Kaziranga National Park the home to one-horned rhino

Located in the beautiful and green paradise of Assam, Kaziranga national park is the few places in the world where you can find one-horned rhino.  Spread across the floodplains of the river Brahmaputra are homes to tigers, buffalo, elephants and worlds largest Indian one-horned rhinos. It covers an area of 240 km² which includes forests, wetlands and grasslands.  Every year Kaziranga National Park receives a large number migratory birds which add to the beauty of the place. The park has also been identified as an Important Bird Area(IBA) by Birdlife International for the conservation of the avifaunal species. It has rare birds like the eastern imperial eagle I visited Kaziranga last month and was mesmerized by the beauty of that place. The foggy morning in the heart of nature made me forget about the hectic life in the city and enjoy the moment. I really encourage you all to visit it and here I will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy a wonderful stay at Kaziranga National Park.

Best time to visit

The from November till April is the perfect time to visit Kaziranga National Park. During this period the climate is very pleasant and suitable for wildlife sightings. The generally remains closed from 1st May to 31st October every year due to rainfall and flood.

Travelling to Kaziranga

  • Kaziranga is at a distance of 129.9 km from the Dispur (Guwahati), the capital of Assam. You can reach Guwahati by booking your flights to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Internation Airport or by train you can get off at Guwahati Railway station
  • The journey from Guwahati to Kaziranga National Park can be covered by the means of Bus or you can rent a car as per your needs. It has a good road connection and roads are adorned with trees and forest on both side which makes the journey even more beautiful. You can book bus tickets on booking sites like redbus.com or you can book at normal counters. Cars can be rented from the hotel where you will stay for the night.

Top resorts and lodges at Kaziranga

Kaziranga offers a variety of resorts and hotels to choose from as per your convenience. The most famous are listed below.

Jupuri Ghar:

Jupuri Ghar is located just off the main road, in the Kohora Tourist range with easy access to the booking office. It is surrounded by woodland and is located at the foot of a hill. Cottages are provided for accommodation with a porch and an attached bathroom.

Iora resort:

It is located just of the National Highway 37. It is a luxury resort and is spread across 20 acres of land with landscaped gardens and provides 4-star amenities. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant and open deck cafe by the pool, in the bar pool and jacuzzi. It has spacious rooms with amazing views.

Wild Grass lodge:

The wild grass lodge is located outside of Kaziranga. It is built in the heart of nature and the grounds have more 40 species of trees and over 200 species of shrubs, creepers and climber. It can feel relaxed and in tune with nature It offers 18 double rooms in 2 jungle lodges and tents for accommodation.

Bonhabi Resort:

It is located nearest to Kaziranga’s main entry gate and has 12 cottages with tropical rainforest and paddy fields views.

Diphlu River Lodge:

Diphlu River Lodge is situated at a very awesome location. The river separates the Lodge from the National Park. The comfortable bungalow with its awesome view of the river helps to calm your nerves and refresh your mind. The road leading to the lodge is planted with trees and bamboo, past an open area where tribal dances are organised by the lodge. The lodge consists of 8 private bungalows, 4 semi-private bungalows, raised on stilts above the ground, made of bamboo and thatch, they are all air-conditioned.

Infinity Kaziranga Wilderness:

Bamboo trees are found in plenty in Assam and this resort is set in the midst of a thick bamboo grove with a variety of medicinal plants and betel nuts and fruit trees. The entire resort blends with the thick foliage. All the guest rooms are lake-facing and are luxurious and comfortable. It houses a restaurant, Reception, Spa, Swimming pool, Libary and Internet cafe.   There are many more resorts and lodges available. You can pre-book by telephone or by visiting their websites or you can reach and book. I would advise pre-booking as during peak season it’s very hard to find good accommodation.

Things to do in Kaziranga

Jeep Safari :

Kaziranga National Park has very developed and large jeep safari service. The safari takes around one to one and half of an hour. A variety of animals like elephants, rhino, buffalo can be spotted. The safari is conducted in an open jeep which is awesome. You can stand and feel the forests air touching your face. The jeep safari is conducted throughout the day. It can be easily booked through the resort or lodge you’re staying in. You can go for the jeep safari the day you reach if you arrive during the daytime. You can spot a variety of birds at bird watching tower.

Elephant Safari:

The Elephant ride is the most awesome part of Kaziranga National Park. Elephants rides are conducted every morning 5 am to 7 am. You can watch animals as they come out in the morning to eat and drink. The ride on the elephants back is very exciting and thrilling as you can watch the animals from a very close distance. The animals stand almost next to you and a very clear view is available. The tickets are limited and pricing is different according to the range. The tickets have to be booked the day before. You can request your hotel to arrange them.

Elephant safari at Kaziranga

Come and spend a few days in the heart of nature and forget about your stressful city life. Wake up to the chirping of birds and enjoy one of the best moments in your life in Kaziranga National Park.        

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