La Playa de Asuncion Badian Cebu: Swim Dive Relax

January 1, 1970

by Hill-mangkoko


13096167_1013398608697390_3197305050858382698_nLa Playa de Asuncion Beach Resort

One of the most interesting and amazing things that I usually wanted to witness each day is the sunset. I don’t know, but there’s something unexplainable in it. It somehow tells us that, another day has passed by in our lives, and that we are able to live for the day amidst the challenges that we have. The ocean keeps on reminding us that, there are always sunsets when you see the ocean and it is even more beautiful when seen from it.



About a 3-4 hours drive from the heart of Cebu, lies a humble town of Badian, a third municipal income class in the province of Cebu Philippines. Badian is 98 km (61 mi) southwest of Cebu City which is known for their Banig festival. A local traditional festivity that is being celebrated by the residents of Badian Municipality. Part of Badian known as Barangay Matutinao will captivate your hearts not only because of its famous Kawasan Falls but also because of its beaches.

One beach resort that I often stay whenever I visit the place is the La Playa de Asuncion. If you happen to visit the place via bus, just tell the driver or conductor to drop you at La Playa de Asuncion. The resort is quite famous in that place so don’t worry if might get lost.

“Come and explore with me the beauty of this resort!”

Upon entering the gates of the resort, you will be greeted with the flashed of the ocean waves and the native theme in the whole surrounding of the La Playa de Asuncion. The staffs there are also very accommodating and friendly. If you plan for an overnight stay in the place, then there will be no problem because the resort has rooms for accommodation. They have 3 family rooms which has 2 floors, the second floor has only an electric fan with 1 single bed and 1 double sized bed. That goes the same with the first floor, only that it is air-conditioned. The room has also its own Comfort rooms and in front of it are equipped with a table, a long bamboo chair and grilling station which you may use if you want to cook. It has also sink in case you need to wash your dishes or other things you used when cooking. The room is also faced in the sea, so you can directly go the sea waters whenever you want. There are also other types of rooms there which is less expensive compared with the family rooms. They also provide additional foams for an additional charge.


Just like any other typical beach resorts,

  • Swimming is the first and main activity that you can do there.
  • Sand castle making is also suitable there since there sands are really very fine although not that white.
  • Karaoke is so fun. They don’t have other equipment there like banana boats, Jet Ski, etc. in the resort. Basically, this is just for relaxing. But if you feel like singing, well this time, they have karaoke machines which cost Php5.00 per song. Not that bad huh? In just pesos you can now sing your all-time favorite song. The place is somehow built for those who are soul-searching mainly because of its peaceful atmosphere.
  • Take selfies. Network signals there are also weak, so better saved your photos in your phone to be uploaded in Instagram or Facebook when you come home. You might just use your phone for picture taking since it has no use when it comes to internet usage. As I have wrote, the signal is just weak, so you may still send a message to whoever you want to text with.


If you are also a sunset lover like me, I suggest you go there during summer time. Because it is the sunset is more likely to be visible when with lesser clouds. The aura is definitely indescribable as you watch the orangey sky, and at time it becomes pink. It is also a perfect subject for photographers. With a nature theme for their shots. The place is filled with much solitude and serenity, it helps you forget all you worries and fears. It brings you happiness and cheers up your soul. It is also perfect for those lovers or couples who wants quality time with each other.
But if you really want more adventures, then just a walking distance to the resort is the Kawasan Falls already, which has an entrance fee of php10.00 per person. Or if you want more adventures, just in the neighboring town of Badian, is known for its Canyoneering adventures. Just make a reservation first or you may go directly to Log Area, since there are also guides there who can accompany you to the place. If you happen to stay there during the weekends and you want to go to the church on Sunday. You can always visit the church at a walking distance. The church of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva is located beside the entrance of the Kawasan Falls.


If you don’t have any private vehicle, don’t worry because there are lots of buses that will pass by exactly when you go out the premises of the resort. But be sure to pick the best timeslots and season when you are going home. There are times especially on peak seasons, most buses are already full. So better plan well.


Be creative enough and enjoy every moment with your friends or love ones. Amidst the business of life, we should take a break sometimes, relax and be attached with nature. Get rid all your techy gadgets for the moment and be re-connected with those dear to us. Cherish every moment because we never know what lies ahead. Travel more, make new experiences and share it with anyone. Life gets bored at time that you need to relieve your spirit and smile.


By Hill-mangkoko

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