Mactan Newtown Lapu-lapu City: A Package Condominium for All

January 1, 1970

by Em-jill

A Package Mactan Newtown Condominium

Looking for a new place to enjoy your tiring weekend with your friends, family or loved ones? The Mactan Newtown Condominium will be a perfect fit for you to relax and enjoy your weekend getaway.


Mactan Newtown is located in Mactan Circumferential Road, Lapu-Lapu City 6015 Cebu Philippines

The Place

Mactan Newtown has a similar view of I.t Park in Lahug, Cebu. It has a lot of towering buildings, offices, and organized structures. The difference is that. When you go up in the condominium. You can see the sea view and you can relax with the sweet feeling of serenity. No noisy jeepneys, Fresh Air and it feels like a home away from home. Mactan Newtown Condominium has also a lot of amenities to offer. It has an Olympic size swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, massage area, sauna, and fully air-conditioned rooms.

How to get there:

  • By jeepney
    If you are from Cebu City. In downtown, you can ride a jeepney in Elizabeth mall or known as e-mall. O1K jeepney can bring you to Park mall from Elizabeth mall. From Park mall. You can ride a jeepney going to TAMIYA in Mactan. You can ask the conductor, the drivers or the person in-charge of the terminal. From TAMIYA. You can ride a tricycle going directly to Mactan Newtown. You can also ask the person in-charge of the terminal for assistance.
  • By ferry
    If you are in downtown Cebu. You can ride O1C jeepney and inform the driver that your destination will be going to Pier 3. Pier 3 is the docking point of ferry boats from Cebu to Mactan or Mactan to Cebu. The dropping point of the jeepney is a meter away from the ferry terminal. Once you arrived at Pier 3. Go directly to the ferry terminal going to Mactan. Pay your ticket fee and wait for your turn to ride the ferry boat. It will take fifteen to thirty minutes of travel time from Cebu port to Mactan port. Once you arrived in Mactan. You can ride a tricycle or jeepney going directly to The Mactan Newtown. You also ask the person in charge of the terminal to assist you in riding the correct public transportation going to The Mactan Newtown.
  • By taxi
    Riding a taxi is a lot more comfortable than riding a jeepney or a ferry. In using a taxi by means of transportation in going to Mactan Newtown. You can just simply tell the taxi driver to bring you to the Mactan Newtown and give the address. If the taxi driver is not familiar with the place. You can tell the driver that it is near Mactan Shrine. Along the way in going to Mactan Shrine. The Mactan Newtown is easy to be located.
  • By your own car or private car
    If you are from Cebu City. You just need to pass the Mandaue North Reclamation road. After passing the north reclamation road. You need to pass the old bridge of Mactan. Going straight to Gaisano Grandmall and turn left at the intersection going to Maribago. Just go straight and follow the road. You will just see the Mactan Newtown in a few kilometers.

No condo, No worry

In going there, I don’t have a condo unit. Neither my friends. But we were still able to enjoy the fun and excitement of Mactan Newtown Condominium. We contacted online through Facebook an owner of a one studio unit. We rented a studio unit for only four thousand five hundred a day. It includes pool, Jacuzzi, gym, balcony, queen-size bed with extra beds, dual split type aircon. Comfort room with shower and bath tub, living room, 32 inches L.E.D TV with DVD player plus cable and Wi-Fi ready, Speakers, Telephone with LCD touchscreen, dining area, kitchen with refrigerator, electrical stove, microwave, and rice cooker. Having all that benefits for a four thousand five-hundred room is worthy enough to enjoy and relax.

Using the amenities


The swimming pool can be used from 8:00 am – 10:00am. After using the pool we went to the gym and tried a short exercise. After that, we went to the Sauna Area. It’s all for free and No hassle. As long as you paid the rent of the studio unit. Customers can also enjoy watching T.V or surfing the net since their rooms are equipped with cable and Wi-Fi ready. If someone of the group wants to smoke. You need to smoke outside the room or on the balcony because the rooms are equipped with the smoke alarm. Once the alarm will detect the smoke. Every room will be sounded by an alarm that will result in the need to evacuate the building. Guests who want to smoke shall be responsible enough and smoke only in the designated area.

Safety and Security

The building is equipped with twenty-four hours C.C.T.V camera system with smoke and fire alarm and twenty-four hours customer assistance. Staying in Mactan Newtown Condominium has nothing to worry about.

Other Access

Outside Mactan Newtown Condominium. It has fast-food chains, barbecue stores, convenient stores and a restaurant nearby. Within few meters, department stores are also accessible. No worries if you want to buy snacks or food in the middle of the night. Aside from that. You can also take a short walk in going to Mactan Shrine or any nearby place you want to visit.

Parking Area

You can park your vehicle in the designated parking space for Mactan Newtown Condominium for free.

My Views

My friends and I enjoyed a lot in our stay in the Mactan Newtown Condominium . Passing their hallway. Every worker greets us with a smile. No reason for you to feel sad. You don’t need to travel far away that will cost you a lot of expenses and time. In Mactan Newtown, you will surely experience one of the best stays in Cebu. Try to visit the place and stay for a one night or more. You can also take pictures and videos for Remembrance. As an English Proverb once said, “we only live once”. What are you waiting for? Visit the Mactan Newtown Condominium and enjoy!


By Em-jill

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