Los Cóbanos, the reef Beach in El Salvador.

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, identified for its abundant natural areas, the beautiful sceneries, impressive volcanoes, enchanting lakes, and singular beaches. Certainly one of the most unique is Los Cóbanos Beach in the Sonsonate department of El Salvador. The particularity of this beach, firstly, it’s the stunning golden sand that distinguishes it, which is not common in other beaches. However, the most prominent feature is the shore, a rocky reef, the most extensive in the North Pacific by the way. For that reason, this ecosystem, that has significant biodiversity of corals, invertebrate animals, and fish, it has been considered a protected area. So let me tell you if you are Salvadoran and haven’t visited this beach yet, or if you are a foreigner and want to know one of the beauties of our country don’t wait any longer! Los Cóbanos beach awaits you to consent and make you forget the stress that daily routine can cause. It is a great experience that you will enjoy and you will not regret.  

Sunset view from Los Cóbanos Beach.

Sunset view from Los Cóbanos Beach.


How do I get to Los Cóbanos Beach?

Los Cóbanos beach its located in the department of Sonsonate. Once you reach out to downtown at Sonsonate City, you should continue in the direction of Acajutla, passing by the Kilometro 5 detour. Approximately 3km ahead you will find the deviation to Los Cóbanos beach.  

How to have fun in Los Cóbanos?

There is a bunch of activities that you can practice. Of course, is worth mentioning, in this area the abuse of animals, beach or reefs is not allowed. You need to remember always to be respectful of nature. If you are like me who likes to relax and enjoy a quiet place, then this will be one of your favorite beaches! Considering that you can not only do the typical things that you can do in most beaches such as: making sandcastles, sunbathing and then show off your body with a tan of envy, take a refreshing bath, that in fact, is highly recommended on this beach, because the water always stays naturally at a tropical temperature that will make you not want to leave. Likewise, it has a family environment where you can easily enjoy with your family the different activities you can do on this beach. For example, you can talk to local fishermen and they will offer you a boat tour so you can see this amazing place closely. Also, you can ask them to take you on a snorkeling tour of the reef and see with your own eyes all the wonders hidden under the sea. Or even they can even take you fishing if you want.  

Time to Dive!

Another attribute about this amazing beach that cannot be left unmentioned is that, due to its formation, has the perfect conditions for diving. In this area, you can see the coral formations, also ships sunk for 120 years. The diving lasts around 4 to 5 hours, going up to 10 kilometers in the sea, and with dives up to 30 meters deep. As a result, you can enjoy and appreciate in more detail all the wonders that this beach hides under the sea. Some tour operators offer their packages in the summer season. As for the prices, they vary according to each person with whom you negotiate.  

Whale Season!

One of the most popular highlights of Los Cóbanos beach has chances among November to March when the cetacean sighting season begins. Humpback whales are famous in this area because during a season they tend to approach this beach. They come looking for a place where they can rest and mate. Therefore, if you visit this beach during that season, according to experts, you have a 90% chance of watching the whales! You could see how they make their incredible jumps over the sea, singing among themselves and playing with their young.  

We can not leave out the food!

Cause we need to have extra energy in our bodies to be empowered to explore all the enjoyable experiences that this beach offer to us. We need to talk about food! Los Cóbanos beach offers a diversity of restaurants with a variety of delicious foods everywhere. Besides a full stomach makes for a happy heart. Above all, their specialty is seafood. Is always exquisite, freshly cooked and they always use the best ingredients so you can enjoy each bite of your food more than the previous. Some of the main local specialties you can try: shrimps or fish cocktails, fried fish, seafood soup, just to name a few. In additional you can drink any kind of drinks like soda, or coconut water, national and international beers, or a fruit drink.   Closer view of Los Cóbanos Beach.

Closer view of Los Cóbanos Beach.


What about the afternoon in Los Cóbanos?

I think that one of the best moments to visit Los Cóbanos beach is during the afternoon. When you can see one of nature shows that is the sunset. Even if you arrive from the morning, you cannot miss that magical moment in this beautiful beach. Accompanied by your friends, family, or the person you love, either from the sea or from the shore. But it is definitely a really spectacular moment that you should not miss during your visit to this beach in Sonsonate, El Salvador. Like most beaches, this beach also has a lighthouse at one of the highest points. From there you can enjoy the full view of Los Cóbanos. In this place, you can share an indescribable moment with a special person. It will be a truly memorable moment. Every time I go there, I like being able to see the full view. Look at the stars in the night from Los Cóbanos beach! Here you can find several hostels that offer a comfortable environment. They also have personalized tours in case you want to live some of the experiences previously mentioned. As for prices, are depending on the season. But you can be sure that the staff will always be very friendly and helpful and will make you feel better than if you were at home.

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