Lake Palic: Wonderful place for your holiday in Serbia

January 1, 1970

by Jellena Milla Jovanovic

If you are thinking about your summer holiday, but seaside is not an option, come to Serbia, and spend it resting by the Lake Palic. I know that I may sound crazy, but I’m really not a fan of hot summer, sunbathe etc. I like to spend it in nature, on the mountain or by the lake, this one especially. Amazing parks, unusual architecture, cosy hotels and pretty villas make this place the right destination for you and your family.

It is located in the North, next to the small, lovely town, Palic, near the border with Hungary and only 8 km far from Subotica. It is the largest lake in Serbia and therefore the significant tourist complex and one of the most popular picnic areas. According to the legend, there used to be the Pannonian Sea, and this lake represents its remains. It is famous for its beautiful park. There is the Water Tower, at the main entrance, followed by the wide path which takes you through the wood and into the park, with the lake spreading in front of you at the end of it. In the centre of the park, there is the Great Terrace, where some of the local manifestations are held. Not far from it, hidden in the wood, there is the Summer Stage, where “European Film Festival” is held.

Things to do and see

Healing treatments

There are many recreational centres and homes for the elders. Lake Palic is known for its curative water and mineral mud. It helps in the treatment of rheumatic and nervous diseases. Treatment is done by drinking water, bathing in warm water and muddy coatings.

Main activities

The Lake offers many opportunities for sport and recreation. There are long, curving paths through the park by the lake, for jogging, walking or cycling. There are football, basketball and volleyball courts and outdoor and indoor swimming pools. You can also paddle, sail or just enjoy fishing on the lake. During the summer, there are many pedal boats which you can hire. There is also a playground and amusement park, especially during the public holiday in May, where you can have fun and enjoy things, such as trampoline, roller coasters, Ferris wheel etc. For those of you who love horses, you can pay a visit to one of the ranches and stables.

The Zoo

The Zoo is located in the centre of the town, 5km from the motorway. It was founded in 1950. There are many rare and exotic species of plants and animals: birds, monkeys, large mammals, lions, tigers, snakes, crocodiles etc. It is decorated with many ponds, fountains and flowers. There are also places for rest and entertainment. You can visit it from 9 am to 7 pm every day. The lower entry price for groups (more than 10 people). One of the most important roles and one of the main four activities of the Zoo is the education of school children and visitors. Palic Zoo is one of the pioneers of “zoopedagogy” in Serbia. It provides lectures, presentations, and practical and art workshops in the field of zoology, botany, general biology and ecology.


Palic offers a large number of manifestations throughout the year, most of them being held during the summer season. So, for those of you who like art, there is the Night of the Museum held in May. You can enjoy many exhibitions in several locations around the lake. For all yoga lovers, there is the Traditional Yoga Fest in June. You can learn about different types of yoga, music and dance, and improve your knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. Physical and mental exercises are provided for everyone, regardless of age.  Etnofest is a music festival which hosts many well-known regional music names. One of the most famous music events is Summer3p. It is the festival of electronic music, held by the open pools, which offers a different kind of entertainment to the youth. There is also the Open Championship in Sailing and Sailing Regatta. The International exhibition of the antique cars is held at the end of June. The European Film Festival, mentioned above, is one of the most important film festivals in the region, held in July. Today, the festival shows around 85 films in several program units on five locations, with the purpose to better understand the social, cultural and life context of the time in which we live.


You have a wide range of places to stay. There are many hotels, hostels, private villas etc. Hotels are modern and well-equipped, located not far from the lake. Pools, congress centres, sports objects, spas, they are all at your service. You can also choose one of the many stunning and colourful villas. The reservation usually includes parking space, wi-fi and a pool. Many of them have lovely gardens in which you can organize some gatherings with your friends and family, have a barbeque or something similar. You can find them and book them online for a reasonable price.

Wine and dine

The offer of this place also includes a large number of cosy restaurants in it or in its surroundings. They are known for the great food and service. You can try some local specialities, Serbian “sarma” or Hungarian “goulash”. There are also many restaurants which serve fish dishes. If you would like something usual, you can have your meal in one of the many pizzerias. You can find plenty of bars to spend your evenings or clubs to go out with your friends. If you are a wine lover, there are some wine cellars that you can pay a visit and try some of the local wines.

Summer is not all about sunbathing by the sea. You can have a wonderful holiday in one of the places such as this. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to come here. Winter is also magical. Just imagine spending your evenings in one of the cosy villas, drinking hot local wine with your loved ones, with the beautiful view of the lake.


Jellena Milla Jovanovic

By Jellena Milla Jovanovic

My name is Jelena. I am currently living in Serbia. I enjoy working as an English teacher at Oxford Academy. I also work as a freelance writer and a translator. I like spending my free time practicing yoga and taking dancing classes. I like watching movies about English history. I had an opportunity to visit China and Japan last year, so I had a chance to learn about their culture. I am hoping to visit the UK some day soon for the same reason. I am passionate about motorcycles, so I am an active member of the motorcycle club. I also run a blog about the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga.


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