Lagoinha do Leste – The Hidden Paradise in Florianopolis

Florianopolis – Brazil is certainly a worthy place of stories that few people believe, there are many landscapes still untouched, transformed only by time. The beautiful beaches are no doubt among the natural attractions most sought after by tourists visiting the island. And one of those places, hidden behind of the island's hills, is the Lagoinha do Leste (Eastern Lagoon), a beach of white sand, dunes, lagoon, waterfalls and green sea on a summer day, and all this in the middle of rainforest preserved. The beauty of Lagoinha do Leste Beach is rare and reserved as a secret guarded by ancient explorers. The area was frequented by fishermen from the Pântano do Sul area, but was never colonized by Azoreans or not by Indians. It always had the atmosphere of a deserted beach. There is a law that classifies the region as a permanent conservation area and so is not allowed to build houses, roads or trade.

How to arrive at Lagoinha do Leste

Accessible only by trails, the Lagoinha creates a challenge for those who want to meet it. Or you get around the coastal south of the Matadeiro beach or you pass through the hill that separates it of the Pântano do Sul. Both ways have tricky spots to cross and require care. During the walk, the sound of nature is constant: cicadas, birds and sound of the waves. Another option is the boat ride, but the trail is the most popular option for visitors and the nature lovers and adventure. The trail at Matadeiro, which I personally consider the most beautiful, is an option of walking a whole day, as the trail takes around 2: 30h to get. This difficulty of access has served, over time, as a protective shield of the place.Florianopolis - entrada The recommendation is to go to the hiking in the morning in the first hour of the day when the sun is milder. The beach is deserted and difficult to access and has no electricity or restaurants, so you need to take food and a bottle of water, that can be refueled at a waterfall that descends into one of the stones in the lake. The beach is frequented by surfers in search of perfect waves. And it is a wondrous place to camp, but it is advisable to go in groups, never alone. The beach is totally deserted and preserved place, there are no trash cans, so be sure to take all your garbage back with you, always environmental education.

By Matadeiro Beach

Florianopolis - matadeiro

Matadeiro beach

To get to the trailhead we need to go to the Armação beach and follow the go to the Matadeiro beach's South. The trail mixes Atlantic Forest and sea shore and the landscape is, no doubt, amazing. The trailhead has some climbs, many stones and thicket, but soon the trail opens up and it is possible to see the sea shore and breathtaking landscapes. Florianopolis-vista Florianopolis-caminhada After about two hours of walking to the sound of the sea and birds, we can reach to the top, where you can observe the beach and the lagoon, plus an unbelievable view, then just come down.Florianopolis-lagoa

By Pântano do Sul

If you prefer to go by the Pântano do Sul, the trail is shorter lasting about 1 hour at a moderate pace. However, most of the route is in the middle of dense forest, and steep climb. So more tiring. But the good news is that along the trail we find streams with fresh waters.
Florianopolis - trilha

Trail by Pantano do Sul

What to Do on this deserted beach

The Lagoinha do Leste beach is extensive and white sand. The sea is generally rough and the temperature of the water is cold. If you are not an expert swimmer, you need to take care when entering the sea, even because there are no lifeguard on this beach, so care should be higher. The lagoon that appointing the spot is formed by the outflow of rivers that form the Matadeiro's steep hill, the waters flow into a cove and up the estuary lagoon. Other small lakes that are born in the woods also run towards the lagoon, with the occurrence of small waterfalls. It is not very deep and is great for swimming and to stay afloat. In addition, the lake is surrounded by white sand dunes and preserved vegetation. In the woods there are waterfalls and great places to camp, with the starry sky and the sound of the sea, you will feel with renewed energy.florianopolis-lagoinha-do-leste  

The Crown Hill

But the surprises and wonders do not end there, on the South shore of the beach, there is the Morro da Coroa (Crown hill) which has about 230 meters and is the steepest point of the Florianópolis. The climb is tiring and is only recommended for those who have a good physical preparation and a deep breath because there are stretches that are almost a climb where it is necessary to use the arms to overcome the gaps. Certainly, the climb is exhausting, but at the end is well worth it. When it reaches the top of the hill the sense of freedom and achievement is very large and the view is rewarding. The hill is named after Morro da Coroa due to the top of stones that advance toward the sky.Florianopolis-coroa Floripa Vividly recommend that the trail will be made in full, this is because, despite one is a continuation of the other, they are totally different. The first, shorter with big ups and downs, is in the dense forest. The second, longer and flat, is verging them sea shore, which ensures a very cool and different landscape. And pathfinders that are pathfinders, cannot go to Florianopolis and not go to one of the most famous trails in the area! The trail is not recommended to do alone because it's long and has some difficult stretches. Remember to take light food like fruits and natural sandwiches and plenty of water. Also, one must take cap, sunscreen, insect repellent and wear comfortable shoes. And do not forget to take away all the junk that produce and others found along the way. Only then we will continue to have this beauty that is the Lagoinha do Leste. Go to Brazil and Floripa and not enjoy the beauty of the beach is a waste.

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