Mainit Hot Spring Malabuyoc Cebu : A Nature’s Sauna

January 1, 1970

by Ivy-javier

Do you want to experience unwinding in a hot sauna?

Unwind under nature’s shade. Go out and explore a relaxing experience of nature.

Welcome to Mainit Hot Spring


Mainit Hot Spring is located to the Southern part of Cebu Province it is situated in Barangay Montaneza, Malabuyoc, Cebu Philippines.

It is a nature escapade that you can reach. Mainit Hot spring is said to be a conjunction that vaporizes from the volcano in the neighboring island of Negros, which is locally known as “Kanlaon Volcano”. There are 3 pools which is cultivated using natural igneous rocks that also help to make the water warm.

In Order To Get There

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Since the Mainit Hot Spring is located in the Southern part of Cebu. You can take a bus from Southbus Terminal which has a sign board of “Bato via Barili”. An estimated three hours and a half trip in going there. And also the bus has a bus top in Barili, Cebu where you can buy additional stuffs there and also you can have breakfast or lunch there. But I can promise you that once you will get there all the long trip and travel will be paid of because of the amazing scene. From the drop of area you can ride a motorcycle or “habal-habal” in getting there in the entrance of the Hot spring.

On Our Way

My friends and I was planning to also spend our summer trip in a very peaceful place, as an escape from the City. And Mainit Hot spring was a perfect place for us. So, in a fine Friday morning, which is our day off. We took a bus from South bus terminal in order to reach our destination.

An estimated 3 hours and a half trip from the City was very worth it. The driver dropped us in the drop-off area where we did see the landmark of the place, a big trap which has a brief introduction of the place. In there, we did take a motorcycle ride, which locally known as “habal-habal”. But since the motorcycle can only carry 2 passengers. We rode two motorcycles, my two friends in the other motorcycle and me in to the other one. We paid 25 each as for fare.

And finally we reached our destination.


Woahh! The place was so quiet and peaceful. Before we could enter there, we need to pay the entrance fee of the environmental fee which is only 20 pesos only. The receptionist gives us a brief overview of the place also, the do’s and don’ts in that place. The receptionist indicated that we must do wear cotton wear and to avoid silicon and printed or colored shirts since there is a tendency that it will fade in the warm water. Also she added that foods and beverages are not allowed inside the hot spring pool. We can only put our bags and foods in the cottages that we can rent for only 200 and tables that range from 50-150 pesos only. So, we decided to rent a cottage so that our things will be secured.

Me and my friends are very excited in taking a bathe in the hot spring. We couldn’t wait so we did put our bags and things immediately and bring our towels, wallets, and cameras with us and put it in a waterproof resealable bag.

The air was so cold you can really fell the ambiance of the nature. That refreshing feeling relaxing underneath the shade of the trees. But, first we must take a bathe with the flowing cold water before we could get in the hot spring.

Woahh! The water was very hot. The receptionist said that the warm water from the hot spring has therapeutic benefits in our bodies.

There are 3 pools that you can enjoy.

  • The first big pool has 40 degree Celsius,
  • the second one has 37 degrees
  • and the last one has 36 degree Celsius.

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Since we couldn’t take the 40 degrees of temperature, we did transfer to the third pool which has only 36 degrees Celsius as temperature that we can take, we did enjoy the pool. The warmth of the water soothes our bodies that just like remove all the negative vibes in our bodies.

It was like relaxing in a sauna. We closed our eyes and fell the relaxation that nature offers there.

After 10 minutes we did get out of the pool since it is not advisable to go beyond 10 minutes. Then we did take pictures and selfies as much as we can. After that, we bathe again in to the pool, again and again to satisfy our crave for relaxation. We met some tourists there, some locals and also folks there.

A Creepy Story About the Place

Some folks said that before Mainit Spring was cultivated, there were some “engkanto “living there, a mythical creatures that is often described as fairies. These creatures are the one who protects the place. They believed that the ”engkanto” will get mad if you are very noisy there, so must keep quiet and keep your voices low. Because if you are too noisy, you can smell a smell of a boiled egg and the hot spring’s waters will boils that indicates that they are mad. And also there is a well in a part there that is where you can really fell that hotness of a volcano, and most of the tourists there believed that you need to drop a coin there as a sign of gratitude to the “engkanto”

A Hidden Paradise There


You might think that Mainit Spring is just a spring there but wait there’s more. If you will just take few more steps you will see a hidden paradise there, which is a waterfalls, its view is very inviting so we did take the risks of climbing the rocks to get there. Once we did reach the first level. It was very fulfilling, we did take a bathe there.

It was just like a natural swimming pool. We swum and it was like a private pool since it is cultivated well and just a small pool it is but it Mainit is good. I can see the rays of the sun striking through which is just like a light descended from the heaven. We did finally take pictures about the place; the place is enough to satisfy us.

After a total of 3 hours in taking a bathe in the hot spring and in the waterfalls, we did finally decided to go home. Biding good bye to the place isn’t the end because I will definitely go back there again.

Sometimes, a summer escapade is usually in a remote and peaceful location away from the city, but I can say is that if all the spots are as beautiful as that place, I will definitely go beyond to explore them.



By Ivy-javier

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