Local Bazaars of Jaipur

Think of Rajasthan and its extravagant beauty immediately flashes in the mind. Rajasthan, a northern state of India is well known for its scenic beauty, scrumptious food, delectable delicacies and beautiful monuments; and the place where one could find all of them is Jaipur- the capital of the state. Popularly known as the “Pink City”, it is the largest city of Rajasthan. While the traditional culture and remarkable history of Jaipur entice the tourists, its bazaars are the essence and something that tourists can't resist visiting. From luxurious restaurants to street food and from local stores to branded malls, Jaipur markets have them all. But, there is one particular part of the city which is famous for its traditional food, jewelry, handicrafts and clothes and has many bazaars with different names located adjacent to each other. The buildings are all pink and that is how Jaipur got its another name- Pink City. The pink architecture all around is a treat to watch. With the shops lined up one after the other, the market looks all decked up. It seems like a never- ending festival. The streets, being narrow, always remain jam packed with traffic and so it is better to walk rather than driving your own vehicle and get stuck in the traffic. There are electric rickshaws as well. I went around the market and did not even cover one fourth of it, and I was so worn out that I had to take a rickshaw. So, if you are planning to visit, be prepared to walk a long distance. Since it is spread over a huge area, you need to save at least two to three days to cover it extensively. Also, if you are a complete stranger, it is better if you carry a map along as one is likely to get lost in these streets that appear quite similar. DSC08055                  DSC08011                        DSC08060 Have a look at what Jaipur has in its markets-

(1) Jewelry

DSC08023                  DSC08022                          DSC08012 One of the bazaars named Johari Bazaar is famous for its jewelry. The word ' Johari' itself means jewelry. There are around twenty to thirty shops in that area having very intricate and immaculate designs. While the markets are flooded with the artificial bangles and necklaces, there are two types of jewelry that are very prominent in Jaipur. First is the Kundan jewelry with Meenakari work. It has different colored gemstones embedded in it. The second one is the Lakh jewelry. Unlike Kundan work, Lakh jewelry is made up of glass pieces and precious stones. If you want to purchase jewelry, Johari bazaar is the place for you.

(2) Food

DSC08062                           DSC08067                                         DSC08063 Paani Puri If you get exhausted roaming around, do not worry because these markets take care of your appetite as well. There are various shops offering you mouth watering dishes- the most popular being the LMB restaurant in Johari Bazaar. While you can have a full fledged meal, there are some delicious sweets it is famous for- like Ghevar and Fini. I also went there and had some amazing dishes. But, it would be useless coming to Jaipur markets if you would not have street food. I would say, street food of Jaipur is much more palatable than the food of lavish restaurants. Mostly, you will find it in Bapu Bazaar which is very near to Johari Bazaar. Popular among street food is Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji and Sandwiches. You really need to make your way through huge crowd if you want to have them.

(3) Hand made and Craft Items

Handicrafts reflects the time-honoured and cultural heritage of Jaipur. Handicrafts of different designs, patterns and colors are fashionable and has a touch of traditional culture of Rajasthan also. This is the main reason why people from all over the country as well as from different countries flock to this place. You can find them in shops everywhere in the market. While there are handmade bags and mojaris which can give you a classic look, there are home decor artifacts and craft pieces that can instantly add a tinge of ethnicity to your home. Among the handicrafts, puppets are very popular. Handmade items are not limited to just home decor and fashion accessories. There are Razai (blankets) of Jaipuri print which are well-known. The best part is you will get all of this at reasonable prices. Bargaining is like a tradition here. DSC08004                                         DSC08025 DSC08019  DSC08031DSC08049  

(4) Vibrant Indian Dresses

Sarees, suits and lehengas are the spirit of India. These Indian attires make India a unique country. They define its cultures and values. Being elegant and charming, tourists coming to Jaipur surely purchase them. You will find attractive sarees or lehengas hanging outside shops and you won't be able to resist from buying one. Among the sarees, lehariya and bandhej prints are very popular. Tie and Dye method, a very ancient technique, gives them their unique design and pattern . Scarfs and suits can also have these prints. Gota Patti work is a spectacular embroidery which originated in Rajasthan and hence is eminent in Jaipur. While there are many markets around the city to offer you the Indian dresses, but the original and traditional clothes are in Bapu bazaar and Johari bazaar only. DSC08033                   DSC08043                  DSC08044
So, this was the list of items that you will find in the bazaars of Jaipur. I hope it helps get an idea of what these markets have in store for its visitors. I, being a Jaipurite, can't get over with these amazing and alluring markets. They keep pulling me every time and I just end up purchasing something new each time I pay a visit. Jaipur markets are not any ordinary market. Many of the shops are running family business from generations together. Their ancestors were masters at Meenakari, jewellery stones and carving, and have successfully preserved the art by handing them over to their following generations. The markets speak out the Indian culture and show the bond between its people. If you are a shopaholic, Jaipur is the best place for you. Where else can you find colors, clothes, decor, accessories, age-old architecture, street food- all blended in a single place! If you have not visited Jaipur yet, make sure you plan a trip soon and experience shopping like never before.

Prachi Agrawal

A travel buff who loves to explore new places.