Maastricht: How to get there from Amsterdam, where to stay with comfort, what to enjoy

January 1, 1970

by Sheren

If you go to Maastricht through Amsterdam  in the Netherlands what is the best way to travel?

I would recommend you the easiest one : after arriving to the Netherlands: Shiphol take a train, right from the Airport which will lead you directly to the beautiful place called Maastricht(one of the most interesting places in the Netherlands). It will take you only barely 2 hours, will cost 25,60 Euro and will set you in a comfortable fast train where you can enjoy all beauties of Holland fields and nature. What you really need to know is that you will have one change on the way and let it not frighten you. Your stop is in Utrecht, Utrecht Central, where you change the train at the same platform, just changing its side. So after Urtrecht you move fast, smoothly and with great pleasure.


The Maastricht central train station is the very heart of the town.

You step from the train and find yourself in a very cozy , beautifully constructed place with original loft buildings, unique atmosphere and very friendly  stylish people around. I guess all people in the Netherlands are very attractive!

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The town is very simple, you will not ever get lost here unless you wish to. As I’ve already mentioned the central train station is the very heart of town making several main streets starting their way from it. You may take each of them and finally there is a great chance that these roads will cross in a while and you will be able to switch the street to range with the road you have started from and be where you need to be in the long run without getting lost.

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What you really need to know about the Neterlands: Maastricht is that it is extremely friendly in terms of offering you where to stay.

I have never happened to see such a generous choice of hotels, motels and one-night apartments in the very center of the town as I’ve seen in Maastricht. The most fascinating fact about them is that you will have difficulties choosing the one which suits you best in case you are not in great distress for money and may afford to pick the one you wish, because the vast majority of them represented at the central streets of Maastricht (minimum 2 and maximum 10 minutes walk from the Maastricht Central Station) are really unusually stylish, comfortable, homelike and very affordable in price.

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The one I would recommend for sure is the Townhouse Design Hotel where I stayed for one night while travelling which went for 50 Euro per night (without breakfast which by the way worth paying for because it is served with fascinating food, fresh fruits and vegetables, aromatic coffee, sparkling and fragrant champagne, extravagant cheese, gourmet sausages and gentle bread).  The hotel is located only 2 minutes walk from the station. Once you have found it on the Google map you will never get lost: just come out of the station, then turn right and walk along the street unless face a not striking sign with the name of the hotel at the corner of Sint Maartenslaan and Paralellweg.

You will unlikely miss the fancy wooden door at the unique loft building made of dark chocolate bricks and the stained glass windows from floor to ceiling with stylish design furniture inside. That is the Townhouse Design Hotel!  Good news is that if you weren’t on time to book the room in advance – you will most probably be able to do it right at the check-in desk. The hotel is in demand but always has empty rooms (most likely just because the competition in the town is so strong). All rooms are with its unique style, soft bed, spacious bathroom and a chamber view from the windows. I know I may sound too over weighted but the hotel is really worthy and you will want to come back here again if you visit Maastricht not once.

If you want to dine or have a launch with good wine, toasts, salmon, shrimps and sheer fresh salad and vegetables you will not search for long.

I will not advertise any specific place as I have visited several of them and each has offered me an extremely valuable menu varieties with all kinds of European delicacies served in a most stylish manner. An average bill without wine or champagne would account for not less than 35-40 Euro. Taking into account the serves are really big you may be satisfied with just a Greek salad or a Cesar which most probably will go with anchovies or fried tomatoes. A glass of red wine will cost you approximately 4,50 Euro and it will be good.

I recommend you all kinds of light Dutch beer (don’t know about the dark brands). And keep in mind that all public places in the Netehrlands: Maastricht are really very clean. You will not find an expensive bar or a restaurant with a polluted toiled bowl (like I have managed to see in the very heart of Lisbon). The town is extremely neat, tidied up, cared, almost perfumed. You may rest in a very modest pub with a glass of beer watching a football match and pay 2 Euro for the whole content, and I bet you will get the best quality, comfort and friendly professional approach.

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I didn’t mention any disadvantages of the town neither I have found any of them.

I would recommend any of you to find at least 3-4 days to drop by Maastricht while being in the Netherlands. It’s not like Amsterdam, you will not find that fabulous variety of everything – cultures, styles, people, architecture, fashion. Maastricht is much more reserved and makes it. But you will find the very unique identity of the place with its chamber streets, expensive lofts, friendly churches, comfortable hotels, beautiful parks and walking zones, expensive boutiques, hundreds thousands of bicycles all around, attractive people (Dutch are really mostly very good-looking – both man and woman) and warmly welcoming restaurants. I would advise you to go to Maastricht on purpose (alone or with a company – doesn’t matter)  but not with drive-by visit. The place has its peculiar character and a very idiosyncratic style  – you will never confuse it with some other place in Europe.


By Sheren

I am an analyst working in real estate. I adore travelling and sharing my experience with other people. That is why I am here and am hoping you have something to share with me also.


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