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Things to do in Perth

Perth, the largest city in Western Australia. A place where no rush but to relax, to be distressed and not get hassled. People have been asking the same question “why did you choose to go Perth instead of other cities in Australia?” Well, I have no idea but I love traveling and explore every new place in the world. Let's start exploring the Perth City.

Blue Boat House

A blue boatshed house sits on the Swan River has become an icon for Perth. First thing comes to mind when you see the Blue Boat House, that's right, it's Perth. This is a famous tourist spot that attracts tourists for photo taking or to take Instagram-worthy photos. It's not easy to pick a right time for not bumping into other tourists as there is always a queue for photo taking. Other than that, you may jog or cycle along the Swan River and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening.

Elizabeth Quay

It is named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and it is located in the central business district. There are river cruises if you want to visit Fremantle and Rottnest Island. Bring your child to go on a Merry-Go-Round ride. Dine in with your loved ones at riverside dining. Enjoy the view and relax. Elizabeth Quay Bridge lit up at night, it looks great and beautiful with the color changing.

The Bell Tower

A tower with historic 14th-century bells. The glass modern design makes it elegant. Admire the exquisite tower or enjoy the Swan River and the beautiful scenery from the viewing platform of the Bell Tower. Don't miss out the bell chimes demonstration! Check out the schedule on their website. Besides, the bell rings on every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday from 12 pm to 1 pm.

Kings Park

Large and beautiful inner city parks with different activities offered. Explore the breathtaking Botanic Garden. Series of walking trail through the bushland where you can admire the remarkable flora or wildflowers. Look at the city skyline during the day or traffic and city lights at night, you will not forget the magnificent view. Besides walking around enjoying the scenery, why not choose a spot on the big field, sit down and relax. It's a great place for a picnic with friends and family. My friends and I bought a bottle of red wine, food, and some snacks to enjoy the breezy weather while enjoying the night view.

Caversham Wildlife Park

A must-go wildlife park if you are an animal lover. Take a selfie with kangaroos and koalas at zero distance! There are things that you don't want to be missed such as kangaroo feeding. Moreover, check the showtimes for 'meet the wombat and friends', 'meet the koalas' and 'farm shows'. Each show takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You'll be amazed by the shows and seeing various cute animals that are native to Australia. I was pretty upset that I couldn't carry the koala bear as they might not feel comfortable having different people carrying them but we do have a chance to take a close-up picture with the koalas. To see most of the animals, it's advisable to spend at least 3  to 4 hours in the Caversham Wildlife Park. Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated! Also, choose the right time to see your favorite animals, hot weather makes the animals lazy and you might not get to see them while they are hiding in their comfortable shelter.

St Mary's Cathedral

It is located in East Perth at the center of Victoria Square. The architectural design of the church is majestic. Stunning looking from far. You may enter during the mass time. I was in a rush on that day and didn't have a chance to visit and have a look at the interior of the church. Other than that, It's pretty convenient if you would like to go shopping or dine in at any restaurants after the visit, you can easily walk to the shopping heaven such as Murray/Hay/King street or London Court.

Murray/Hay/ Kings street

Yes. Shopping streets. Walk around if you're looking for branded clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, secondhand bookstores, restaurants and much more. You will find brands like Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co. etc over here. You might want to shop at Hay Street Mall too, there are great restaurants and shops. You might end up spending few hours.

London Court

A classical open-roofed retailed walkway, located between Hay Street Mall and St George's. You can find fashion, cafe, jewelry, arts, and crafts here. The unique architectural style has attracted many local and international visitors. It's an interesting place to visit as the design of the building is what most people enjoy seeing.  So much love for this shopping arcade. Be there early! Shop closed at around 5.30 to 6 pm. If you have a sweet tooth and interested in trying The Honey Cake, head over to St Georges Terrace & Barrack St, it's just about 5-10 minutes walk. It comes in two flavors, chocolate and original, both are delicious! Taste the honey on every layer of the cake. Every bite was scrumptious. This is the best cake I've ever had.

Adventure World

There are two sections, the wet and dry park in Adventure World. It's recommended to bring your swimwear along in case if you need it for those who have not planned for the wet park.  This is because there are not many rides for the dry park, four adult rides, and a few kid rides and you might get bored of it. So why not go for both if you want to enjoy to the fullest. The roller coaster ride, Abyss, was really fun and I have gone for three times in a row. Other than that, you will get to experience the Aussie wildlife, learn more about the native animals! Catch the keeper show and meet the kangaroos, dingoes, Emu, wombat, and koalas. No worries if you're feeling hungry, indulge yourself in a range of food and beverage. Overall, it's a great day out for young kids.    

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