INHOTIM: A unique combination of Nature and Art in MG – Brazil

The Inhotim Institute

It’s one of the biggest collections of contemporary art of the world and they are distributed at an incredibly beautiful botanical garden that holds rare species and from all continents. It’s definitely a must-see, there’s nothing like it. From one exposition to the other your eyes and mind will rest admiring the landscapes and gardens that were designed to take the most out of the botanical collection. The art is everywhere and is captivating, a lot of them are also interactive and will awake your senses, for example walking on glass (with shoes of course), planting flowers, hearing different sounds and more.

                                           Tamboril – The centenary tree

Desvio para o Vermelho from Cildo Meireles

                                           A Lama Lâmina from Matthew Barney

                                           Árvore Suspensa from Giuseppe Penone

Where it is, where to stay and how to get there

The Inhotim Institute is located in the city of Brumadinho, 60 km from Belo Horizonte, the capital of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It opens from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm and weekends and holidays from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. The cost is R$44,00 per person but students with identification, elders, handicappers and children from 6 to 12 pay half of the price. On Wednesday the entrance is free (YAY!). You can buy the tickets at the entrance or online on their website. You can stay at Brumadinho or Belo Horizonte but if you stay at BH you will have to take a ride of 1h30min on a bus, van or car to get there and to come back every day that you go to Inhotim (and is very unlikely that you will go just one day, it is veeeeery big with a lot to see). If you want to stay at Belo Horizonte there is a bus that departs from the Belo Horizonte bus terminal every day at 8:15 am and returns at 4:30 pm (from Tuesday to Friday) and at 5:30 pm (at weekends and holidays) and it costs about R$68,00 the round trip. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of those long rides and I chose to stay at Brumadinho city in a hostel called Hostel 70. The staff was very friendly, the price was very good and the place was simple, cute, comfortable, clean and with a nice breakfast. They offer rides to Inhotim for R$10,00 and besides that, every day they offer activities like tours to waterfalls, high rocks with beautiful views of the sunset and moonrise, reiki, get-togethers with food and happy hours. They have shared rooms with shared bathrooms and also private suites if you want a little bit more privacy and comfort. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Since January 23rd the institute requires all visitors to show their vaccination card to enter the park, in order to show they were immunized against yellow fever at least 10 days prior to their visit. The Institute confirms that there wasn’t any episode of yellow fever in the area, this is just a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of being immunized against the disease.

Suggestions from someone who has been there

The institute is really big and amazing, don’t try to do everything on just one day because you won’t be able to see everything. If you have just one day, go and see what you can. At the reception they offer you a pass for R$20,00 per person that allows you to take rides on their electric cars on predetermined routes, you can see the trails and the spots to hop on/off at the map. If you have just one day I suggest you buy this pass so you can take the most out of your day, it will save you time.

Me taking a ride at the eletric car ?

If you can spend more than one day I will suggest what I did because I think it was ideal: I went to Inhotim two days in a roll, and I suggest you try to organize your trip in a way that one of your days there is Wednesday. On Wednesdays the entrance is free so I encourage you to buy the pass to ride the vehicles, I’ll explain why: Inhotim is really big and it is separated into 3 areas: Pink, Orange, and Yellow. What I did and I liked it very much was: on Wednesday I got the pass to ride the electric cars and I did the complete orange area, it is the biggest one. On my other day I didn’t get the cars, I did everything by feet and it was a lot of walking but nothing crazy, and I was able to do the pink and the yellow areas at the same day. And everything there is beautiful, a lot of places to sit and relax, to take pictures, so walking was not a problem at all, it was very nice. On both days I got there 9:30 am and ended the day around 4 pm. That way I was able to see everything at a comfortable pace and I didn’t have to go a third day and pay again.

The Sonic Pavilion where you can hear the sounds of the Earth in real time!

Suggestions to eat

As a taurus person, food is very important to me, so I have some tips to give you: They allow you to go in with food! WOHOO! Before you go, eat a good breakfast! Cause you will be there the whole day and you will need energy. They don’t have many restaurants or places to buy snacks, just a few and they are not very spread so bring snacks that you can eat between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and your next meal. To eat lunch there are two restaurants: Oiticica and Tamboril. Tamboril is more elaborate and more expensive, you pay per person. Oiticica is the one I went to, it’s close to the lake where you can relax after you eat and you pay for how much you eat, the food was delicious and I recommend it. You can drink a nice coffee at Café das Flores or relax and ask something to eat at Bar do Ganso.

What to bring

  • It can be really hot and sunny there so definitely bring sunscreen and maybe a hat if you like it.
  • Vaccination card (you need the yellow fever vaccine)
  • Camera or phone to take pictures
  • Portable charger (my BFF!)
  • Water bottle (Keep yourself hydrated!!)
  • Snacks
  • Bathing suit (there is a swimming pool that you can go to and believe me, on hot days you will want to)

One of the lakes at The Inhotim Institute (and a piece of my sandwich haha)

This place is memorable and will be a unique and amazing experience in your life… I look forward to going back and I heard there’s always something new to see! Tell me in the comments if you already had been there and what was your favorite part! If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you if I can ? See you around the world, Tarsila.

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Tarsila Ceruci

I’m a guest at this masterpice and I’ll keep dancing for as long as there is air in my lungs. Flying is when I find myself and I’m commited to always be who I am even though I’m not going to be the same forever, and that amazes me. I let my heart be my map to where I should go and my experiences my map to where I’ve been. I want to find my own sun and grown my own flowers. I want to tell the stories that come with every sunset.