“K'gari alias Fraser Island”


“K’gari” commonly referred as Fraser Island, a world heritage-listed paradisiac getaway. This 120 kilometre sand island is the perfect place to escape the responsibilities of everyday life for a few days of camping and discoveries. My sister came to visit me in Australia and see as much of the country as she could in the smallest period of time. Of course Sydney and Brisbane were on her ‘to do list’ but they don't really give you the taste of freedom you would want from a holiday. Fraser Island was just the perfect place. Just a 2 hour car ride away from Noosa Heads, a nice costal cosy area. For more independence, it is possible to hire your own car but since we didn’t have much time and had to organise the trip quickly, we booked a 3 days & 2 night tour with Dropbear adventures.

Day 1

After an early wake-up in Noosa where our guide was waiting for us and a short safety briefing of the adventure and driving on sand, we were off in direction of Rainbow beach. In our car we were a good group of five international people with different backgrounds which made the first part of the trip interesting. New people joined the team at this first stop and we ended being 7. By pure coincidence the two additional in our 4×4 vehicle were a couple living in our hometown in Switzerland. How small can this world be sometimes? The little group of 28 people all divided in 4 cars went on the ferry to beautiful K’gari. The boat ride to the island was already beautiful, seeing the sand for miles and miles on. We finally arrived on the island for our first drive on the soft sand, it’s a bit trickier to drive on it then to drive on roads but the feeling is hundred times better. The feeling of freedom started directly. To top it off, the landscape is to die for. We went to our first stop, the camping area. There we were welcomely greeted by lovely staff, working holiday Europeans. A nice gathering of tents and an open areas with tables were waiting for us, our new home for the next days. After a great lunch we went to explore the magnificent Birabeen lake with white fine sand just like on Whitehaven beach. Such a nice feeling to be swimming in clear cold blue water when it is so hot outside. The team bonded over some rugby and Frisbee throwing games and really just enjoyed the peace and beauty of the area. You were perfectly cut out of the world.  

Birabeen lake

After diner, the guide started to tell us the story of the island. Sadly it isn’t a nice story. Captain Cook discovered the island in 1770 and decided to eliminate the previous occupants, the butchers. To cheer up the mood we went to the beach to admire the stars. Such a clear night that we could see thousands of them in the far, shinning over the ocean. I even spotted a shooting star and could make a wish. But what more could you wish for at that point? We then had some nice drinks getting to know each other. So many travellers from the whole world with many stories to share.

Day 2

The second day, we woke up to sunrise over the ocean. The sun was so red when it came up that it blinded your eyes. We headed to “Champagne Pools”, naturally built and filled with salt water coming from the ocean. The water forms bubbles like the drink of the same name. Such a paradisiac place but with maybe a bit too many people. We then headed up to “Indian Head” (or Tucky as the bitchers would say) to do the same walk, aboriginals did many years ago as the English regrouped them before throwing them off the cliff. A place of memory and peace.

Indian Head

Champagne Pools

Champagne Pools

                      To enlighten the atmosphere we headed to “Eli creek” to float down the clear stream. We had loads of fun before heading back for diner. That night after listening to many more stories of K’gari, the guide taught us how to play the typical aboriginal instrument: the dijeridoo. It produces a very fine sound.

Day 3

On the third day before heading to Lac Mckenzie, the most popular attraction on the island, I was extremely lucky to get to see K’gari from the sky. As a birthday present my sister offered me a tour on board of “Airfraser”, a tiny 5 seat airplane. We could see this huge island form the air and discover many hidden treasures of the island such as the “Butterfly lake”  which I really liked.


Butterfly Lake

Butterfly Lake

12721557_10153909577986113_820449194_n                     These few minutes in the sky were an incredible gift for the eyes. After that we went for a swim in the famous lake Mckenzie. Unluckily, it was raining but we still saw all the beautiful blues and whites that coloured the lake. We could also scrub our bodies and hair with the white sand to purify. The team bonded over some more ball games in the best landscape possible. After lunch, we had a digestive walk through the magnificent rainforest, listening to all the tradition of the aboriginals. It is one of the only rainforest on the planet that is built on sand. Sadly our adventure was soon over and we had to leave beautiful K’gari to head back to the main land. As my mom would say, all great things come to an end. I would recommend this island to anyone coming to Australia that has a little sense of adventure and isn’t scared of living rustically. I only had one deception through the three day journey, the deception of not seeing any dingos. We had been worn so much about how to behave around these wild dogs which can actually be quite dangerous that I was quite sad to not meet any during my stay. I hope my future adventures on beautiful Australia will let me see some.  

Jade Sternberg

Swiss/french biotech student, travelling for the thrill of discovering new landscapes, cultures and cities. Writing postcards since childhood to share travel experiences with friends, I would like to take it to the next level by sharing my adventures with thirsty readers around the world.