Israel : Palmahim Beach

January 1, 1970

by Mermaid

Sunny day at Palmahim Beach

Little bit about myself

Hello everyone! My name is Mickey and here I would tell you about my Mermaid adventures and the places I find myself in!

I live in Israel and most of the time I plan my next destination to fly to. I can’t seem to rest in one place, I always have the need to travel and make my world new. I’m an artist and my schedule is of a free spirit who has no future or past. every day I try to listen to my heart to guide me where I need to be.

Ocean calls

And like every other hot Saturday, me and my friend Tal decided to go to the beach, and this time we went to Palmahim. it’s near where we live but not the main beach in my town Rishon Le Zion where everyone usualy go. we don’t like it where it’s crowded but it’s pretty difficult to find an empty beach around here, especially on Saturday noon.

So I packed my bag and we drove to Palmahim Beach, near the kibutz Palmahim where there is a closed community who lives right at the beach (and barely opens their arm to new residents). I used to go there in the winter with my parents sometimes when i was younger, to find special seashells that were revealed after the storms at sea.

The minute we got there and found a spot, we couldn’t wait to get into the water cause it’s so hot. I wonder how people don’t just burst into flames here! Israel is very hot most of the time, and in the summer it’s impossible to go anywhere BUT the beach.

160806082802life is pink

A mermaid thought

As someone who was born and lived across the ocean it’s hard for me to stay away from it. the way my life feels like right now is floating, I look at people and experiences in a detached kind of way. This beach let’s me be no one and everything. relax from my thoughts. I felt realy calm despite few old men who kept staring at us and creeped us out 😀

back to the sea

The beaches in Israel are usualy packed with Matkot players, who are beating balls everywhere right on the front line of the sea, making it anoying to reach the water or even tan since they are throwing the balls at you every 2 minutes. but surprisingly the beach was clean of Matkot players! so we were very happy and could enjoy taning peacefully.

It used to be a beach where all the hippies and stoners were but now familys comes here too, and it can get very crowded at times. but there is no police to bother people about drinking beers or having music to loud so people can feel free to do as they want, and it gives this beach a different feeling from other beaches in the center area of Israel. Some people come here to practice juggling so if you’re into it this is the place to be free and get muse. there is also an old man passing by twice a day selling popsicles which can be very helpful cooling down and he knows exactly when to show up!

For a while Palmahim Beach used to be whithout any food stores or lifeguards. it was only nature, hills and green but the more people started to go there, the more ‘civilized’ it became. so now it has few stores near by and a lifeguard that we didn’t even heard (usualy they scream every 30 seconds, and yell at children not to drown) but we could still enjoy the beach and the sun helped us tan 🙂


There weren’t as many people as we imagined (or feared) so we could really relax and connect to the ocean (although there was so much trash and plastic bags in the water, it killed our mood everytime we wanted to go in).  the beach itself was pretty clean. there was a bit of waves and we could see little kids learning how to surf, it was cute.

Gifts from the ocean

We even went on a treasure hunt to find nice seashells, this beach is known for it’s shells. not as beautiful as in other countrys i’ve been in, but compare to other beaches in Israel here you can find pretty good variety! (since I was a little girl I used to pick seashells at the beach and make them into necklaces, today I still feel the need to find pretty shells from every beach I visit).

So if you’re here- don’t forget to look down to find some treasures on the sand!

Palmahimsome of my treasures

Food for the soul

The day went peaceful and on our way back home we stoped in one of many off road kiosks near the beach, where they sell ‘Malabi‘ (a Turkish dessert) and got us some ^_^ ( it is an Israeli tradition to eat Malabi after/before going to Palmahim Beach). they also make ‘Jahnun‘ (Yaman food) that realy helped us with the hunger and was the perfect meal after being at the beach all day.

MalabiMalabi desserts

Next to come!

It was a perfect ending for a perfect day of sun and good vibes, and I can’t wait till the 1st of september, when me and Tal will go on our mermaids trip to Costa Rica! we are going to stay in the beach town Santa Teresa for 3 months, and I will write about our adventures there and also post videos from the beautiful beaches and jungles of Costa Rica ^_^

I havn’t traveled for a long time, and most of the time I traveled alone. so this is going to be the first time going on a long vacation with a good friend. I expect nothing less than craziness and ready to get wildly mellow from good vibrations and people of pure life!

so till next time + * + * + *




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