Lefkada, Greece: Top Three Magical Beaches in September

January 1, 1970

by Jovanna

The City Of Lefkada

The City, Isle of Lefkada. Greek ancient- Λευκάδα is just another tropical island with special September magic. For those who are keen on planning their summer holiday in September, this is the right place to be.  Travel geeks and ancient, culture lovers probably know that Greece is the Balcan historical pearl with extraordinary history. Each day is  a new history.  Lefkada is considered as an island with the most changing climate over the past few years due to the water streams and frequent earthquakes.  The greatest part of the history has been devoted to the story of Odyssey from Itaka. As Homer described in his masterpiece, Greek antropologists determined that the directions from the book took place all over Nidri ( Lefkada) around including 6 other islands. Actually what is traditional about the of city of Lefakada not actually a city but a municipality of a few charming villages each inspiring by its own traditional culture and its own extravagant demographics. Lefkada is the only island which can be still accessed by car thanks to the floating bridge connecting Lefkada to the land which makes the things lots more easier for local tourists.
What comes to the climate part, Lafkada is mostly appropriate for early autumn (September) period because of its mild, light hot air pressure during this period. Its not that recommended during hot summer days because of high water pressure, water streams and types of insects and animals. Well its an island, everything is possible :)!
Lefkada is said to be the place that engrosses with special peacefulness during day time and long night techno, beach parties along with famous DJs. The most vibrant village is The city of Lefkada. Local villains kept their traditional food recipes and the traditional Greek cuisine all prepared with famous Greek homie Olive oil.

Lefkada port - holidays in Greece

Tzatziki - traditional greek sauce from yogurt,cucumber and dill.

Tzatziki – traditional greek sauce from yogurt,cucumber and dill.


And of course we have come up to the most important part: Lefkada’s magical beaches. Actually what I would like to point out is that there are different types of tourism developed in the villages. Beach lovers can enjoy the magnificent, beautiful beaches along the crystal clear, cool climate sea. For other visitors who would like to spend some time enjoying the other traditional part of the city, travel quides and local citizens will be especially delighted to provide further assistance.
What are the top three beaches to visit in Lefkada?


Porto Katziki, Lefkada: Beach for all tastes

If you are a wild beach lover you would definitely enjoy Porto Katsiki, eruptive place suited around 45km from the City of Lefkada near the famous touristic place called Lefkadacape. One can choose which transport mostly prefer. Its both accessible by boat and car. What is most specific if you decide to go by car is the top corner of the cape where actually the parking slot is placed. Even though a bit high and scary for a moment definitely breath taking side view. In order to access the beach which is perfectly stoned 347 feet downwards the cape one must pass all the way down on foot of course. Caution: People afraid from heights might suffer achrophobia attacks.
This place is perfectly designed for people who enjoy peaceful mozaic and want to spend some time without any thoughts at a side.  Anyway the other part of the cape is created in rather more traditionally, modern, beach character filled with restaurants, coffee bars and taverns for those who enjoy ordinary beach atmosphere along with the sound of the sea waves.


Egremni, Lefkada: Water Sport Beach

Egremni- Besides of having the pleasure to enjoy immense sandy coast lines in Egremni tourists can also enjoy different water sports like windsurfing, barefoot skiing, boating and lots of others thanks to the perfect water stream. There are also lots of kids-games opportunities which means that young parents don’t have to run after their kids. They are perfectly safe playing in the child’s aqua park. Because of long years of eruption all beaches are created more over the same way and tourists have to pass long steps walking down caves till they reach the  beach. Unlike Porto Katziki, Egremni beach is rather more traditionally modified. Younger population can enjoy in some loud music in some of the local beach bars while the older generation visitors can enjoy tasty Greek food and specific Greek beer.


Kathizma, Lefkada: Family-Friends Beach

Under number three I would definitely count Khatizma beach. It is more family- friendly oriented beach placed along the icy-blue seacoast designed along with perfectly shaped water stones. Its not like the other Lefkada beaches covered with sun protection umbrellas and sun beds, its actually more picnic oriented and designed for people to enjoy the nature in a friendly atmosphere.



For those who are not that keen on water companion there are lots of additional rather historical places that are worth visiting. They can enjoy the lovely mountainous places along the seashores. Besides the numerous mountain waterfalls around 2 km far from Nidri village, visitors can also enjoy the beautifully constructed museums and monasteries. The island of Lefkada is counted among the most culturally reach islands in Greece which is a reason plus to prolong your stay and enjoy a few days more.


By Jovanna

Hi there. I am Jovana you can call me Joe my middle nickname :) . As a child I have been having an enormous volition of being there where noone has not yet been (you know what I mean) thanks to which I was pronounced "Lost" during half my childhood. Unfortunately for my parents and in my great fortune this inside force has been in constant increase each day and turned into an addictive habit thanks to which I traveled almost half the world which of course is just a beginning! I am glad to share all my experience with you had also read other t lifetime experiences. Greece is where I started from first place and it seems never enough time to cover all. For those still in doubts, I guarantee you won't regret visiting these places. They leave amazing mementos. "Yet a single step is a new journey"

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