Living in Bonito MS – Brazil

Bonito MS

Buraco das Araras

Brazil is sound, color, and culture. It is the biggest country in Latin America that offers a lot of different experiences in each city. You can't say that you know Brazil just by visiting one city. You must visit each corner to understand that there are differents kinds of lives in Brazil. I had the opportunity to live in Brazil and I stayed in Bonito, a paradise in the middle of the jungle in Mato Grosso do Sul, one of the states of this beautiful country. When I arrived I was impressed by the way all of these tropical birds flew over my head, animals that I´ve never seen before crossing the street and everyone was in flip flops and drinking tereré all day, a special drink in Brazil for the hot days. The streets were small and full of bikes. The streets felt extremely safe with no sight of theft, you could just casually leave your bike or motorcycle on the street and nothing would happen to it. It was amazing to arrive there, and have the opportunity to work with a travel agency as Marketing Manager my main field of work During the first day in the agency, I almost felt as if I had discovered a new world. I understood that Bonito is a different place from all what I´d seen before. Agencies are the principal commerce there, they work with tours around the region, because there are the most incredible places you could ever  see, you can go horseback riding, cycling, and Qadri cycling, diving, swimming but most important you could  enjoy snorkeling in one of the most crystalline waters of the world, walk through the forest, or just spend the day reading by the river . Living in Bonito is a way to escape from the pollution and noise of the big cities.


Bonito MS

Lagoa Misteriosa

“Rio Sucuri”

Before a week living in Bonito, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most crystalline rivers of the world, for me was amazing because it was one of the first times I  was going to have a day off and live one of Bonito´s adventures. I arrived at Rio Sucuri and I felt nothing but positive energy, pure air and I just smiled. The river has 3 different shades of blue that you can see since the first moment you look at the source of Rio Sucuri, you can understand why it's named like that, because the form it has, it's similar to a snake named Sucuri and of course, sometimes people find this kind of snake swimming under them. Once I jumped in the river, I just let my body float over and I saw lots of fish and other animals crossing. It was amazing, I felt renewed and ready for another week of work in the agency. My life continued in Bonito, each day was full of colors everywhere, every week I visited different places, but nothing as Rio Sucuri. Each morning I saw the parrots and toucans searching for trees to hide from the sun and in the afternoon they went out and made their mating calls. It was beautiful to see all colors combined flying over my head.

“Lagoa Misteriosa”

6 months later, in the agency, they told me that I was going to a place named Lagoa Misteriosa. For me was just another tour, nothing else, but when I arrived there and got in the water I felt my body as a leaf and looking at the sky I discovered that I was in a lagoon in the middle of the jungle and it  was the only place I´d visited that didn’t have big fish, it just had small ones and seaweeds that grow closer to the lagoon during 5 months of the year. In addition, it felt like you couldn't reach the bottom, divers had already gone down 140 meters and there was no end, all of it felt the same and it has different tunnels inside, but there are no signals of a bottom, they really don't know how depth it has. The water is so clear and with an intense blue and it has a special energy that doesn't let you make apnea easy, it´s really hard to go down. I understood that living in Bonito gives you the opportunity to renew your energies.

“Buraco das Araras”

There was another magic place I visited 1 month after living in Bonito, it's named “Buraco das Araras”. It´s a big hole where millions of parrots live and when they decide to appear they make a spiral and go out of the hole, it´s amazing to listen the sound they make and have the opportunity to see those big and amazing animals flying together.

“Abismo Anhumas”

The last place I´m going to mention as one other best is named Abismo Anhumas, a cavern where you have to go down by rappel 72 meters, and down there you find a river of 80 meters depth full of big corals and really cold water. It's amazing to stay there for a long time and listen the sound of the drops and frogs swimming in the river. There is nothing else down there, just you, a boat and a light ray on one side of the river, lighting the valley of small corals inside the river.


There are not a lot of restaurants there, but you must taste the main dish that is a kind of fish named Picanha, it's delicious and is one of the typical foods of Mato Grosso do Sul. The ice cream is really good too, it has a variety of different flavors but the typical one is Açai, that is a fruit that grows in Brazil, it´s a little bit sour, it´s not for everyone, but I liked it. The last one, that is the king in Bonito is the pie, it´s everywhere in the city with a lot of flavors, perfect for dinner.


Living in Bonito is something everyone has to do at least once in their life, there are special places to visit that show how exuberant and imposing nature is, and is one of the places of the world that still has the pacific convivence between humans and wild animals. It´s a trip for at least 5 days, to enjoy this place and to visit the most amazing experience, the nearest to nature.

A volar patos

I’m a world packer, the world and the cultures that are inside are my passion, I travel around the world knowing the culture, being with the natives to understand each detail of their life and the meaning of the colors, animals, actions, gender, everything that lets me learn and know the different cultures there are all around the world. For me, my work is what I love to do and writing is a way to communicate to the world what life is and to make the experiences be there forever, each article is a piece of life that can be important information for the future, to let people know and preserve the culture and to not forget where they come from.