Johor Bahru, Growing City

January 1, 1970

by La-sannah

Johor Bahru also known as JB, is the capital state of Johor in Southern Peninsular Malaysia. Once known as the “cowboy town”, is now a leading state in Malaysia, thanks to the current megaproject Iskandar which according to experts will turn Johor Bahru into the biggest financial state in Malaysia. So here are some of interesting places to visit in Johor Bahru.

Legoland Malaysia

First international theme park in Malaysia and, first Legoland in Asia. Packed with more than 70 hands on rides(including theme parks and water parks), slides and shows. Especially suitable for kids. Even if you don’t necessarily love Legos, you will love this park. Lego themed water park, Lego themed hotel are two must visit at this place. The legoland hotel is designed as a kingdom of toy which is quite fun. There are three main theme for the rooms, Kingdom, Pirate and Adventure. In the Legoland Theme Park, there’s Miniland, one of the 7 themes on the Park, where you can find miniatures of famous architectures in the world (such as Eiffel Tower in France, Taj Mahal in India, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, etc).

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.44.12 PM

View of Miniland at Legoland Malaysia


Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Heaven for Hello Kitty lovers. Otherwise it has not much to offer for adults, kids however, will absolutely love it. Consists live stage performance by Hello Kitty and friends at Hello Kitty Town’s Purrfect Stage, meet & greet session with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel. I mostly enjoyed all the cute Hello Kitty decorations and dolls.

Hello Kitty Town

Hello Kitty Town


Pulai Waterfalls

Mount Pulai is a jungle mountain trail, suitable for walking and cycling. The whole journey is about 10 kilometer, 5 kilometer up the hill and 5 kilometer down, 700 meter above sea level. Free admission and a really enjoyable track with soothing sounds of waterfalls and animal sounds.

Pulai Waterfalls

Beautiful Pulai Waterfalls


Johor Premium Outlet

For all of the shopaholics out there, this is an amazing mall to visit. Covered with designer/branded items like Burberry,Gucci,Coach,CK, etc., for discount. There are numerous dining areas spotted around the shopping arcade, if all the bargain hunting has tired you out. This Outlet is not only for the luxe brands lovers, but also for the sports enthusiast, high street lovers and even for the little ones.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.16.49 PM

Johor Premium Outlet


Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

This temple is a major state’s tourist attraction for its architecture because it’s decorated with glass inside and outside. It is the first hindu glass temple in the world. This temple looks amazing on a sunny day. In every corner of them temple is covered in a wonderful mosaic beauty with excellent craftsmanship. This temple has become one of the most  famous historical sights in Malaysia. A wonderful temple unlike any I’ve visited before. Definitely a must visit in Johor Bahru.

Inside of Glass Temple

Inside of Glass Temple


Tioman Island

Golden sandy beaches, clear aqua water with marine life, lush forest,  surrounded by foggy mountains, nice foods.. what else could one ask for.? Tioman island is quite popular among tourists, known for its diving, trekking and snorkeling possibilities. There are many nice waterfalls in this island to visit, which are easily accessible. Tioman is a duty free zone and proffer an appropriate selection of tobacco and alcohol products at low prices. Some of the fun facts of Tioman is that, this island is home to four of the world’s known species of sea turtles, including crucially endangered species. So to help the situation, there are projects which anyone can join to help the sea turtles out, which is quite amazing!

View of Tioman Island Beach

Pasar Malam/Night Market

Pasar malam aka The night market also known locally as “Pasar Karat” in Johor Bahru are very popular among the locals and foreigners for its variety of foods and goods at reasonable price. Countless stalls in the street lines selling street foods, fruits, snacks, vegetables, clothing, household goods, accessories, etc. Usually starts up around dusk (around 7pm)and continue until about midnight. The reason for its popularity is probably because of its location which is at the center of Johor Bahru city. I mostly enjoyed walking around and hunting for food in breezy evening of Johor Bahru streets. A good way to discover and explore local foods and sights. This night market is a must go at night!

View of the Night Market

View of the Night Market


All and all the visit to Johor Bahru was worth it. Was is the most exciting city I’ve been to? No. But Johor Bahru from what I’ve heard has come a long way, and the city has some very nice place to offer to visit. My take is that in coming years, Johor Bahru will definitely be one of the most interesting city in Malaysia since there are a lot of things are now in progress to make JB a very fun place to be at.



By La-sannah

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