Loving and living: Noosa Heads

Who thought you could fall in love with a place that fast? I didn't. My first three months in Queensland, Australia were my best months so far. How I fell in love with one place, unbelievable. I'm taking you with me.

Keep on going

Looking for jobs on the internet was never that hard. I kept looking, and looking. Farm jobs, au pairing, I didn't want to be that seriIMG_3497ous yet. I've only just arrived. No way! First I want to meet people, see places and enjoy the little things in life. I found the phrase ''working for accommodation''. I started looking for jobs around Noosa, because I knew I'd love that place. I've only been there once, but I just knew it. Sometimes you just know it, you know? And it was the right thing to do. To follow my gut. Sending resumes, calling, e-mailing. I did everything, just to get a job. That's how desperate I was. But everything turned out the way it had to turn out. I have been applying for jobs for a couple weeks now, and I didn't receive any call or e-mail back. So, you can understand I was pretty disappointed. Until the day that one hostel reached out to me. Nomads Noosa. They saved my desperate little life. I got an e-mail from the manager, and he asked me to come over the next day. Me, with my happy face, drove there and asked for the manager. Turned out I was already talking to him. He looked cool, talked cool and acted cool. ''This is my kind of place'' were my thoughts. The manager and I had a conversation, about what I was going to do and when I could start. I told him I was living up the Sunshine Coast with my family at the moment, and couldn't wait to pack my bags and go somewhere else. I was in need of some action. So, the manager told me I could better go and pack my bags now, because there was a whole new adventure waiting for me. So, after a 40 minute drive to Noosa and a 20 minute talk with the manager, I got the job and I drove back to my family to pack my bags. This thought me to never give up, eventhough it looks like an endless road with no destination. Somehow everything will fall in place, and you'll find what you've been looking for. In my case it were adventures and happiness.

A new day, a new beginning

The moment I drove off from Nomads, I was so excited and happy. I couldn't wait to get back again with my bags packed and to find out where I would be staying, and especially with who. When I got back to my family's house, I packed my bags, said good bye and left. Drove down to my new home; Noosa Heads. Where my dreams came true. After 40 minutes of driving again, I arrived. The manager brought me to my room. I was so excited to meet my roommates. The room that I was staying in was Room 11. One of the staff rooms. It was quite messy, but I didn't care. There were 9 other people in my room. All of them were English, and turns out I love English people. I felt lucky! Everyone was really nice, and I picked my bed. Unfortunately a top bunk. But that's okay. I had somewhere to stay with nice people in a nice place. As soon as I unpacked my bags I went to get something to eat, because it was already evening. I went to the bar of the hostel, KB's Noosa. Got myself something good to eat and a beer; I had to celebrate this! Eventhough I was alone, I enjoyed myself. Sometimes it's just nice to be alone. Comfortable. A little bit time to myself. I think I got drunk that night, and didn't go to bed that late, as I started having some drinks pretty early (around 6-ish). But I was happy. And that's what counts for me. My roommates were awesome, the rest of my colleagues were awesome, the hostel was awesome, Noosa was awesome, everything was awesome. I couldn't wait to start my first day of work at this perfect place.

Falling in love never felt this good

As the days passed by and I've already worked here for a week, I came to the conclusion that this was the place where I wanted to be. The atmosphere, the people, the weather, the beaches. Just everything made me fall in love even more with this place every single day. And I never knew love could feel this good. I fell in love with people, I fell in love with my roommates, I fell in love with mornings, I fell in love with nights, I fell in love with everything. Living and loving in Noosa, that is the perfect description. Because I was really living and loving in Noosa. My colleagues became my little family, in our little bubble of love. And I didn't want it to end. My heart actually broke everytime someone was leaving. But I was gutted when I had to leave myself. This was my home, with my family, with my beloved ones. In such a short time I became so close to those people, and in such short time I lost my heart to a magical place. Where magic happened every day and every night, where the stars shin every night even brighter than the other night, where I wanted to stay and where I wanted to live. Life kept getting better, and nothing could stop me.
Leaving mIMG_3317y heart behind
I've been in Noosa for a little over a month, and it was just way too short for me. I'm still missing it, and the beautiful people I met. But the day I left was also the day that I finally could pick up my best friend from Brisbane Airport to celebrate life with him for 2,5 weeks. The day before I left I felt so many things at the same time. I didn't want to leave. And deep in my heart I knew I'd come back to this place. The place where my inner rainbow came out. I had some crazy, deep conversations with one of my roommates, and I'll never forget about her. I've had some crazy nights with my other roommates. We cried, we laughed, we talked, we drank, we smoked, we did everything together. And it really was the best time ever. No wonder why people are so super relaxed over there. Can't wait to get back there.     What to do in Noosa?
  • Stay at Nomads Noosa
  • Do the Coastal Walk, visit the beautiful beaches
  • Rent a kayak and go kayaking at the Noosa River or do the Everglades(!)
  • Get drunk at KB's Noosa on Monday (it's Mad Monday every Monday)
  • Have one of the best burgers ever at Betty's Burgers
  • Take some time off and order a cocktail at Village Bicycle (hot bartenders)
  • Watch the sunset at the beautiful beach of Noosa
  • Go to the Laguna Look Out


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