Jordan: visiting Petra and Wadi Rum

Jordan is a country of oriental beauty, mysteries and unanswered questions. Our short trip was completely unplanned at the beginning. The decision of going there was made on one Saturday morning when I have found extremely cheap tickets from Cyprus (20 EUR). The plan was to visit Petra, Wadi Rum desert and Amman. We have developed an efficient program that I am going to share with you today. There we were: 4 people, limited budget, love for travel and adventures.

Mysterious Petra

First of all, if your plan is visiting Jordan for more than three nights, I highly recommend ordering a Jordan Pass. It is a package that allows you to visit over 40 attractions in the country and waives the tourist visa fee (around 50 EUR). We have got the cheapest pass (it cost us around 82 EUR per person) and it was definitely worth it. Our first hotel was booked in Petra, where we headed to straight away from Amman airport. Please, keep in mind that there is around 4 hours car drive and the taxis prices are quite high. The standard price is around 80 Jordanian Dinars. The hotel’s location was great, just within 5 minutes drive from the archeological site of Petra. We have arrived around 15 pm and got 4-5 hours for the city of mysteries. Since we had a Jordanian pass, the entrance for us was free. I can’t describe you the beauty of this lost city. I was wandering around trying to understand how they built it and how much time was possibly spent on it. Bedouins were approaching us one after another offering guided tours to see the most famous building of Petra (the Treasury) from above. Finally, we agreed and took an hour-long hike up for 5 EUR per person. The view from there was breathtaking. I was looking at that Wonder of the world and couldn’t understand how human creatures could construct that massive thing. I have returned to the hotel tired, but happy and proud of the human race.

A day in Wadi Rum

The next day we took a taxi to Wadi Rum desert (1.5 hours drive), where we had booked a Bedouin camp for a night. For those who don’t know, the movies “The Martian” and some episodes of “Star Wars” were shot there. It really feels like another planet.  This was an amazing and authentic experience I would never forget. Since it was winter, we have booked a camp with heaters, but you will survive even without them. Bedouins offered a program we couldn’t say no to. We were taken to a 2 hours jeep safari in a desert, camel ride, after which we enjoyed the magnificent sunset. The off-season traveling has a number of advantages: one of them is the absence of crowds. We could admire the peace of the desert, feel the atmosphere and enjoy it fully. The day finished with a delicious traditional dinner at the camp, after which we were invited to the Bedouins’ party with the fire, dance, tea, and nargile.

Back to Amman

Two days passed fast but they were full of activities, experiences and we were ready to take a taxi back to Amman. Considering the distance from the desert to the capital, we didn’t have much time to explore it. However, we still had a walk on the Rainbow street, attended a Christmas event in the Mall, had a great dinner in one of the best restaurants, bought a few souvenirs and had to say goodbye.      

Lusine Mirzoyan

I am Lusine, born in Armenia, currently living in Cyprus. Still believe in Humanity, considering life the greatest teacher, love meeting interesting people, explore and learn new things.