La Romana, Casa de Campo Piece of Paradise

The Dominican Republic has a reputation for being a paradise on earth thanks to its incredible beaches, vibrant culture, and seafood! For me, DR truly lived to this expectation! I had an excellent chance to experience some of the finest things Dominican Republic has to offer and may I say one of the most tranquil experiences. The most popular spot and easiest destination to fly to is Punto Cаna and the area is totally nice to visiting but I want to take you to the another area worth exploring. La Romana is located only 40 min away from Punto Cana airport taken the highway. Itself La Romana is a small town but gives a name for the whole area around  including Casa de Campo huge gated luxurious resort and resort communities Bayahibe and Dominicus. I had the privilege to call Casa de Campo home for the significant amount of time and love to share my experience.

Casa De Campo

File Sep 17, 20 19 44 Casa de Campo is something of the unique case. It is rather a large luxury gated residential community/ resort. You need a car to get around large. Essentially Casa de Campo is a town on its own with countless restaurants, supermarket,  movie theater,  beach and transfers to the nearby island. Casa de Campo has a hotel as well as countless villas some costing up to 10 million dollars.  The territory is incredibly green, beautiful and very well maintained. Every trip to a town outside the gates feels like a trip to a different universe. Casa de Campo is a beautiful bubble does not matter which time of year it is incredibly green and there is always blooming around. And not to mention many many mango trees with fruits within the reach!  My first week at the resort I was posting tons of pictures with tropical greenery and blossom I believe I become a hated person on Facebook. Torturing my mother with pictures of fresh mangoes (her very favorite food) became sort of a hobby. The best way to feel the beauty of this place is to drive around in a golf cart, which is the most popular kind of transportation in Casa, golf carts are available for rent through the hotel. There are essentially two options for accommodations in Casa de Campo there are a hotel and a private sector of villas and two apartment complexes. Villas of Casa de Campo are beautiful usually have swimming pools, spacious terraces, and great views. So to rent a villa is much more convenient and comfortable option. Villas are listed on many holiday rental websites including Airbnb. Keep in mind you need the pass to get to Casa de Campo Keep in mind you need the pass to get to Casa de Campo. If you stay in Casa be it the hotel or villa or apartment you will get one. The only other way to get in is to have a reservation in one f the restaurants. Casa de Campo is divided into few areas. Here are some of them in my opinion worth attention and visiting.  

Altos de Chavon

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View of the Chavon River

  Altos de Chavon located on the hill by the Chavon River hence the name Altos de Chavon where Altos translates as heights. Altos de Chavon is my personally my favorite area of Casa de Campo. It is a home of a school of art and design. The area was actually built around and for the school. Everything in Altos de Chavon screams art. Built in medieval style using mostly a coral stone Altos has this old European town feel. Altos de Chavon also has an art gallery where schools students and graduates' works are exhibited as well as occasional outside exhibitions. Very often during exhibition openings, there is a small reception with refreshments, a chance to meet the artist and a lot of art lovers. The quality of art is very high in the gallery since a lot of graduates from the school truly succeed as artists and their work are quite valuable. A lot of paintings are available for purchase. There is  several cute little stores around with handcrafted souvenirs and  hand made jewelry store a lot of the items there also made by art and design school students.
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View from La Cantina Latin Bistro

Another unique feature you can find in Altos it is Amphitheater. Yes, actual Amphitheater like in Greece, it fits about 5000 people and hosts a lot of concerts and may I say acoustically is amazing!  The Amphitheater was open in 1982 and Frank Sinatra performed at the opening since then it hosted a lot of world famous artist as Sting, Elton John and the regular in Altos de Chavon Amphitheater Marc Anthony.  Also, many enjoyable walks have been taken there never mention a bit of exercise given all these stairs. On top to the great worth seeing architecture and contemporary art, Altos de Chavon has a spectacular view over the river and the valley and beautiful breeze to offer. It is really hard not to make hundreds of pictures, especially gorgeous before and during sunset. Time right before sunset is the best to visit. However, due to the refreshing breeze, it is the coolest place in Casa De Campo and very nice location for lunch. There are several spots to grab a bite. The healthiest and lightest option is café Fresh Fresh true to their name they have many options for salads, wraps, healthier bowls extensive selection of smoothies. My personal recommendation is summer wrap salad with grilled prawns dressed with mango salsa; hippie bowls which consist of quinoa, hummus, and avocado. For not too healthy addition try yucca fries, yucca and plantain in The Dominican Republic are sorts of a replacement for potatoes, which are not grown there.
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Altos de Chavon after rain

La Cantina is little and nice Latin bistro only spot in CDC serving Dominican food and not limited to it. Great view and authentic food make La Cantina one of my favorite places. A couple of my favorite local dishes they serve is Mofongo it is essential with fried plantains as its main ingredient served with pork cracklings (Chicharrón) and San Cocho It’s a traditional Dominican stew made from a variety of meats and all the vegetables you can imagine served with a corn cob. Both dishes are quite filling and considered Dominican comfort food.   Marietta is a gastro pub located on a breezy terrace. Marietta is the beautiful place for sunset cocktail or dinner. The menu has many great choices of classical Trattoria dishes with a twist. Owners keep it nice and updated. For a younger crowd, some music and bar food there is Onnos falls under a bar, restaurant, nightclub category. Onnos has a wide selection of yummy bar food and particular good pizza. Dare I say best in Casa de Campo! There is a lot of promotion like Taco Tuesday and not to miss happy hour. Onnos is more of the restaurant with bar food during lunch and dinner hours and bar slash disco later at night. For a younger crowd, some music and bar food there is Onnos falls under a bar, restaurant, nightclub category. Onnos has a wide selection of yummy bar food and particular good pizza. Dare I say best in Casa de Campo! There is a lot of promotion like Taco Tuesday and not to miss happy hour. Onnos is more of the restaurant with bar food during lunch and dinner hours and bar slash disco later at night. All and all one of my favorite area of Casa, love the art, the view, and the dining choices.


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Sunset in Marina Casa de Campo

  File Sep 17, 20 12 42One of the beautiful things about Casa de Campo is that they have their own Marina. It is full of beautiful white yachts and a great place for a walk be it day or night. Casa de Campo Marina area was built in the style of a famous Italian resort Portofino which suits an area a lot. With houses painted bright warm colors and small square – Plaza Portofino place has a true Mediterranean feeling. There is also several great places in the Marina to grab a bite or have a nice relaxing drink. SBG also know as Sofia  is one of the most upscale restaurants of Casa de Campo. The place is Miami style with white table cloth bright and soft colored interior. The place is ver chill and has this elegant yet relaxed atmosphere, the martini cocktail fits right in.  SBG's Menu is delightful and full of traditional dishes with a twist as well some straight up contemporary. For many times as I have eaten is SBG I have never been disappointed with any dish.  They do wonders with seafood, especially good is Soho Shrimps with Goat Cheese! Also, I should mention a huge selection of pasta including the one served in Parmesan cheesehead so cheesy! Yam!  Make sure you have a room for dessert the cookie pot they have on the menu will blow your mind! For more nice traditional Italian meal there is Limoncello family owned restaurant. The food down to earth and authentic! The owner is known for personally picking the ingredients and creating dishes, and you can tell! So for nice filling Italian dishes, Limoncello is the place!
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View from the Azimut cafe

  Make a point to stop at Azimut for an afternoon or evening coffee. Sea breeze and a view full of white yachts exactly what one need to accompany the espresso or even a glass of wine.  

Playa Minitas

File Sep 17, 20 53 07 Last but so definitely not least the beach! One of the biggest plus of being on the tropical resort. Casa de Campo's beaFile Sep 17, 20 52 39ch is a bit on a smaller side and artificially made. It is a great place to visit with the kids. Even thou lately Beach Club restaurant's food quality left down, it is still ok for a quick bite. So  for true paradise beach experience take a boat transfer to nearby island So  for true paradise beach experience take a boat transfer to nearby island Catalina. The ride is only twenty minutes and you at real paradise! Boats stop in a very quite beautiful beach, great for long walks or just staring at crystal clear blue water. The color of the water is unbelievable no picture can give it justice! Never mention the great walk you can take a walk on the cliff ending with the staircase right to the water! Beware of mosquitoes being in the swim suite leaves a lot of space for biting! There is one restaurant and food selection is very limited so the best way to have a nice beach line is to bring it with you! Great place for a picnic! Casa De Campo is full of events and happenings, especially during the season. A lot of art related events in Altos de Chavon and concerts in Amphitheater. While in Casa de Campo for relevant information and promotions check Casa de Campo Living online magazine. This publication is full of useful information to make Casa de Campo very fun experience.  

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