Land of Scones, Tea, The LochNess Monster and the Queen

Stirling Castle

A visit to my place of birth : United Kingdom

I am in love with the United Kingdom… Every country that is within it had amazing places to visit and holds special treasures. I grew up here as a child and learned to appreciate history here. I thought a good place to start would be to name my all time favourites and what I love about them. Each place is different and these may not be the top tourist spots in the UK but they are places I love and have enjoyed re-visiting over the years. So here goes my absolute favourite places to visit in Scotland and England to start with.

Scotland: Stirling

Stirling Castle is beautiful. It is unique and special. There is tour guides available or you can wander the beautiful halls yourself. There is low for the kids and big kids to do in the hall of activities. Each room holds a suprise… The best room is the dress up room! There is also a museum within the Castle about the soldiers of the area who fought in the many different wars Britain has taken part in.

Adventure fact: if you have family members who came from this area, ask the staff for help to find the medals they may have earned. 

The last time I visited here it has recently snowed. If you find yourself there in this situation still make your way up there cause they likely won't be shut. It made the whole experience all the more magical wandering through while the snow flurried around us. If you take a short walk down the hill you will also find the old prison which is small but fun :).

Scotland: Edinburgh- The Capital

Well it's the capital so of course it is great and has tonnes to do. You can do shopping on the famous Princess street, maybe get a kilt hand made for you or take a stroll through the beautiful gardens. You can have a look at Hollyrood palace where Mary Queen of Scots supposedly murdered on of her husbands with the help of her lover. If you visit around Christmas time then they have the most beautful Belgin markets set up with rides, Waffles, Ice Skating and the best of all Scottish food. My absolute two favourite places to visit in Edinburgh is the castle and Mary Kings Close. The Castle is again full of history and a unique one at that. Each castle has its own story so it's not just another castle. They have awesome tours and events that run all year round. They also have hand held 'do it yourself' tours which are great for kids. Make sure you give yourself a few hours to walk around here so you can fully explore this beautiful Castle. Once you have done this head out of the castle and take a stroll down the beautiful Royal mile. Which is full of little closes and shops and pubs which are all just as lovely as you can imagine. Keep a close eye out for the Mary Kings Close tours. It's an underground tour of street that was built over the top of during the plague. There are lots of rumours and it even has its very own Ghost. This is an actor lead tour and is worth the money.

England: York

My number ONE place in the whole of the U.K. Do it, Do it, Do it! This place is incredible. It has tonn d to do and you can easily fill a few days with non stop activities. Me and my favourite person spent a day here and loved it. I would go back again and stay for a few days if not longer. The York Dungeons are fun and really entertaining not for the faint hearted though. Be prepared to be picked on my the tour guides who use people in demonstrations of how things used to work in the darker side of York. I won't say too much as it would ruin it but this is a great activity and you'll find yourself reliving childhood joy and excitement. The Jorvik museum is incredible and it allows you to experience the the way the Vikings lived. It has an interactive ride which takes you round a Viking village. It has an audio tour and be prepared for the smells of a Viking village cause it isn't pleasant. You can then look at the various artefacts and learn at the information stations and guides showing you up and close artifacts and answering your questions you may have. The best part is your entry fee earns you a whole years admission meaning you can visit more than once and have as many goes on the ride as your nose can handle. The York Tower is also worth the hike up the hill and the museum near by is also very cool. There is tonnes to do here and the locals are lovely!

Scotland: Loch Ness

Well obviously it's a must do! It's great fun trying to find the monster and the village is cute with good food. There is another castle near by which is nice and again has a colourful history. If the Monster is your main focus then there is a museum on the Loch side that you can learn all about the history and sightings of Nessie. Bonus: Fort George is up this way and is an active military camp with a museum attached. It's really cool and super fun for kids or…. Adults who like guns ?.

Other cool places to visit are:

Wells- movie Hot Fuzz was filmed here Linlithgow- Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scott's Nottingham- Robin Hood Bath – Roman history These are just a few of my all time favourites. London isn't included because I haven't made  it there yet. I'm still on my adventure but I hope this gives you an insight into where you can go in this beautiful land and know for sure you will love it.   Helpful links: Bye for now though and let's go on an adventure Darlings xx  

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