Mabolo Cebu City : Go-Karting Adventure at Your Reach

January 1, 1970

by Troy

Go-Karting Adventure


Bored with the usually summer activity like going to the beach, trekking, mountain climbing? Well, this is your chance to indulge yourself to a more extreme adventure with your friends or family. A fun-filled activity which will surely unleash your racer instincts. I suggest that you go there by groups, because it would be more fun if you compete with them. It’s somehow challenging and absolutely full of enjoyment. Gather your troops and try-on this exciting and challenging activity that will boost your strength and ability.


               Kartzone is located at F. Cabahug Mabolo, Cebu City in the Philippines. 03A Jeepneys will pass over this place. Just stop at the Jollibee or Burger King because just behind these Food Chains is the Kartzone already.


It is one of the trendiest sports nowadays. Go-kart which basically a four-wheeled vehicle which usually use and seen on Go-Kart Racing. The concept is just like racing in which everyone can try without being a professional go-kart racer.  However, the word “everyone” does not apply to all ages. Health condition and capacity to drive should also be considered.

  • There will be an orientation first before the actual go-karting event, in which they will show to you the dos and don’ts in a Go-Karting Event.
  • Just be sure to listen attentively to orientation, you might be needing it once you are already in the race.
  • Kartzone is also equipped with precautionary measures, so you don’t have to worry much.
  • There are lots of stuffs there who will watch over you during the race. They are responsible for your karting activity and so please listen to them attentively if there are any reminders that are given by them. But of course, your safety lies at your own hands, they are just there to guide you. So better be careful for you to enjoy the race.
  • If your problem is you haven’t even tried driving a car, and you might not be able to drive well during the race. Well, I have a tip for you. I have already gone to go-karting for the second time. And believe me, I don’t know either how to drive a car or even a motorcycle.

The Go-Kart has only two pedals, the break and the gas pedal. So your feet just really fit for that, you only have to control these two and steering wheel which allows you not to bump on undesired area.


(1.) Never step on the brakes and the gas simultaneously as it will cause the machine not to function well.

(2.) During curve areas, try not to step on the breaks with large force.

(3.) For first timers, do not hurry up, just memorize the road first and befriend your go-kart. As per experience, your go-kart may vary from other go-kart.         Just take it slow to avoid any accidents.

(4.) Don’t over speed or else you will be raised with a flag or worst you might be engaged in an accident.

(5.) And the lastly the most important thing is enjoy and don’t be pressured.


Weekdays and weekend rates also differs. During weekdays, the rate is about 300 plus while on weekends, the rate is about 400 plus that is good for 9 laps. You also have an option to just pick one go-kart and be the side seater or the driver, meaning for one go kart, there will be two persons. The rate for that is also different. Kartzone Cebu’s Go-Karting hours is from 9:00 a.m to 8 p.m Mondays to Saturdays during regular days. And during summer, Karting hours is extend until 11:00 pm. You may request for an exclusive use of the place or go-karting for a given time. Just inform the management ahead of time. They also provide head mask and helmets, other than that you must provide your own. Head mask cost Php25 per person while helmets are used for free since it is very essential for racing. If you happen to be hungry after the race, there are also foods that are available for you to buy within the premises of the Kart zone. Or if you wish to buy from any food chains near the place, you can just bring it there without any corkage fee. If you really wants to have a heavy meal after the race, just near the Kartzone, across Shakeys, there is an eat all you can buffet meal at Tongs for only Php269 per person, you can already enjoy the mouthwatering and delicious foods on the table as long as you want.


Since they only provide head mask and helmet for your gears. It is much advisable to bring your own attire and body protection especially under the scorching heat of the sun which may damage your skin. Especially during summer time, it is really hot during those season. So better be ready and pack up all the necessary gears that you should wear during the race. Also consider the comfortability of your chosen gears so that it will not affect your race performance.

Every once in a while we must take a break from our daily routine and try out different things. At some point, our daily task may get boring which you might need14705715_1128692270553161_4292279761848393715_n to pause for a while and relax, hang-out with friends, or bonding with your love ones. Going out from our comfort zone gives more excitement to our lives and lets us broaden our horizon. For there are things that you thought you cannot do, but it turns out that you are able to handle it. It is such a great satisfaction and fulfillment as an individual. Every activity is fun and enjoyable as you long as there is moderation. We only live once, thus, we must be very extra careful to it and don’t take it for granted. But before that, planning should be done and properly to ensure that the activity will be a successful one.









By Troy

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