Italy: Milan and surroundings – places of interest and lifehacks

When we hear the word “Italy”, we, first of all, represent Venice, Florence and the capital — Rome. For many people, it is a secret that in Italy there is another capital. It is the “fashion capital” Milan. And the North of Italy, where this city is located, is no less worthy of a visit than the cities known to all. So you’re in Milan. First, solve the issue with transport. Lifehack: if you come to Milan for a couple of days — buy a ticket for 48 hours (8.25 euros). If you have 8-10 days, the best option is Settimanale 2×6 (weekly pass valid for any 6 days of one week -10 €). It allows you to travel twice a day – in the morning to the center of Milan or to the station, in the evening — back.

Milan cathedral

Now start conquering the “peaks” of Milan. The first of them is the Grand Milan Cathedral. It is the only Catholic Church built of white marble and the fifth largest Cathedral in the world. It can accommodate up to 40,000 people. On the roof of the Cathedral 135 spires — a stone forest!

La Scala Theatre

Very close to the Cathedral – La Scala theater. The building in which it is located is not striking. But La Scala is the most famous Opera house in the world. It is believed that tickets to La Scala are very expensive (stalls — 300 euros) and it is almost impossible to get here. But! Lifehack: Every day, two hours before the performance in La Scala, they begin to issue standing tickets. Reserve – 140 tickets for 11€. Wait your turn, fill out the form. Tickets are sold at the box office before the performance upon presentation of the questionnaire and passport.

Last supper

The most famous “top” of Milan – “the last supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. Executed in 1495-98, the fresco still adorns one of the walls of the refectory Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Because of Leonardo’s experiments with a colorful layer of the fresco is gradually destroyed, so hurry to see it! It is recommended to take care of the ticket a few months before the visit. I did not succeed — too many people wanted to! But! Lifehack: the Church is open to the public from 7:30. If you come to the earliest session, there is a chance to buy a ticket directly at the box office of the Museum refectory. I did it!

Shopping in Milan

And now it’s time for shopping because you are in the “fashion capital”. Another “top” of Milan is “fashion Square”. It is formed by four streets — Montenegro, Manzoni, Della Spiga and Corso Venezia (a quarter of boutiques for every taste, only very expensive). But! Lifehack: Corso Buenos Aires in Milan – the shopping street of middle-class brands (Zara, Benetton, Gap, Calzedonia, etc.). There are also children’s clothing stores (DPAM, Prenatal, Original marines), and perfume and cosmetic (Sephora).

Where to go from Milan

From Milan you can quickly and inexpensively get to Lake Como (4,8 euros, 36 minutes); Genoa (14 euros, 1,5 hours); Turin (by high-speed train 12,9 euros, if you book tickets in advance, in the way — an hour). Northern Italy has prepared many pleasant surprises for you — come, it is waiting for you!

Evgeny Kulkov

For many years I travel and do tourism. The journeys I have made and continue to make are divided into three types. First: economy-travel with my wife and two children (rent cheap housing, self-cooking, etc.). Second: single kayak trips along the rivers of Russia with visits to small towns and historical sites (about 40 rivers). Third: hitchhiking through Europe. I also love my Moscow and know a lot about my city. All that I have accumulated during my travels and my walks around Moscow, I want to share with you.