Köpenick – The Green Side of Berlin

  DSC00466-2 Berlin has become very popular in the last couple of years and while traveling I have met lots of people that have been to Berlin. But when they asked me where in Berlin I am from and I tell them Köpenick, they have no never heard of it and have no idea where it is located. So, then I try to explain them where it is located and describe them its beauty. When they finally come to Köpenick they are surprised how green it is and that this it is still part of Berlin. Köpenick is part of the district Treptow-Köpenick, the largest district in Berlin, and in the southeast of the city. Furthermore, it has the largest area of forest and water in Berlin. It has many things to offer, like a beautiful old town and a water palace as well as a largest lake in Berlin.

1 Day in Köpenick – Surrounded by the Beauty of Forest and Water

If you are looking to escape the city center for a day, then this is the perfect day trip for you. Be prepared to do some walking. In the summer time, I recommend you to bring a bathing suit and a towel to relax at the lake and go for a swim. You can easily arrive in Köpenick by Train. Take the S3 to the station to “Köpenick” and then take the Tram (62 or 68) to “Altstadt Köepnick”. You have arrived in the old town of Köpenick and here is your first stop of the day at Mokkafee. Mokkaffee is a nice little café with excellent breakfast. This is the perfect place to get some energy for the rest of the day.

The Old Town

After your breakfast, it is time to take a walk around the old town of Köpenick. You can have a look at the town hall, which became famous through the Hauptmann von Köpenick (the captain from Köpenick) who has a statue at the side entrance of the town hall. Then you can have a stroll along the water side of the old town or just sit back and relax on one of the benches by the water. Afterwards, you can make your way to the water palace. The Palace is from 1558 and is now used for exhibitions. Take a walk through the park of the palace and then head to the bus station right outside of the palace.


You can take the bus 165 all the way to the last stop “Müggelschlösschenweg”. When you arrive at the last stop you just have to get off and head towards the forest. You will see a little street going into the forest and there is a good chance that you will see other people walking or biking that way. So, just follow them. You will walk through the forest and hardly believe that this is still part of Berlin. After a 20 to 30 minute walk you will reach the Müggelsee, the largest lake of the city. If you visit during the summer, don’t forget you bathing suit and take a dip into the lake. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the view. At the point where the river Spree connects with the lake you’ll find a tunnel for you to get to the other side.


On the other side, you will find Friedrichshagen, a lovely part of Köpenick. Right at the tunnel you will find the former brewery of Berliner Bürgerbräu. The brewery is the oldest brewery of the city and closed its doors in 2010. Next to the brewery is a beer garden where you can grab a refreshing drink and enjoying the view on the lake. Afterwards, it is time to head to the Bölschestraße, the nicest shopping street in the whole district. The street has lots to offer. You can find numerous shops to do window-shopping while strolling along the street. Next to the shops you will find lots of cafes and restaurants where you can get excellent food after a long day. One of the favorites is Mauna Kea, which offers a weekly menu and never disappoints. It is usually pretty difficult to get a table without a reservation, but of course you can give it a try. Otherwise, you will have lots other options in the street. If you get do this trip in spring or summer, I advise you to skip the dessert in the restaurant. Instead head to da Dalt, one of the best gelato places in Berlin. You will have no trouble spotting it since there will be a line outside of the place. But no worries, the line moves pretty fast and in no time you will have some delicious gelato. After enjoying your dessert, it’s time to head home. Just continue walking on the Bölschestrasse and you will get to the train station Friedrichshagen. It is the same line (S3) that you took earlier that day to get to Köpenick. I hope you head a nice and relaxing day and enjoyed exploring a different side of Berlin.

Football in Köpenick

Another highlight in Köpenick is to go to a game of the football team Union Berlin. The team plays in the second league in Germany. If you are a football fan, than this is definitely your type of activity. This club is known for its fans and the atmosphere in the stadium. One of the unique things about the stadium is that most of the stadium is still without seats and that the majority of fans stand. Get a ticket for the standing area and get infected by the enthusiasm of the fans. This is the best way to get the whole experience of the game and feel the passion the fans have. Berlin is a big city and there is a lot more to explore than the city center and the touristic hot spots. Learn more about the real Berlin and explore the outer districts, like Köpenick, and I ensure you will be even more impressed by the city and its diversity.   [single_map_place] Köpenick [/single_map_place]

Bianca Joswiak

Berlin girl traveling the world.