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February 11, 2020

by Aaron Ashley Jepin


Malaysia is a beautiful, culturally diverse country like none other in the whole of Asia. In no other Asian country will you see a diversity of ethnicity as rich as it is in Malaysia, from the big 3 ethnics which are the Malays, Chinese and Indians, to the more indigenous ethnics like the Sabah state natives “Kadazans”  and the Sarawak state natives “Iban”. Even with such a diverse culture, the people of Malaysia are truly united as one, living harmoniously day to day, co-existing with each other in peace.

Her Capital, Kuala Lumpur, is the heart of all things rich, diverse, and is the flagship example of power through unity, and it is also very much known for her rich history which attracts millions of tourists each and every year. But let’s say you were to plan to visit Malaysia, but you were a bit, shallow in the pockets, do not worry my dear reader, you’ve come to the right blog.

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of tourist-friendly attractions, and I’m sure by now you may have heard a lot of about the twin towers, the rotating dining experience, and the latest trendy “Dining in the sky” restaurant. But all of those attractions share one thing in common, they will blow holes in your wallet and will leave a deep mark in your credit cards. 

Which is why today, depending on when you read this, of course, I have prepared a rather special itinerary for you and your partner a romantic, easy on the pocket travelling experience that isn’t always featured in today’s travelling guide. Sort of like a trip off the beaten path. Therefore you may want to bookmark this guide for your special adventure.

Happy travelling dear reader!



KLCC Park  

The KLCC Park, (Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park) is, as stated in its name, located in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur behind the Suria KLCC mall.  The park is huge, beautiful, and most importantly, free of admission. Anyone and everyone can simply spend quality time enjoying the beautiful lake, which has a secret feature that activates at night which I’ll get to in a bit, or if you guys are the more “active” traveller, you can guys can also jog around the 50 Acre park complete with it’s jogging track. 


Planning to visit on a blisteringly hot day for whatever reason you and your partner might have, this park located smack in the middle of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, also offers a surprisingly cute little water park. It’s perfect to cool off yourselves after having been dried like a raisin under the blistering sun. 


Now about that hidden feature, I talked about. At about 7 pm, you’re going to hear music being played, through the parks many hidden speakers, you’d notice lights dancing around to the beat of the music, and, a water fountain dazzling to the rhythm of the night. It is a glorious spectacle to behold together with that special someone of yours. The number of selfies you guys can take is limitless to capture that special romantic moment of the night. 



 After you’re done with the outdoors, or maybe you guys are simply the more “indoorsy” type who likes to activities while staying indoors, its time to whip out your science hats, (if such a thing even exists), and travel into the walls of Suria KLCC Mall and the halls of Petrosains KLCC. 

This one will cost you a bit of money but will be infinitely cheaper than having to shell out more money to go into say for example Sunway Lagoon and I’m willing to argue that a trip here is more fruitful as you learn while having fun at the same time. 

There a lot of science-themed games, puzzles, and even a gyroscope ride for you to hop on to experience one of the many pieces of training that an astronaut goes through. It is truly a fun place to visit while being on a tight budget in Malaysia. You won’t regret it. 



Bintang Walk 

After having you and your partner’s brain frizzled from all the science quizzes and puzzles, it’s time to put both of your melons into rest and just dive into the evening gleam along the stretches of Bintang Walk. Fun Fact, if you’re not native to the language Malay, Bukit Bintang translates to Star Hill ergo, you’ll be taking a stroll along Star Walk. 


This is not a single walking location, by that I mean it’s the exploration of the entirety of Bukit Bintang, from Pavillion to Fahrenheit 88 and Lot 10 till the end of Berjaya Times Square, all connected conveniently with the Monorail. 


I didn’t coin the term “Bintang Walk” as much as I would like to take credit for such an invention but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

The name itself when translated, literally means star walk, so you and your partner can traverse all the corners of Bukit Bintang feeling like a star. The streets are bustling with roadside-like food stalls It’s a must to experience walking around Bukit Bintang. 


Eat Street KLCC 

Thus comes the evening time, and you’re both hungry, needing something to eat, but as the main topic of this blog, the budget is tight. Here’s where this little gem, where, even for us, was a nice bit of a surprise as the location of the place was a big surprise along with the wealthy options of food pegged with highly affordable prices. 

To find this place is also a bit of an adventure on its own. Firstly, you’re gonna have to locate the 1.2 kilometres long link between for you to go from Pavillion to Suria KLCC. If you’re starting from Pavillion, it would be located at the end of the food boulevard. And if you’re starting from Suria KLCC, you’re gonna have to locate Aquaria KLCC and start your journey from the escalators there. 

Once you’ve located those locations if you’re starting from KLCC, it’ll be nearer to you, but if you’re starting from Pavillion, it’ll be a bit of a breezy walk but trust me, it’ll be worth all the calories you burnt as you’re gonna be gaining all of it back by the time you reach there. As you walk along the bridge, you’re going to come across this small looking junction, that seemingly leads to nowhere but, try looking harder, you’re going to see a sign that says, Eat Street and voila, you’re there! 

The variety of food there is wide as your pockets can go. From local cuisines, to mix fusion, and a few homegrown coffee spots. The depth of your pocket is the limit. 


The Afterparty 

Malaysia is a diverse, culture-rich country with lots of activities to do, a colourful bright history, and traditions brimming from one state to another, I hope you enjoy your stay in my beautiful country of Malaysia. 


Aaron Ashley Jepin

By Aaron Ashley Jepin

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