Limassol: Beach, Sun and Fun!

October 6, 2018

by Evi Christodoulou

I lived in Limassol all my life and to be honest I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, it’s the most beautiful city in Cyprus. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea it’s an absolute dream here. I don’t know if you know this but Cyprus is a sunny island most of the year. It can be October and you can still go to the beach, since the temperature is around 30-32 degrees Celsius.

Must Do:

• Visit the beach

Limassol has absolutely everything a tourist might want and need to see. If you visit Limassol during the summer or until the end of October you should definitely spend a couple of days to the beach.

• Limassol Marina

When the sun goes down, take a long walk along the beach line. You can visit the “Limassol Marina” which just recently opened its “doors”. There you can find several restaurants, depending on your appetite, bars to enjoy a drink after your dinner and of course a breathtaking view of the boats and the endless blue, through the night lights.

• Old Port

You should also visit the “Old Port” which also got renovated recently for more options for food or drink in the bars that are located above the sea, literally!


• City Centre

If you want to see a bit more vintage and graphic buildings and architecture you should definitely visit the City Centre where you can find preserved houses that give you the feel of another era. Take a stroll around the scenic alleys and admire the graffiti on the walls.

• Saripolou Square

In the City Centre you can find the “Saripolou Square” which is basically a square full of several bars and during the weekend they are buzzing from people. Whichever bar you choose doesn’t really make a difference because it’s mainly outdoors so you can hear all sorts of music genre from all of the bars there.

• Castle Square

If you prefer something more quiet and relaxing visit the Castle Square which is full of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy nice food, experience the Cypriot cuisine and just… chill. Most families prefer this spot since there are no cars there and they are not afraid for their kids.

• Curium Palace

If you are history buffs then I… recommend you to visit Curium Palace which is an amphitheater where several plays take place during the year and is also a preserved area. From there you have unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea and you can breathe fresh air.

Hotels in Limassol:

• Four Seasons Hotel

Depending on your budget, if you can afford it you should definitely choose to stay in Four Seasons hotel. It’s a five star hotel with all the amenities you might need during your stay. Four Seasons it’s a luxury hotel with a friendly staff, which will make your stay enjoyable. Don’t forget to admire the scenic view and you should definitely visit the restaurants, the “Colours” Café and the spas there. Of course don’t forget the pool where you can enjoy a cocktail or two if you feel like it.

• Ajax Hotel

For those who are on a budget a good option is the Ajax Hotel which is located in the city. It’s a four star hotel but it can offer you everything you might need during your stay.

• Pefkos City Hotel

Pefkos City Hotel it’s an affordable option. It’s located in the city and was recently renovated and opened its doors for visitors. Because of the renovation the hotel now has modern furniture in the communal areas and nice rooms with comfortable beds for a good night’s sleep. You can sit in the café and enjoy your coffee or a drink if you prefer.

Top places for shopping:

• My Mall

My Mall is the newest addition in Limassol. My Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Cyprus and has a lot to offer you. International brands, local brands and so much more. You can also find several restaurants and cafes that stay open until late at night. There is also an ice skating ring if you want to experience that as well, and also a lot of arcade games for the younger ones.

• Anexartisias Street

The other main shopping district if you want to call it is Anexartisias Street. Basically is a street where you can find a number of clothes shops, shoe shops, beauty shops etc. in each side of the street. It’s located in the city center and from there you can go anywhere because everything is in a walking distance.

Best places to eat in Limassol:

• Around City center

I can’t recommend just one place in the city center because you can find so many options depending on what you like. You can find junk food, good restaurants, crepe places, ice cream places and of course cafes which serve all sorts of things. I strongly advise you to visit a traditional tavern and choose to eat mezedes. That way you will try everything the Cypriot cuisine has to offer and trust me it’s a lot! Try especially the halloumi and seftalia. Yummy!
Limassol has so much to offer to a tourist and honestly if you spend a day here trust me you will want to come back again. It’s a city that captures your heart because you can enjoy the beach, the sunny weather most of the time and of course you can have fun no matter what is your liking. You can find clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, bouzoukia and so much more in Limassol.

Undoubtedly the best part in my city is the beach and you can enjoy it not only by going for a swim, you can just sit in a café or a restaurant literally by the wave and enjoy the smell, the sound and the view, day and night. Keep in mind that here in Cyprus we are famous for our hospitality so expect to find friendly people with smiley faces ready to cater at your every need.

Evi Christodoulou

By Evi Christodoulou

My name is Evi and i am 26 years old. I am a sports journalist in Cyprus with passion for travelling and exploring new places around the world.


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