Lx Factory: The Spot You Shouldn't Miss in Lisbon

From the first day until the day I left, I fell in love with the city. From amazing nightlife to walking tours near street arts, all kind of museums to infinite beaches, every part of the city gives you joy. Besides being the capital of Portugal, the cost of living is low and living standards are high for those who love living active, doing outdoor sports, especially surfing, hiking or playing beach volleyball.

Lisbon, The City Of Arts

One of the musts; listening to Fado music. Fado is the musical expression of Lisbon and Portugal. The word “Fado” comes from “fatum” in Latin, which means destiny. This music genre was associated with the dictatorship of Salazar but nowadays it is encompassing melancholia, longing, and nostalgia. You will be hearing lots of reproof about love. But if you catch up with the second style of Fado, you will be singing as a choir, clapping your hands all night in the restaurant with the others! Best attractions of Lisbon are, Praça do Comercio, Rossio Square, Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, the monument of discoveries and the list continues with beautiful streets, beaches… Besides them, there are some local places that probably most of the tourists don’t aware of, that helps you to capture the spirit of the city. Feel more like a local, live more like a local and take all what city of dreams gives you. ”By day Lisbon has a naive theatrical quality that enchants and captivates, but by night it is a fairy-tale city, descending over lighted terraces to the sea, like a woman in festive garments going down to meet her dark lover.”  Erich Maria Remarque, The Night in Lisbon It’s been a while that I come back home from Lisbon/Portugal. That place, I will tell you about, will be missed so much. I promise it will be your favorite place to drink your daytime coffee, spend your Friday nights with amazing cocktails or just spend your weekend in the view of the Targus River.

Lx Factory

Lx Factory is in the Alcantara district. It is, was, not one of the touristic places in Lisbon. Shortly it is unlikely to show up if you search for ”Where to go in Lisbon for 3 days?”. So take notes and put it on your bucket list for sure! It opened in 1846 and was considered a significant company in Lisbon’s industrialization. I recognized, how interesting what different countries can do with areas that were likely old industrial warehouses, areas. In this case, it was turned into a cool bookstore, a bunch of hipstery coffeehouses, bars… On Sundays, there is an open shop,( a marketplace) that sells a bunch of products; jewelry to clothes, kitchen decorations to glasses. Mostly these products are cheap and well designed so try to catch it in the Sunday afternoon! When you step in Lx Factory, you will feel that the atmosphere is completely different. You will, most likely, hear the sweet melody of Jazz music. After that, your eyes will catch up concept stores. It is hard to stop yourself from getting inside all of them, one by one. Of course, you will have a chance to see some of that famous street art, graffiti and inspirational quotes all over the walls. If you love to join workshops, you can learn cooking, martial arts, drawing or any kind of activity in Lx Factory. Don’t forget to check the schedule and find the most suitable plan for you. There is a range of place to eat/drink. From a sushi restaurant to cupcake factory.

Rio Maravilha

Rooftop bar, coffee shop, a restaurant with an amazing view. What else can you ask for? Good music, delicious cocktails, and vintage themed atmosphere? Yes! Those are included too! Walk all the way to the left when you step in Lx Factory, and you will see a blue sign for Rio Maravilha. Take the vintage elevator and go to the 6th floor. Don’t forget if you prefer the stairs, on all floors you can discover different shops, sculptures, and even an escape room. So if you have time to spend in Lisbon just work that legs a bit!

What to eat and drink in Rio Maravilha?

Delicious Foods in Rio Maravilha

Portugal is known for its fishes. Bacalhau, codfish, also known as Morino and sardines are the most famous ones. The important thing is to try these in a good restaurant in order to feel the Delicious, well served and fast service are the keywords I can use when I am talking about the foods in Rio Maravilha. These three keywords cause them to be above average in price but trust me, definitely worth the money you give. I suggest all type of foods on the menu but steak would be a good choice. In order to inform you more, I will write down some of my favorites and their prices. But generally (average à la carte price based on a two-course meal excluding drinks is €30. Don’t forget to try:
  • Codfish with olive oil powder (€17.90)
  • Veal roast beef, fermented Chinese cabbage, and dehydrated radishes (€15.60)
  • Braised squids, couscous with mushrooms, pickled beets and tomato vinegar (€15.60) 

Freshen Yourself Up With The Drinks

Treat yourself with red vines, delicious cocktails or well-made coffees. Imagine yourself holding your drink towards Tagus River, watching sailing boats and sunbathing while laying down a bench…
  • Half bottle of mineral water (€1.5)
  • Coffee (€2.5)
  • Cocktails (Approximately €15)
Through the huge windows, the view of the 25th April Bridge and the Tagus River is charming.  The tables, which are looking like board games of the Majora, the chairs covered with colorful patterns you will be mesmerized. Characteristics of the place reflect not only Lisbon but also Rio de Janeiro. Even in the bathroom, the choice of furniture surprises me every time I go there. There is a tub in the middle of the entrance that people wash their hands, or you can see outside of the toilet while you were inside there(don’t worry they can’t see you).   Just empty one of your afternoons. You will not regret the time you spend in Rio Maravilha!      

Seren Dalgıç

Industrial design student in Izmir, Turkey Creating and sharing is my biggest passion! It can be a small photo I captured of an attraction or even a cover I did for my favorite song. What do I do in my free times? Travelling around the world and explore the hidden gems of the cities I visit. I like criticising the artworks and understanding art in it’s historical context.