Journey in Australia from Brisbane to Cairns in 7 days

Have you ever, in your daydream ponderings, thought of creating a bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to do? There is a myriad of them you might put on that list, I’m sure. What if I told you that there is a place where you can cross out a number of them in just one week? Whether you are in search of breathtaking sites, stunning natural wonders or ravishing beaches, or perhaps, you might be an adventure seeker, a passionate cosmopolitan city dweller, a flora and fauna lover or just a person that identifies the journey with diverse options and experiences, this one offers them all. I introduce to you the smallest continent and yet the biggest gem radiating more colors than your usual state-of-art smartphone, her highness – Australia. Australia’s wildlife and outback may leave you speechless, but you will always have a lot to say about a sunny disposition of locals, delicious food and gripping art, and you just might mention, when you share the stories of the amazing time you had here with your friends, how Australia is more than just a piece of paradise, it is a paradise in its entirety.

How to travel?

Let’s get this straight. With all said above, one week sounds like just scratching the surface, I know, but if you organize your time well and stick to the itinerary which I will provide in this article, you might be the next one to feel the urge to write about Australia and its marvels on your way back home. First and foremost, Australia is just the right place for road trips, so, on top of having total flexibility and perhaps even taking some offbeat tracks, having a car might give you a great taste of Australia’s scenery overall. On the other hand, if you want to save up some money and fuel, choosing a coach charter service (such as Transport Network Australia, for instance) may be a good solution for you. Just remember, journey, especially in Australia, is what counts, not only destinations.


7-day journey

Having this humongous country to cover and not that much time, I would recommend one of the itineraries I personally had and preferred as the first-time explorer and a beach and wildlife buff, which, by the way, made me come back and explore further. It’s a trip from Brisbane to Cairns, which basically translates as the Queensland Coral Sea coast, covering around 2000 km of road permeated with dazzling waterfalls, heavenly beaches, and awe-inspiring reefs. These are some amazing spots on the way that you just might fit in your seven-days schedule:

Day 1: Noosa National Park, Hinterland, Everglades & more

If you happen to be a fan of surfing, horse trail riding, kayaking or just beautiful sunsets, once you start advancing north after leaving Brisbane, you will come across a place called Noosa, with its refreshing Noosa National Park, welcoming Hinterland, adventurous Everglades, and Main or Sunshine Beach in Noosa Heads. The first day – checked.


Day 2: Bundaberg & Mons Repos Beach

On the second day of your journey, 3 hours’ drive away from Noosa, Bundaberg would be a perfect pit stop not only for your vehicle but also yourself, since there are some great spots for you to replenish with some out-of-this-world frappes made with local fruits. And just before calling it a day, you can visit Mons Repos Beach and perhaps even witness a birth of a new life, since this is the nesting place for loggerhead sea turtles.

Day 3 & 4: Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary & Keppel Islands

The third day might be the most encompassing one. Further north, 4 hours away from Bundaberg, you will find yourself enchanted by tropical surroundings in the place called Yeppoon. If you are keen on hanging out with animals, especially the ones that might not be found in your place, such as koalas, kangaroos or crocodiles, Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to find them. If, on the other hand, you like delving into the depths of this beautiful planet of ours and mysteries enveloping them, Capricorn caves might feel better than a 3D blockbuster in a theater, for sure. Getting in touch with nature is what this day is all about, so why not meet a dolphin or two on your cruise trip around Keppel Islands while snorkeling. Just saying. And if a day here is not enough, make it two. You won’t regret. I didn’t.

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Day 5: Great Barrier Reef

You have probably heard of Great Barrier Reef, and if not, please, make sure to check out the pictures online before you visit it, because words are not enough to describe this area of scenic beauty. It is located in Airlie Beach, around a 5-hour drive from Yeppoon. Here, you can fly. No, literally, you can take a helicopter tour and fly over the Coral Sea, and believe me, you can and should take lots of photos, but this view will stick with you for a long time to come even without them. The fifth day – checked.

Day 6: Townsville

Whether diving in a sea of cocktails or just a regular one is your thing, you can find both in Townsville. This is a joyous city, 3 hours’ drive from Airlie Beach, bustling with positive, youthful energy which makes you feel like you are twenty again (which is not the case with the author of this text). Partying might exhaust you, so find your safe haven at Rambutan’s rooftop bar, enjoy the view and reinvigorate with a glass of homemade beer, or two, do not exaggerate, you still have one more beautiful day to come.

Day 7: Cairns

You remember the Great Barrier Reef, right? Well, now you are in Cairns and while warm breeze caresses your skin, you might think about booking a half or full-day boat tour and explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of hundreds of islands and as many types of coral. Finally, you can wrap it up by stopping by at the Woolshed, and have a farewell party with your fellow backpackers in a genuine Aussie atmosphere.

Great Barrier Reef

I hope you’ll have a great time in Australia, and ask for more once it’s done, just like I did. Have a safe trip and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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