Leofoo Village Theme Park: Taiwan's Answer To Disneyland

Most of us love fun and adventure. Even some of those at their twenties would give their very best in their jobs just to get that hard-earned paid vacation leave plus bonus. What for? Travel, of course. And, because they believe in the saying: You Only Live Once (YOLO). True; there are a lot of fun things to do in life. Now, if you’re on for a trip with adrenaline-pumping rides and crazy activities, the progressive country of Taiwan has something you’ll want to try—and probably even keep coming back for. Lo and behold! The Leofoo Village Theme Park!

Taiwan's Best Amusement Park

Packed with exciting activities, the Leofoo Village Theme Park—being the biggest amusement park in Taiwan—will absolutely make your one whole-day unforgettable. It has five areas with different themes: the Arabian Kingdom, Wild West, African Safari, South Pacific, and the Water Park. Aside from these attractions, there’s also the animal-themed Leofoo Resort Guanshi which is placed outside of the theme park but is still a part of the whole Leofoo Village. Leofoo Village Theme Park

Leofoo’s Must-Try Rides

The theme park is most famous for its three roller coasters: the Sahara Twist, the Screaming Condor, and the Little Rattler (a Vekoma Roller Skater located in the Wild West section). The park also features the Nairobi Express — a narrow gauge railway built by the Severn Lamb. One of the rides you must try at Leofoo Village Theme Park is the Proud Eagle. It's the first U-shaped spiral roller coaster in Asia; so, don’t you ever miss it when you pay a visit!

Take The Adventures Or Mellow Down

I had the most fun at the Wild Wagon Round-Up at the Wild West, as well as the Big Canyon Rapids Ride and Captain Cook’s Swinging Ship at the South Pacific zone. During our visit, there were many fun rides unavailable due to the season (it was a rainy winter). Hence, we missed the famous Pagoda’s Revenge, Deep Sea Bomb, Screaming Condor, and Water Park. Within the vicinity, there are also cozy restaurants and stores that offer stuff you’ll need as you have fun. Because there were too many rides to choose from, I couldn’t finish them all up in one day. I had to run — after finishing a ride — from one place to another. Also, because of having too much fun, we didn't even remember taking photos of the craziest rides we tried. But with my one-day experience, I’d say this place is undoubtedly a total wrap of fun and adventure!
Leofoo Village Theme Park

(Yeah, this one's fun.)

Best Time To Visit

This amusement park has so much in store for an adventure-loving traveler. I recommend you visit the park in the summer, instead of winter, to have a more adventurous experience and so that you can make the most out of your trip. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy more on your rides at the African Safari zone. Just think about it: getting a closer look at the wild animals, especially in the summer, would be challenging and also educational.

How To Get To Leofoo Village Theme Park

The Leofoo Village Theme Park, also considered as the “Disneyland of Taiwan,” is situated in Hsinchu County at the small township of Guanxi. It’s pretty far from the country’s capital, Taipei, and will take at least an hour to get there from the city. But, with the sceneries you’ll pass by as you head to the theme park, your ride will be worth it. There are many ways to get to Leofoo Village. You can take the MRT, a cab, or an E-Go Bus. In my case, I took the E-Go Bus from Songshan Airport outside MRT (Blue Line) Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. The bus takes you directly to Leofoo Village. But, if you want a faster ride, you can take the High-Speed Rail (HSR) to Hsinchu station and take an Uber or a taxi heading to the location. This would cost much more, however, than the bus ride. For only NTD 1,299 (regular adult tickets), you can explore and have fun at Leofoo Village Theme Park. Promos exist depending on the season; they're usually at NTD 799, while most discounted tickets are at NTD 599.

It’s Built For You To Have Fun!

Leofoo Village Theme Park may not be the famous Universal Studios or Disneyland, but it’s definitely worth visiting! So if you plan to visit Taiwan next, make sure to drop by at Leofoo Village Theme Park, and you will surely have fun!

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