Inspiration named Thailand

January 1, 1970

by Milena Matic

 (1st of the stories from Asian soil)


Before I start talk how the time I spent on Asian soil inspired me, I want to make some introduction. The moment I started work on this stories is the moment when my calendar showed that I’ve spent exactly 3 months here.  I felt my lap top was calling me and I was afraid. You may ask why? Well, I didn’t know if I am capable of turning of my emotions and impressions into a stories on right way. So many great things, memories, people, places… Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia… some things you can’t say in the way you feel them.

I believe that every person in some period of its life needs to spend some time far away from home, in an environment totally different from one they grow up in and get used to it, in order to get to know themselves in best way. If we can combine that with work, especially with different people, it becomes one significant experience.

About inspiration

At this moment, I’m looking trough the window of my room in the contours of the city that took my heart with its incredible magic. Bangkok. It comes to the spot when a rainy season is about to start, so it’s very hot outside. One more sunny day and endless blue sky above thailandese capital dotted with the clouds. This view wakes up my thoughts. In past few days I was thinking about some interesting post I’ve read on the internet. It was about inspiration. It says that the inspiration lies in banalities and our everyday life, so we just need to open our mind and let those small things around us pull out our feelings and turn them into the words. If you think a little deeper about it, you will realize that makes sense. My inspiration swam in daily routine and seemingly the most ordinary moments in the past three months, jumped from the most banal things and knitted in my head all those words that now are passing from my fingers to the laptop’s screen.

So, as you can suppose from the introduction, my first story from Asian soil will be named Inspiration named Thailand, in order to present what is that in this beautiful country that awakes inspiration in all those travel lovers that have been written about it. Including me. In this case – especially me.

Feel Thailand

I must confess that I didn’t feel this country in right way first time when I came here. I was looking in it so superficially, like most of the tourists. I didn’t try to understand this magic with my heart. I just wanted to make so many pictures and see everything I read about. But, I realized we all need much more than just simple visit if we want to get to know one country well. It’s necessary to meet people, streets, feel the daily life, let the culture and religion touch you, “read between the lines” and learn how they live, in order to feel it and become a part of it. It’s all about opening your mind and your heart to new, unknown things. With Thailand it is easy. Thailand takes you instead you takes it.

,,Country of a thousand smiles” – title that you meet in most of guides, books, articles and prospects you read when you start to do research about Thailand. I must add – a thousand honest and sincere smiles. Smiles you will see everywhere, but from my experience, there is no such a smile as you see on a face of one Thai. Their view is lovable and you can’t see evil. I firmly believe that the best mirror of one country is in its people. This people adorns peacefulness, cordiality and, above all, calmness. Calmness is so obvious in their moves, in their work, that, somehow, makes you feel the same, it goes through your veins, literally. All that rush we live in everyday here is unknown and undesirable. You realize that there is much more than chasing life – Thailand teaches you how to live the life. You realize that calmness is something we all need, also life with less stress. With Thai people you learn that delay is something normal, also traffic jam or “I can’t work today – too hot” moments. They live an ordinary, average life, without reference to materialism. They find peace and happiness in prayers, family, in their faith… in the end, don’t we all say that happiness is made by small things?

<strong><a href=''>Koh Phangan</a></strong> bungalows

Places and memories

Except people, there are also things, places, moments my inspiration is made of. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Phangan… Riding through the canals of Ton Buri quarter of Bangkok, trekking through the forest on the north of the country, the great view from Bangkok’s rooftop places, watching sunset at Phangan beaches, swimming in the crystal clear water in Phuket, sleeping in a hut, waking up with the sound of waves … Unforgettable!

All those people that passed through my life also left some marks and make me feel so good right now while I am writing this. All those great memories are flowing out of me, trying to find the way to show through the words some of the best moments from Thailand.

Bangkok – the city of inexhaustible energy, city so alive, so noisy, so hot, so beautiful and winsome… The city I can talk about all day. The city that deserves a special story. On the other side, there is Chiang Mai – small city in the north of Thailand, totally different from Bangkok. Small, nice, charming and pleasant city, surrounded by forest and mountains. Verdure around you, elephants next to the road, tribes deep in the mountain and their hospitality – moments for a lifetime! After that comes south – warm sea, beautiful beaches and islands. On one side, Phuket in the Andaman sea, with amazing blue water and incredible white sand beaches, all that in combination with great night life. On the other side you can find Koh Phangan – peaceful and pleasant island. Bungalows on the beach, breathless sunsets, great beaches, snorkeling and zip line, also in combination with Full moon party – unforgettable moments!

Sunset, Thailand

After hours of writing, I raise my eyes from the screen and watch trough the window. The sun is trying to pass through the busy streets of Bangkok. So many things I said and so much more I didn’t. I found Thailand as my unfailing source of inspiration. Thailand

I’m smiling again because I know that my inspiration is still outside waiting for me to open this window and inbreathe it, for a new story…

Milena Matic

By Milena Matic

Milena, 24. Belgrade, Serbia. Working as a tour guide gave me opportunity to explore and enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the world. My experience turns me into storyteller, because I found possibility to express my feelings through my stories.


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