very beginning. This restaurant is one of the reasons I don’t have much more restaurants to recommend. I just couldn’t eat anywhere else.

Villa Sandra restaurant

villa Sandra is a guesthouse designed and inspired by the reggae culture. The owner. Jinjon, would love to sit with you and discuss life and his story of building the place. The guesthouse also runs a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with many kinds of food, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at fair prices. I recommend the banana pancake for breakfast – I promise, you won’t regret it.

Phone: +63 977 130 0642


if you are looking for a decent Italian experience on the island, either you are celebrating a special evening or just in the mood for a treat – Angelina is the place for you. Delicious Italian dishes, kind service and fine wine at fair prices and very nice atmosphere. I recommend the salmon zucchini fettucini, trust me.

Phone: +63 917 865 6217

aside from the restaurants mentioned above, you can find some nice bars just walking along the beach.


Malapascua is known as a paradise for divers, but there is plenty to do there even if you are not a deep sea explorer kind of person.


Malapascua’s main attraction is the shark dives. There are 2 kinds of dives, one is with the treasure sharks and one is with the white tip sharks. There are many diving clubs around the island that can provide you with the equipment and lead you through the dive. The treasure shark dives departures early in the morning, and you get to visit the sharks in their cleaning station. In the white tip shark dive, you look for the shark during the day in their caves while they are resting after a night full of hunting. It is important to mention that none of the dives are dangerous, and you must obey the rules.


Malapascua is blessed with beautiful beaches, and you can go snorkeling around the island. look for all kinds of sea stars in many shapes and colors.

One day trip to kalanggaman

kalanggaman is an inhabited island about 2 hours boat ride from Malapascua. It is unbelievably beautiful. White sands, wild tropical vegetation, blue crystal clear water and cute little crabs around the beach. It is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the Philippines. Do not miss it.

Tour around the island

if you woke up to a rainy morning or you want to do something a bit different, I recommend you to take a walk around the island. See the children playing on the streets, the schools, the local farms, and houses. The people will probably invite you into their houses, and would really enjoy a conversation with you. Get involved.


Malapascua, correctly to an island in the Philippines has beautiful beaches to visit. Try to visit the distant beaches of the island, or even ask the locals to show you their favorite beaches around. They would be happy to drive you there in 20 pesos for a person. The north beach and the white beach are my personal favorites.

The people

as mentioned earlier, the people in the Philippines in general and in Malapascua, in particular, turn out to be kind, helpful and nice. They appreciate you coming to their island and they are very interested in the western culture and habits. They would let you in their house for a coffee on a rainy day or for a cup of coconut water in a sunny one, do not miss the people on the island. They are not less special than the amazing nature that you can find there.


A little bit of history

Malapascua was one of the two island most affected by the strongest typhoon to ever hit land in 2013 (Yolanda). The island was almost completely destructed and until today there are some parts of the island, mostly in the north, where you can see the remains and the damage that was caused by the storm. Most of the material used over there for the building is a natural material, that was the first to fall when the typhoon hit the ground. The second island to be hit by the storm was Tacloban.

Useful information

there is no ATM on the island so make sure to bring enough money with you to the island. In case of need, you can find there a restaurant that also gives money exchanging services. The recommended time to visit the Philippines is from December to April as it is the “dry season”, the “wet season” starts in June. However, even if you arrive during the wet season, it doesn’t mean it will rain all the time, rain usually lasts for a few hours and then the weather typically clears. If you are traveling during the dry season, beware that the prices might be higher than usual.

I hope this article helped you understand a little bit about Malapascua, a beautiful yet to be spoiled island. I recommend you to put it on the destination list for your next travel. There is something magical in that place.

Yael Clara Benarroch

By Yael Clara Benarroch

Hi! My name is Yael, I am 22, live in Israel and I'm addicted to travels. Ever since I can remember, my biggest dream was to travel the world. in my eyes, being rich means having enough money and time to travel and see the miracles our world has to offer. In the past few years, I have been traveling and I am planning to continue with this amazing hobby I have made myself. I hope you find my guides useful.


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