Kyllini: One of the most beautiful and undiscovered Greek beaches

In the south of Greece, in the region of Peloponnese, there is a not-so-well-known district called Kyllini, which is waiting to be your next paradise this summer. The locals call it “Golden Beach”, because of its golden sand and sunsets. The beach there is vast, expanding to a really long coast that covers many communities and villages. The destination is ideal for those who seek pure beauty and tranquility. It is really well-known among tourists who find the location via big tourism agencies that take them there for their all-inclusive vacations, but not so much among free travelers. I have spent many of my summers there as a kid with my family bathing in the shallow calm waters, as a teenager with my friends camping and as an adult working in one of its hotels. I can totally say that this place can charm you whatever age you are. Let’s see why it’s worthy for you to check it or even add it to your bucket list.

Accomodation for all types of travelers

The area can cover everyone’s needs and budgets. Some young people do free-camping in Arkoudi, others do it organized, in special campsites of Golden beach, with all the amenities included (showers, bar-restaurant, minimarket, fridges etc.), while people who have children prefer all-inclusive resorts or smaller pensions/rooms to let. Just open your accommodation search engines, google the area and the choices are all there open to you!


The sunset is amazing and you don’t even have to pay it as expensive as in Santorini.

Ancient Olympia

The place is only 55 minutes drive from Ancient Olympia, the archeological site where the Olympic Games started in the ancient times. Any Greek lover, who has an idea of Greek history can tell that Olympia is a major Greek-to-do, as its historical legacy is perhaps the most significant after the Acropolis.

Nearby villages

The villages across the coast are so cute and picturesque, full of tradition. You can check out Arkoudi for instance, an ideal place for Greek food and chilled cocktails by the beach, or Kastro, a traditional village with a castle on the top. Castle Tornese has been occupied by lots of different colonizers of the area. Originally built by the French as a fort in 1220, was later occupied by the Venetians, Byzantines, Turks. Today it is also open as an archeological site and if you are lucky, you can even find it open on a summer’s night, in case it hosts any concert or if it’s a full moon.

Kyllini Port= more trips

Kyllini has its own port, connecting itself with the popular Greek islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca. So it can never be a waste of your time going there, as you can combine your trip with other famous destinations. Zakynthos is famous for the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves, beaches that have been awarded as some of the world’s top. Also, Dionysios Solomos was born there, the national Greek poem, who wrote the Greek national anthem. Ithaca is Homer’s famous land, home of Odysseus. Kefalonia also has breathtaking beaches and mostly, awesome food. I cannot really explain it, but any Greek recipe tastes better if it’s prepared by a local from there. It seems that people in Kefalonia have a special way of cooking.

Access by airplane

During the summer season, it is also accessible by airplane, as the airport of Araxos is just 39 minutes drive away with flights coming from many European cities. You can find a flight from Europe to Araxos between the months May-October, when the airport functions normally for touristic purposes.


Make sure you rent a motorbike or a car as soon as you arrive at the port or the airport, because I promise you, the land is not small at all and you don’t want to miss anything. As a break from your chilling and tanning sessions, you should definitely go clubbing, so as to taste the Greek nightlife of the area. 30 minutes drive away there is the beach of Kourouta, which is full of bars and nightclubs. They call it the “Mykonos of Peloponnese” because there is always a party there during the summer.

Roman Baths

Since the Roman times, the water there has been discovered to be therapeutic. Some monuments were built to accommodate the “Roman baths”, which now are remnants, but still, archeologically interesting. What is even more interesting is that the springs still produce this strange blue water. If you dig beneath it, you will find some very liquid mud of clay. People rub their body parts and face with it, as it has been proven to heal a lot. Wounds, acne, muscle problems and many other things, as they claim. I can confirm that it is not a myth, I have tried it and then my skin was so clear and shiny. Of course, you can wash yourself when the clay gets dry on your skin and the smell of it will not be so pleasant and comfortable, but it goes away after a couple of hours.

Proximity to the third biggest Greek city

Kyllini is 1 hour and 10 minutes away by car from Patra, the third biggest Greek city. It is an ideal getaway if you wish to go shopping. Patra is commercial, full of stores and students who attend the university and give a fresh young scent to the city.

Media Publicity

Fun fact! Kyllini and its beaches are not at all underestimated by Greek people. Maybe the area is not so famous among strangers, but among Greeks it is because many morning shows on tv have chosen in the past the hotels of this location for some live broadcasts. This usually happens during June, a little bit before the closing of the program season. That’s when the shows move from their studio and find setting in this paradise for some days, in order to goodbye their audience in a summery way.

And what about Athens?

The best thing though? Kyllini is not remote at all, as it is only 3 hours away from Athens!! Yes, right! So you can have it all, go check Athens, Acropolis if you wish and still this small paradise will not be even that far away from you. This is ideal for those who want to see a bit of everything of Greece, the capital city and then something extra, or for those who don’t really want to get stressed over connecting flights and small airports and just want to land from any part of the world to the national airport of Athens. So, these were the facts about Kyllini! I hope that I helped enough with my inside information. Happy travelling, wherever you intend to go next and let’s hope that sooner or later you will be spending a hot summer’s day in Greece, eating on a table Greek delicacies with friends and cheering “Ya mas” while you will be raising your glass of some strong Greek beverage!      

Special thanks to my friend Celine Geilfuss for contributing with extra material.

Chrisa Sotiropoulou

Born in the ’97, I always push myself to the limits when it comes to new experiences that can spice up my life. In 2018, I made a euro tour on my own twice using buses. I have published four books in Greece so far as a freelancer, starting by the age of 17. I have performed singing on a TV talent show, just because I had the crazy idea that it would be cool to try and I have participated as extra actress in TV series and theater plays. Things that I am obsessed about: making new international friends (that I try to keep in touch with and visit in their countries) and learning foreign languages (so far I can communicate in 6 foreign rather than Greek, which is my native). Experiences that changed my life and I am totally grateful for: working for two summer seasons as a kids animator in a Greek resort, which is basically getting paid for making parties with people, occupying their kids, making fun activities with them and dancing your heart out everyday. Through this job I had the chance to meet lots of amazing people from all over the world, both colleagues but also guests. Last but not least, it was my Erasmus exchange program that gave me the chance to spend a semester in France and totally fall in love with its people, its culture and its charming elegant cities.