Kalanggaman Island: Day Tour & Important Tips You Should Know

November 30, 2018

by Athena Jillian Bravo

There are over 7,107 islands in the archipelago of the Philippines and about 400 more recently discovered. Travel fanatics most probably have been to tons of its beaches from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. But what makes Kalanggaman Island in worth the visit?

Filipino beach bums may have been to different beaches in the country like Boracay, Subic, Panglao, Samal, Surigao and even Dahican but what’s different aside from its beautiful sandbar is how it was taken good care of by its people.

It has been an issue around the world that developed islands were poorly maintained just like what recently happened to Boracay. However, Palompon people showed everyone that this beautiful paradise is not and wont be like those commercialized beaches.

If you have been there just like I do, you can agree with me that if you are looking for a beautiful beach that can help you relax and just enjoy for the rest of the day without interruptions from our usual stressful week at work, try visiting Kalanggaman Island.

Important things you need to know if you visit Kalanggaman

Now before anything else, here are a few things you need to know for your Kalanggaman Trip.

  1. The best time to go to the island is during summer season. As for us, our trip to Cebu was on the month of September. Although it’s sunny, our trip back to Cebu was a scary one because we happen to visit the island on Amihan Season (big waves & rain). Make sure to check the weather or grab a life vest with you on the boat for your safety.
  2. It is a less developed island which means there are NO resorts, commercial shops or restaurants in it. If you plan to stay overnight, bring your tent with you. You may also rent their Day Tour Cottages at P500 that comes with tables and chairs.
  3. Bring more food and drinks because you will be travelling for hours just to get there. There are some sari sari stores that are selling some food and drinks but expect that the prices are quite high since it were all transported there from Leyte.
  4. There is no electricity and the network connection is slow. Millennials who loved posting photos online for their trips, I suggest you enjoy the rest of the tour first and spend time with your friends and family at this beautiful island. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged and bring a power bank with you in case you will really need one.
  5. Put sunblock on because you will be walking under a scorching heat and you don’t wanna get uneven skin tone just like what my cousin had (although she loved her tan skin). No one wants to get sun burnt!
  6. Do not expect a powdery sand at the island. You may have imagined walking around it barefoot before getting there but I tell you, the sand is rough and it has bits of corals so its best to bring slippers with you.
  7. No fresh water for cleansing. They may have shower rooms where you may wash up but what’s the use if it’s still salty water right? Why not wait to get back to Maya Port and freshen up from the hostel nearby instead.

How to get there

Recommended: Register to a joiners day tour

If you are travelling from Cebu City just like we do, the best way to get to the island is through Maya Port. Since we registered to a joiners tour, travelling 3 hours to Maya Port was never a hassle for us.

Our tour guide from Yes Cebu picked us up from our Airbnb rented unit at 3:00 in the morning. Since its a 3-hour drive and we just got home from our party night, all we did the entire trip was sleep. As early as 6:20 AM we arrived at Maya Port and waited for the pump boat that will take us to Malapascua Island for the joiners tour.

The trip from Maya Port to Malapascua is less that an hour by boat and we left the port for the day tour at 7:00 AM. Just imagine how long that is for someone who is scared of deep waters like me! Malapascua is known as a divers haven for its thresher sharks.

So if you are a diver who wanted to go for an adventure and see some sharks, dedicate your 1 day in the itinerary at Malapascua Island.

Malapascua to Kalanggaman Island

From Malapascua, our guide turned us over to the guide for the Kalanggaman Island day trip where we transferred to a bigger boat (Thank God!) and waited for the others to aboard with us. The trip to this paradise is about an hour and a half but depends on the current of the water. It will be more than that if you happen to go there during Amihan season where waves are a bit stronger than usual days like we did. I tell you it’s one of a hell boat ride! It’s a good thing that the captain of the boat is very good with working our way out the huge waves.

15 minutes before our ETA at 10:30 AM, we get to see the beauty of the entire island and the clear waters surrounding it. We just can’t wait to get off the boat and explore more of it!

Just like what we expected after reading some reviews, coming to this hidden paradise is very refreshing. Since there’s less signal, no one back home or from the office can ruin your relaxing trip. I highly suggest this to couples who wanted to spend an island date day with their love ones.

Here in Kalanggaman you get to appreciate the beauty of nature despite the inconveniences of what is mentioned above, it is a paradise one must go to.

You can take great photos at the island most especially to its famed sandbar where you get to see the crystal clear beach up to its deep blue waters. It is a very Instagrammable location where soon-to-be married couples may take their prenup photos too.

One thing about this dolphin’s sanctuary (as what it is known for) that I have observed is that the island has two sides–the front side is the sand area with turquoise water and the back side has deep blue wavy waters hitting those huge rocks. The place is really fascinating which makes it worth the visit.

Before going back to Cebu City, we had lunch together with the filipinos and foreigners who were with us as part of our Day Tour Package. We dedicated our time swimming and taking some good photos as our souvenir for our trip. The boat was scheduled to get back to Malapascua at 2:30 PM and we are expected to arrive at Maya Port around 6 in the evening.

It was a tiring trip, but what we saw and experienced their is quite a treasure and we are proud to have it.


Athena Jillian Bravo

By Athena Jillian Bravo

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