La Vie Parisienne: The Little Paris in Cebu

January 1, 1970

by Jeremy

La Vie Parisienne

The Little Paris in Cebu

little paris

Traveling to Paris and taste their delicious cuisine or French cuisine needs a long term plan. It takes a lot of time and money. The plane ticket alone costs expensive plus the expenses such as food, hotel, and taxi. Unless you have the financial capability to book a flight immediately and travel to Paris. Strolling in the Queen City of the south allows me to discover the world similar to Paris. Or as I call it “The Little Paris in Cebu”. Little Paris because it resembles the view with a perfect blend of design that will surely replicate a design from Paris. From its name alone. It sounds that you’re in that place. “La Vie Parisienne”. It means something in Paris or life in Paris. La Vie Parisienne is located in 371 Gorordo Ave. Cebu City it opens from 8:00am – 4:00am. The schedule can be changed. I was also able to visit the place at 7:00am and it was already open. Sometimes when I visit at 7:00am it’s still close. It depends on the store manager. La Vie Parisienne in Lahug, Cebu also offers a lot of French foods, drinks, desserts, and wine.

How To Get There

  • By Jeepney

          Going to Lahug, Cebu is easy to locate. If you are in a downtown area or Colon St. You can ride a 17b, 04b, 04c, and 17c jeepney. Those Jeepneys will surely bring you to La Vie Parisienne. Just inform the jeepney driver that you will be drop off in that place. If the jeepney driver does not know about it. It is maybe because of its French name. But I am sure that jeepney drivers can always pass that place since their jeepney route will pass their everyday.

You can also inform the jeepney driver to drop you a fewmeters ahead of Lahug Elementary School. Before Mormons Temple and across the Evangelical School. If you are in midtown. Near Fuente Osmena. You can ride a jeepney near Robinsons Place Cebu.

It is situated near Fuente Osmena Circle. 17b jeepneys will pass there. It will pass through Cebu Provincial Capitol, Escario St., University of the Philippines and Lahug Elementary School. Just a few meters ahead of it. La Vie Parisienne can be located. If you are in Mango Ave. You can ride an O4c or 17c jeepneys. It will surely take you to La Vie Parisienne. Don’t forget to inform the jeepney driver on where to drop you off.

  • By Taxi

          Taxi drivers will surely know the place. Unless they are new in Cebu. If not just tell them to drop you a few meters ahead of Lahug Elementary School and at the Evangelical School. It’s easy to access because it is located on the main road. In going home. Customers can have easy access to transportation since the location of the place is near the main road. No worries in going back to your destination.

  • By Car

Using your car. You can choose the most convenient way of going there. You can choose the way in passing the Provincial Capitol of Cebu, Escario St. then Lahug or Mango Ave. Asilo then Lahug. Just drive safe and follow the road direction. You will surely be able to arrive at your destination safely and sound.


paris3La Vie Parisienne offers foods, drinks, desserts and wine like your in Paris. They also offer a one of kind French bread that taste very delicious.

French Breads available in La Vie Parisienne:

  1. Croissant 
  2. Mini pain choco
  3. Mini brick choco
  4. Mimond Crème

As of my visit the price range of French bread ranges to twenty-five pesos up to two hundred pesos.

They also offer sandwiches like:

  • The Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Parisienne
  • Normandy
  • Goat cheese with honey
  • Tradition
  • Deli sub

There sandwich price ranges from one hundred forty-five pesos to two hundred twenty. Prices can change for further notice.

They also have Macarons and you can choose different flavors like:

  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • Mango
  • Orange
  • Coconut
  • Fig
  • Lime
  • Chocolate
  •  Pistachio
  •  lemon

The Macarons costs forty pesos each. Aside from water and the common soft drinks like coke and sprite.

They also offer drinks like:

Espresso , Double espresso, Coffee Americano , Mocha , Cappuccino , Latte , Mocha , Caramel , Mocha almond , Mocha vanilla , Bear beer

Aside from that. You can also choose different wines from their wine cellars.



         The design of the place is very similar to Paris. From its flowers blooming added with cherry plants. It’s tables and chairs. That looks very unique of its kind. Designed artistically. Colorful lights at night that perfectly adds to the beauty of the place. It also has the 2nd floor.

If customers want to have a wonderful view at the top. They also have a creative design of the door. In that you can observe how the place was made because every detail of their designs is similar to Paris. The aroma of the place and the scent of the French bread will surely bring you to a place something called as Paris.

 La Vie Parisienne offers guests with a free Valley Parking that surely allows a customer to worry not about where to park.

                                            OVER ALL

Overall, the place is convenient for those who don’t want to go far from the city. Easy to access. Passable to jeepneys, taxi, and even your own car or motorcycle. Just look into the place and you will sure tell how wonderful it is.

What are you waiting for?

Try to experience the little Paris in Cebu and taste their one of a kind foods, drinks, desserts, and wines. You can bring your friends, family or loved ones. Enjoy a one of a kind experience in La Vie Parisienne. It will surely be a day filled with excitement and joy.

La Vie Parisienne is also the perfect place for couples who wants to enjoy their night and talk about things. La Vie Parisienne is a perfect past-time for everyone. There’s nothing wrong to visit the place. Try their Menus and you will surely not regret it. Just enjoy and have fun.


By Jeremy

Come with me in my place. You are very welcome.


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