Kuala Lumpur: Your Entrance To A Quest For Chill And Thrill

January 1, 1970

by Emmerald Danielle Candido

In quest of a major break from my day job, my friend and I decided to book a trip to Malaysia. Much to our delight, the country was a food, entertainment, adventure, and relaxation haven. Malaysia did not disappoint. The second we stepped foot, we breathed in the sweet, minty, slightly sharp and pungent smell of its capital city. Welcomed by the charm of Kuala Lumpur, we wasted no time admiring, taking pictures of the surroundings. Its attractions epitomize the beauty of the whole city. Kuala Lumpur was a mix of chill and thrill and here’s why:

Batu Caves

Greeted by the flock of pigeons, for what felt like a split second, it was as though we were transported to Europe. The stunning sight of pigeons hovering over my head reminded me of Piazza del Duomo of Milan. Apart from the birds, you can also see wild, hilarious, monkeys running up the cave and its rock faced walls. If you’re not much of a monkey fan and you don’t want people to see you hassled by monkeys and run like a headless chicken, you might want to skip getting to the cave and just stay on the grounds, appreciate the magnificent view of the tall, golden, Lord Murugan statue. Getting to the cave would mean climbing a steep flight of 272 steps, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes or sandals. Also, ladies wearing shorts or skirt can’t get in. Those who do would need to loan a sarong. The place features the rich tradition of Hinduism in Malaysia, you’ll see a lot of Hindu followers paying tribute, religious shrines and an array of stark gold statues, it’s fascinating.


The Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC Park

It’s one of those buildings I’ve always seen on television or in pictures. When I finally saw the world’s tallest twin towers in the flesh, I could only say “Wow!”. I looked up and I saw beauty in the skyline of the city. What a beautiful sight to behold. Behind the towers is the KLCC Park that offers walking paths and musical fountain which will add to the wonder of the experience. There were benches scattered around the area where you could sit and relax, plenty of trees you could get under and read a book if you want to avoid the sun and so many greens I was amazed how the park was kept clean. There’s also a mall nearby you could visit should you want to stroll and shop.



KL Tower

My friend and I took some of the best pictures of our trip from this place. It has an open deck that will give you the best views of the city, the Petronas Towers included. The array of skyscrapers radiated a beauty that struck me right in the heart I almost forgot how to breathe. Sorry, if you’re a skyscraper junkie, you’d understand. A lot of activities were offered but we only availed that of the glass box. Mind you, the glass box is not for the faint-hearted. It protrudes out over the edge of the tower. You will be standing on a glass floor that will make you see what is 300 meters down. They say the glass floor can take the weight of an elephant but if you’re someone who’s afraid of heights, you’d most probably think of getting back onto the concrete. Hence, it might be best to skip this part. The experience can both be daunting and thrilling depending on whether you’re someone who loves the adrenaline rush or not. Food bars and shops you can make a stop at were also scattered around the area.



Heli Lounge Bar

My personal favorite. A helicopter pad that turns into a rooftop bar in the evening. After a long day, we needed to go to a restaurant or bar where we can chill, satisfy our growling stomachs, and have a drink or two. The Heli Lounge Bar was a certified gem. What I loved about this place wasn’t just the delicious cocktail or the tasty, fairly priced food it served. It was also the fact that we got to see an impressive view of the city all lit up at night. I don’t think you could get a better 360-degree view of KL at night than here. Imagine sitting down on a helipad, having a conversation with a friend accompanied by good music, you witness the beauty and awe of the sunset envelope the city and later on watch skyscrapers slowly light up, a delicious drink in your hand. A spectacular concept I dare say.


Merdeka Square

Surrounded by vintage buildings, my favorite thing about this place was the green lawns. In a city full of skyscrapers, don’t you think it’s refreshing to find a large open space you could have a nice walk around and take pictures as it has a lot of photographic spots? I definitely did. It’s impressive how they’ve kept the area clean. Another thing I noticed was the local eateries you can have an afternoon snack at. They say it’s also a good place for milkshakes.

Istana Negara

We went here for a quick look from the outside as we were told we can’t go in. There wasn’t much to see and do around the King’s Palace but it was a good photo spot. Royal Guards in their uniforms watched over the palace. I am honestly amazed how they could stand still at such long spans of time I barely see them bat an eye. Even though we didn’t do much but take pictures, I still thought Istana Negara was worth a brief stop. The palace’s architecture was an art by itself, it was fascinating to look at.



I wish we had the luxury of time to extend our stay in Kuala Lumpur. Just as the title suggests, Kuala Lumpur was nothing short of a relaxing and thrilling experience. It was only the start of our vacation but it has already proved us that this was a real escapade from our hectic lives back home. Thank you, Kuala Lumpur for giving us a quest to remember!


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